Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving...

so many things to be thankful for in my life. i try to be grateful every day for the gifts i have been given, there is so much to remind us in this world of how we are blessed. one can never be grateful enough though. it's so much more pleasant than complaining. i'm thankful to live in such an incredibly beautiful place, to have the health enough to be able to get out and enjoy it, the ability to photograph it and the time to share that. i'm grateful for the dogs that wander the trails with me and the cats that preheat the bed. i'm grateful to have a warm home to come home to. grateful to have friends and family that tolerate me. i know i'm not always the warm and fuzzy sort and i'm often found on the opposite shore...but that in no way means that i don't love and appreciate all that the people in my life, big and small. each person has the ability to touch me, to change me and to help me adapt to this ever changing world. we may not always agree, but i always hope happiness to all. i'm grateful to have a job and to be able to make a difference in the lives of others, no matter how small that is. grateful to have been raised in a place of relative peace, safety and freedom. grateful to parents who took parenting seriously and never put anything else before thier family. tons of little tiny things in my life that i appreciate and that make life comforable and pleasurable. flush toilets, showers with hot water, chocolate chip get the picture i think.made it to the pool own little netti pot. only did 20 laps, but i do feel like i'm on the healthy side of this little bug that sapped my stretch off. did enjoy reading the book i'm immersed in presently, "19th wife"..or something close to that. doesn't speak to kindly to the early mormon leadership, but i must remind myself it's fiction and not based on facts, though no doubt much is based on research that included facts. interesting though what people will do for a powerful and believable leader. faith. i've never been good at the blind faith thing..which i guess in many ways all faith is blind in something like religion. i have faith the sun will rise, but that is based on science. allowing my spouse to take on multiple wives...just don't think i would have the stomach for it. then again, i couldn't settle on one male to marry. i would have most certainly been doled out to some poor sap who already had 6 wives.
that picture above is the frost on the car window as i headed to the gym. today, it may have warmed up to almost 10 degree's. it said one below as i headed to gym tonight. so doubt it got too warm today. have gotten walks in this week. the cold air is great for clearing sinuses. today, it was just me and the dogs. we did rovers run and then took this little cut off trail over to homestead trail and then back down the viewpoint trail. we probably did almost 5 miles. makes up for yesterday when i just did the bog. as you can see it was beautiful out there today. i head back to work tomorrow night, thanksgiving. no ot for me. you only get that on the eve's of so tonight would be the ot was again tolerant of the long walk in the cold. such a good pup. let her out tonight and she kept getting confused about where the deck was. (she is blind) anyway, i had to go out and help direct her back to the house. don't want her to get frostbite. found out the runner from UAA that got lost in the snow for 2 nights and had frostbite so badly on his feet they couldn't remove his shoes...well, the poor guy ended up losing both his feet to the frostbite. for some reason i saw that in the paper and it just made me so sad for the guy. he's from kenya and i think life hasn't always been easy for him, now this. just so sad. a runner who can no longer run. hopefully, they can get him some prosthetics that will allow him to run again. watched a few movies these past nights as i spent some extra time dozing. last night i watched, "benny and joon". an early johnny depp flick. he's such a baby in it! always liked it though. the other night i watched, "live with it" with jennifer anniston. no brainer which was perfect for my sinus brain. on the connector trail you get some lovely views of the mountains. the connector trail merges here and one turns right, the other goes straight. haven't ever explored the one that goes straight, one of these days i'll have to be adventurous.funky cloud with the sun on it.blossom gets lost in the sunbeamsnot sure when it will warm up again. april or may i when trees get these huge funky growths on them. on humans this would look hideous but for some reason a tree can pull it off!kinda like a swimsuit for me. though i did find a bottom that i actually like. swimming does destroy the things and they need to be replaced from time to time. the tankini i had previously bought over and over wasn't available...yikes!! that means the search is on for a new style suit that isn't too horrible. i like a tankini cause one pieces just seem like a battle and what if a girl has to pee! the snow is so light and fluffy, tried to get a picture of it!no moose sightings, though saw tracks, no bears either and no tracks of them, which is great.mondays walk was really just karen and i. lena had texted saying she couldn't come, in the end she tried to meet up with us by going the back route, but since it was just karen and i we meandered a bit for photo ops. i know karen is like me and loves to stop and take pictures. i'm always willing to oblige. showed her a few of the back trails that are kinda pretty. lena happened on us back on the tank trail. loved that only one of her eyebrows got frosted! hehe!was a pleasant walk, just blossom as the dog til we met up with manny for the last several hundred feet. kinda strange to just have the one dog, but since i was actually still feeling kinda crappy that day, a chill monday walk was perfect!tried to take a picture of the ice formations on the creek we passed over.these are moose link trails that parallel the tank trail.crossed the big open area that has a few ponds, they look pretty frozen, but i still think i'll wait a bit. part of growing up in a non lake freezing area. not overly trusting of walking on frozen water.a wee picture of karen out there.always beautiful out there!blossom happily chased the frisbee for the entire walk!! no competition for toys!lots of scrawny pine trees out there. would be a charlie browns christmas if i tried to bring one of these home.still pretty!well, enjoy the grateful, be happy, be well fed!!

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