Tuesday, February 7, 2012

sleep by night, expectorate by day...

didn't actually sleep all that well though. i got freaked out about my new bottle of hycodan syrup. it tasted different. it usually tastes good, now it tastes mediciney. plus through the night i was extremely whipped by the drug. i usually know just how much to take. i was in a drugged out state much of night, concerned that they had perhaps mixed it wrong. called the pharmacy in the morning to be told that nope, it's pre-made, they had just switched to a generic brand. i got a big bottle of bad tasting generic. bummer. i will request the real stuff next time.
did eventually get out of my hycodan haze and out on the trails. it may have been well after 1pm. i was ready to venture beyond the bog today. took the dogs to rovers run. i'm sure we took much, much longer than usual. blossom was perfectly happy to chase her tennis ball for a longer stretch of time though and rio is always pretty accomadating. i know people heard me coming before they ever saw me. i get out there and i hack and cough and got some pretty yellow/green chunks up...it feels so good to expectorate!! what can i say, at this point it's the little things in life that bring me joy! out is good. people weren't too chatty on the trail for some reason and passed by quickly. i really felt like i should be wearing a biohazard sign on me. happily, dogs don't judge! did run into luke and emma, a few labradoodle friends we know. thier mom was out for a ski. i made her keep her distance from me and we exchanged pleasantries as the dogs did the same. i do believe i'm on the winning side of this bug though. i will still have my usual bronchitis crap to deal with for the next several weeks, but i felt well enough for that walk and to run a few errands afterwards. luckily, i wasn't the only person coughing at the AT&T store. they replaced my iphone case for free. a section just broke off....and no i didn't drop it. they all seemed to ask me that. so i have a new case. check. cat litter box cleaned, check, laundry, check, dishes done, check, bills paid, check....so happy to be able to actually get a few things accomplished for the first time in a week! now before i get too confident on the recovery process my body decided to give me one of those tickles in the throat i so loathe. this resulted in another coughing/vomit event. so i'm not there yet. i'm am on the right track. caught blossom in the act of being a bad doodle. if it's really possible to be a bad doodle. she's so dang cute i sneak in and take a picture before i give her the most commanding reprimand for bad doodle behaviour. this has become a post meal habit of hers. the dogs finish, she hangs back, i go to let rio outside and when i return she is dryer surfing for leftover cat food. bitch...i can call her that cause she really is one!
how could she misbehave when i took her for that nice long walk and threw her tennis ball for 3 miles...not only that i took them to petsmart for supplies and sniffs. i'm coming to prefer petsmart over petco now that we have both. they are just super friendly with the dogs at petsmart. i'm a sucker for dog attention! i do like the rawhide bar at the petco though. spent more than expected at petsmart today, i blame it on the hycodan haze i was still under for half the day. bought this moving mouse for the cats. really for miss breezy chatterbug. caught blossom with it once as well. you push the button and it "runs" around. breezy seemed to enjoy monitoring it's activities, but i suspect she isn't a natural mouser, she never got to close to it. i also broke down and bought one of those furminator combs for pogi. they were on sale. crazy how pricey those things are. i expect the dang thing to be motorized or something. it really just looks like a glorified flea comb. started trying it on pogi, but the price doesn't include a cooperative kitty guarantee. will have to work on that one! lots of people read the blog yesterday, thanks for visiting. apparently, my misery is entertaining. hehe. watched, "blindside" last night. great movie. time to get this girl to bed. thanks again for coming and checking out the blog. hopefully soon i'll be out taking more entertaining pictures and talking about something besides my mucous production issues.

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