Tuesday, February 28, 2012

monday walks and snow sculptures in the snow!

nice crew for the monday walk. andrea came with little nash. haven't seen him for a few months and it's always amazing how fast little kids grow. i think everyone had fun keeping nash entertained with the snow. luckily, it was a nice warm day out there and andrea didn't mind getting covered in snow. warm of course, is relative, it was in the 20's or 30's.
blossom got rolled in the snow several times. occasionally she had to give it a good shake to try and desnow.as the snow was falling i figured i'd better get downtown and see if i could see the snow sculptures in thier finished states. would have been better with either blue skies or lights, but rio had opted to stay home today so i hated to leave her too long.
this walrus is breaking through the ice and above a bear is playing the piano and entertaining a few native kids. liked the detail on the walrus. i'm a fan of the walrus. you can already see the snow building up on the sculptures. they won't last long. there were two dragons sculpted right next to each other. kinda a bummer as this one was far superior. nice detail. there was another octopus out there, but the snow was covering the details, just didn't photograph well. the polar bear sculpture i had liked the other day has added a few polar bears. this cute little baby on the back wasn't there saturday.not too many people out there looking at the sculptures and the rides looked to be at a standstill. like that you can see the walruses back flippers below the scene. of course, a whale. i should check and see if anyone hasn't seen "big miracle". want to see that before it leaves the theaters. it was filmed up here. lena, amy, andrea, tanya and i had a good time out there today. tanya didn't bring either of her dogs. apparently, there was an incident involving an ice bug boot. so a few less dogs out there today. the malemutes still romped about as usual. buddha was pretty excited to be out there i think too. blossom got a nip on the ear. just noted some blood on her ear pinna at some point. never heard any screetch. no idea who nibbled on her ear. i think lena and tanya had more fun than nash playing with the snow, but nash seemed to be all smiles!! watching a bit of big bang this evening. gotta get my fix. perhaps it's the wine, my brain is on blitz. either that or i have no intelligent thoughts running through my brain. it could be the cotton candy i ate the other day. or it could be watching episodes of big bang over and over. they are at caltech though so shouldn't i become more intelligent? got my nursing degree at the community college that is nearby the caltech university. i was definitely not caltech material. knew some techies. it is a university unlike any other. not the typical frat house activities. not that i doubt my intelligence, just that i know my limitations. my limitations were in the math area. i never learned my times tables in grade school. i am currently able to do basic math, but it did hinder my plans to attend vet school. confusion could have had something to do with it. i changed my major alot. of course, at age 5 i stated i wanted to become a vet. perhaps i had it more together at age 5 than at any other age in life. 5 year olds totally are clear headed about the big questions of life. i am extremely well educated despite my lack of degrees. i have 2-2 year degrees. one in nursing and one as an animal health technician. i also trained as a zoo keeper and took a graphology class. i think some of my majors were writing, recreation, marine biology and pre-vet. i'm sure there were others. i mean i've been to 4 different universities and 2 jr colleges. utah state, cal state los angeles, los angeles pierce college, cal poly pomona, pasadena city college and university of alaska, anchorage. it's hell everytime i try to transfer all of those credits. i really need to get some ambition and finish my 4 year degree at uaa here. i guess they do the nursing adn-bsn online. i do recall one finals week being stressed and having a random stranger in the halls of the university look at me and say, " you have til you die to graduate". guess i took that a bit too literally. i know that getting a degree isn't necessarily a reflection of intellect, it does reflect stamina. one must simply go through the steps to get the degree. it's just a matter of getting in there and getting started. i watch people start and finish all the time. it's painful during the process but eventually it ends and you have that degree.
do love learning about stuff that interests me i just hate having to write papers and be in group projects all the time. was laughing at blossom on the walk today. her feet had all these snowballs, she looked a bit like a clydesdale. just a few malemute shots.and buddha gets a look at the camera.of course, university costs are a hell of a lot higher now than they were when i first started. i could have gotten 10 degrees back in the day for what it will cost me to just get the one finished now no doubt. loved this one of andrea and nash. blossom is a bit covered in snow, but she does look happy. below is a picture taken by tanya. my nose is getting larger. great gramma harriets gift. cruised back down the airport road as i thought i might run into amy out there. i think she went later. i thought she was headed there from the walk. a few of us met up with sandra out at the coffee shop so i cruised down after coffee. made the loop, owls, sculptures, grocery store. was hungry so that was pricey. did eat some pork chops and applesauce. that owl was in the exact same spot. i took a few more pictures, slightly better than yesterdays. saw #77 out there again today. didn't stop to watch him and didn't see his buddy there today. this is probably as good a shot as i will get of that owl. off to bed...after this episode of big bang. night.

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