Sunday, November 20, 2011

local walks and brainless meanderings.

have a bug this weekend. sometimes this is the start of a cold bug and sometimes i think my body just wants me to slow down so it does it for me for a few days. just low grade fevers, body aches, exhaustion. today i mostly slept, did what i could around the house and slept again. it was pretty cold out again so i don't think any of us minded a quiet,lazy day.temperatures dropped below zero this week. when it gets that cold i tend to do shorter walks. you never really warm up with activity at that level of cold. below zero after about a mile you are comfortable. below zero...less so. takes some time to reheat once you are back home again as well. on tuesday i took the dogs by myself and we walked gasline to powerline and back down the tank trail. always relaxing getting out with just the girls and i. blossom likes to play without competition from time to time and i tend to play with the cameras more.must pay close attention to the batteries though at the low temperatures. all batteries die pretty fast in that cold. always love the frost and ice that forms in creeks and well, everywhere i guess in these temperatures. people are complaining that this is too cold too fast and that we usually don't see these low temps until jan or february. not really true. have seen them this time of year. each winter has it's own uniqueness. roll with it. great for the ice skaters. if i feel better i'll load my kick sled in the car tomorrow and find some ice to play on. was thinking of hittin my spot on the coastal refuge. always pretty out there. made my way to the dog park at university lake a few times. great to see old pals out there. when you frequent local parks like that one often enough you get to know the usual crowds. haven't been for a bit as the lake was freezing up and i don't trust blossom in those in between stages of freeze/thaw. got my calendar done and went ahead and did my christmas cards through shutterfly account as well. all ordered, just waiting now. bought extra calendars. last year with the extra's i had a drawing. the entrance fee was a donation of $25-50 to your favorite place. will hopefully do that gain this year. maybe advertise it a bit more so that more donations are encouraged. do that many people want my calendar? who knows. usually give them as gifts. feel the need to simplify christmas more. just seems like it's become this gift card exchange. so impersonal. not that i don't appreciate a gift card or whatever, but it just feels like you get a gift card for $50 so now i must give you a gift card for $50. the whole gift giving process has become bland and robotic. no emotion, no thought process. what is the point. need to make my master christmas list and get started. have been a total slacker thus far. i'll be working all of christmas so really worth getting all into it. work thanksgiving night as well. will have new years off though. hmm...what to do? worked my two nights and now i'm off for 6. both were kinda strange nights, but then nursing is never a job where you go in to the usual thing day after day. the first night a nurse came in sick and was sent home so as we waited for the on call nurse to come in i took report on all the kids in the icu and then once amy got there we just figured out who would take who. we work well together so it all was fine.
the next night my easy peds patient ended up consuming all my time and energy. sometimes i just get a bad feeling about a patient and i find myself anxious and stressed because i'm trying to find the facts to back up the feelings. kids can get sick very fast. like animals i guess that way. they compensate as long as they can. when they can't compensate then all hell breaks loose. my fellow co-workers helped me out a lot that night. that child is no longer with us. you always rack your brain, what could i have done different, was there anything i missed? in the end you realize you did what you could and sometimes the worst that can happen does. in a hospital people are sick and sometimes they die. the death appears to be unrelated to the reason the kid was there, which always makes it more perplexing. still sad and it's something as a nurse you must deal with. that is the work you take home with you, the work you carry with you always. and the reason i love walking so much. the beauty sets you free.quiet evening at home tonight, enjoying the fire.these came out dark, but still think they are cute. crazy about my critters.went to university lake twice as i said, once with just the girls and once with amy and her pups. last night i watched the movie, "soul surfer". it's an inspiring story, but i didn't find it an inspiring movie so much. was decent, but i think it could have been done better. i found the movie, "pursuit of happiness" the same. an inspiring story that didn't translate to me as an inspiring movie. thought in this movie too they tried to stick the religion aspect in it, but it just didn't seem real or else i guess it just seemed disjointed from the rest of the story. the dead shark scene was also odd. the flow just wasn't as good as it could have been. they did well with her arm though as the actress actually has 2 arms, but plays a character with one. that seemed quite realistic. i liked it well enough, maybe i just didn't find it lived up to the hype i read/heard.taken from the bridge at university lakefrom across from the bridge there.were a few bikers out on the lake. not too many people have braved being out on the lake so far this year. as it gets thicker though people are out there lots. the next day when i met amy there we noticed that there was a fishing hut out there. that is the first time i've seen one out there. i've seen them on other lakes, but not university.sun is setting earlier and earlierbikers again.the ever present frost on my car windows. i must wait for defrost or scrap off the insides of the windows before heading out for the day.wednesday blossom and i did rovers run. it's been very cold all week as i said. our gasline walk was close to zero i'm sure. so when i got to the car for the rovers run walk i loaded blossom and then went to load rio catalina. she was no longer by the car but had returned to the house and was waiting at the door to be let back in. apparently rio was in no mood to brave the elements. campbell creek.should get her booties back out and on.blossom, of course, could care less about the cold. she does get too hot in the summer when the temperatures dare to get over 70 F here. that doesn't happen very often luckily. loved the sunshine on the girlthese are back on tank trail...loved the long shadows too.little photo/frisbee sessioncool light on the trees.more of tank trail.on powerline, looks like a bug or helicopter in the corner. you can see the powerline wires. hard to get pictures in this area without them.blossom on powerlinemore ice shots.soon i will take a swig of nyquil and sleep for the night. hopefully, i'll awaken feeling more perky in the morning.looks like sunset. that would be about 3pm.3 trees on one side, 3 powerline poles on the patiently waits while i attempt to get ice pictures. most of them turn out blurry because i am so tripod phobic. okay, not phobic, really just lazy. too lazy to bring, too lazy to set up, too lazy to deal with.looking back at gasline trail.sorry for the lack of words,but enjoy the pictures. hopefully, my brain is less fuzzy tomorrow. i know my body needs a break every so often but i do prefer to not be ill.

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