Monday, February 13, 2012

snow is falling, bed is calling...

tried to be a bit artsy with the snowflakes tonight. we had a light snow starting up on the monday walk today. of course, only lena and i showed up. i was happy lena showed up though. this was the longest walk since i got sick. i would have shortened it had lena not come. i was tired and short of breath at times, but i'm happy we did the big loop. the snow always looks so amazing coming down. so peaceful! i noticed this morning though that my shovel is frozen onto my driveway. i can't get it detached. may have to buy a new one to shovel. guess i could pour some hot water on this one to try and release it. the drippings from the melt on the roof have encased it. looks like i'll need it tomorrow. this snow is super heavy though. very wet. not good for snowshoeing.blossom spent some time on the deck enjoying the cool air and snow. it's still super warm though, 30's and 40's F. i was a bit overheated on the walk today. i came home and promptly took a nap. tanya skipped walk as her dogs ran off this morning as she tried to get them loaded for the walk. amy also missed it as her dogs got into her perscription meds last night and got charcoalized at the local emergency vet. those malamutes are a different breed of dog. very pretty, but i think i'll stick to less head strong breeds. amy takes it in stride, tanya is stressed. i was going through the dog book today, looking at breeds i may be interested in down the road. only have so many dogs left in my life. the ones i got right now are perfect for me though. the mastiff as a surprise. i never knew much about them before i got this girl.
some breeds i like are spinone italiano, otter hounds, borzoi, pyrenes, coonhounds, collies, bernese, neopolitan mastiff, st bernards, newfies, great danes, swiss mountain dogs...mostly big dogs. those norfolk terriers are cute too! lots of cool dogs out there. will just have to see if there are any cool rescues out there when that day comes. hopefully, it's many years off though. lots of snow across the globe. kosovo had a big avalanche. just saw on the news that they rescued a 5 year old alive after being buried for 10 hours. sadly, her family all perished. she was under 33 feet of snow. pretty amazing to find her alive though. the snow we are getting seems like it would be prone to avalanche as well. enjoyed an article in the local paper the other day. an island on the aleutians has been called rat island for years, since 1937 actually. apparently as long back as 1780 a japanese ship went aground out there and the rats on board took over the island. it totally descimated the local bird population. in 2008 the fish and wildlife service decided to take out the rats. poison pellets were dropped on the island and it is now rat free. the birds are actually starting to return. alaska is pretty much rat free. much is done to try and keep it that way. rats come in via boats mostly. we also don't have a cockroach issue or fleas or heartworm for that matter. the old name for the island given to it by the aleut population at the time was Hawadax. just means "over there" i guess. not sure that is a worthy name, but i guess it is time to rid the poor island of it's rat stigma!a european musher came over to run the iditarod, one of his dogs went missing, but has been found. that must have been a long and stressful flight for those dogs. i've never flown a dog anywhere and i'm thinking i'd prefer not to. manny had fun engaging blossom in wrestling. of course, blossom was only really interested in catching her frisbee. lena and i were laughing as blossom was like a football player escaping her opponent to get free and catch the toy. manny didn't notice that the toy was more important in the game than wrestling with him was. she's very focused and she was able to get clear for the pass over and over again. she looks ferocious here. rio joined us. i think she wasn't happy that the walk was much longer than expected. i did medicate her this morning. when they took her belly xrays in december it showed alot of arthritis in her back. she did great though. manny has a way of getting twisted up in her leash. poor rio. she is happiliy snoring by me here in the office. i'm listening to Heart. strange to just two of us out there today, but i'm so happy lena showed up. not looking forward to returning to work and it's still a few days off. i'm still sleepy and coughing, my nose is still running like crazy. i'll cough for weeks i know that, but i do wish i felt more energetic. debating getting back in the pool. maybe tomorrow i'll try doing a few laps.

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