Saturday, April 14, 2012

7 moose sightings today....

spotted four on campbell airstrip road. this poor guy was post holing it on the side of the trail with her mama. there was another pair down the road from these two and another on a side street as i headed out to seek out an alternative to excedrin. ran into my last 2 moose across from the walgrens by the newer high school. begiech i think. watching "brokedown palace". always love this movie and the friendship bond it invokes. more postholing. i didn't post hole today, but i did slide around a bit despite my cleats. took the dogs for a walk out gasline-powerline-tank way. several people out doing the same thing. yesterday i woke with a bad headache that just kept getting worse. was bummed to call out as i had a good assignment at work. i kept puking though and my brain just can't function in that state. i'd used my last excedrin. i scrounged the house after a lovely puking session like a drug addict trying to locate a hidden excedrin or even a soda pop with caffiene. no luck. so the nausea and puking continued. tried taking a robaxin as my back was knotted up from below my scapulas to the base of my skull. since i got the winging scapula on my right side knots are just part of life. i drooled, i dozed but the robaxin did nothing for the headache. near midnight i took a drink of nyquil and that knocked me out. no headache this morning. still knots and sore, but i can tolerate a small headache and the knots. tonight i got a call to be on call. it's so hard to say no. good chance i'll get called in though. there was only one open bed. we shall see. it's almost 8, saturday night and so anything can happen. if i do get called in, it's time and a half. worth the gamble anyway. at least i got a few things done today. it sounds like it's raining all the time now as the snow melts. it's slow and steady. everyone is happy to see the seasons change. no signs of the bear today. i'm sure he's out there, but all these relaxed moose make me think not too close. an ex police officer here got a long sentence. he was forcing himself on arrestee's i think was what was happening. taking advantage of a position of power is never a good thing, though it is easy for people to all into that given the opportunity. kinda sad really. sentences often don't seem very fair across the board. he got 87 years, at least 6 victims that came forward. a sad shooting on kodiak island. it's a huge coast gaurd base and apparently 2 coast gaurd workers were shot and killed. so far no clues it seems as to who or how it happened. loved all these moose shots. love when i'm happily in my car and able to just relax and snap a few shots of moose just doing thier thing out there.loved an opinion peice in the paper today. "prosperity theology". it's that idea that if you are one of gods chosen people you will be blessed materially. it's what alot of people want to hear in these times i think. an excuse for the excess. these next few were at the newer school. happily eating the last of the trees before spring comes and they get to eat fresh greens. the animals make due. they don't feel they are owed anything because they exist. looks like a nice school. last night as the nyquil kicked in i watched, "the spitfire grill". another classic movie. people are want to judge each other, especially those they aren't familiar with. people and thier stories are often not as they appear on the surface. the movie i watched the other night, "limbo". ended poorly. they left it with a plane coming and the people were either going to be rescued or murdered. you decide. pretty weak ending. didn't feel suspenseful just more like they ran out of money and ended the movie.tanya joined me for the trek out to see how the melt was coming at the jodphur trail. it was all still skiable. so really we shouldn't have been there. there were two lycra's out there, luckily, neither of them yelled at us for being on thier trails. the kincaid trails aren't multiuse, they are for skiing. of course, the sign does say winter and it's officially spring, right? we were the first footsteps seen out there. i expected big area's of melt and big ponds, but it looks like it's a few weeks more in coming. that is on the west side of town which generally melts first. the skiers will love a few extra weeks of spring skiing. we only saw those two skiers though and the dogs truely enjoyed thier day out there!! it wasn't easy walking, lots of hills. great hills to get ready for summer hiking. boddhi above and blossom below.the ending of this movie is always so good. have loads of cheese leftover from the party the other night. will have to make a few more pizza crusts and use it up!tanya gets some lovings from indy. my next stretch off i think i may head north. the road in denali is open and free for i think almost 30 miles. they have spotted lynx but no bears yet. could be fun to check out. the pre and post tourist season are like our special time in the park. would like to head down to seward as well for a peek at what is happening south of here. just getting ready to stretch my wings a bit with the change of season. need to work on getting house/pet sitters lined up for my summer treks. also hotel in dillingham needs to be arranged. sounds like the one we stayed at last time has added a place to eat. not sure if it's fine dining. but it is nice to have food handy. there is also a bed and breakfast there. worth looking into i guess. indy goes the extra mile looking for the tennis ball. successfully at least.lots of ski tracks but really that back jodphur loop isn't used as much as the main tracks are.lots of old trees out that gets decked each year for christmas.a number of trees in town didn't make it though. when i see this it always brings me to near tears. i saw this clear cut near the hospital. the university is making some sort of sports center. i wish that these contractors would use thier brains and attempt to plan and conserve all the old tree growth they can. it's just so sad to see them all ripped out. i always feel for the moose....and all the little animals that have made this space home for many years. this town keeps expanding and the the green areas getting taken over. it's just what humans do. i'm human and i'm sure eventually i will attend some event at the new building. it's just hard to a clear view of my hospital in the background. it's been awhile since i added a poem. want to get back into that. just wrote one about these trees...

oh the trees,
for years you grew,
the creatures beneath,
and those that flew,
had comfort,
and protection too,
that in you're shade,
they knew,
you're gone,
what took years for nature,
man quickly,
and without a care,
does undo,
i stand by,
to see all the trees,
as wood.
otherwise it was a beautiful drive home that morning. so far nobody has tried to take the mountain range out. i'm sure one day they will though, make more room. more pretty rings around the sun today on the powerline's cloudy now and rain is expected. that will make all those ski trails become ice and will finally put the kabash on the spring skiing i suspect. blossom has found her mud. she loves mud! as soon as stuff starts to melt a bit she is in for a swim. i will miss the snow. at least then she just tracks in water. she will be coated in mud soon though. so i guess i should enjoy our extended break up.this creek never seems to freeze up completely in winters. not sure why really. lots of sunshine, fairly steep traverse. blossom enjoys a roll in the snow after playing in her muddy water! dogs just enjoy life. they require so little. great to have them around. rio had a bit of a time crossing over the creek. never too sure how big the drop off is. she's gotten much braver in the 5 years i've owned her.pretty day out. great to be able and enjoy it and not have that nasty headache. overall, i have good health so i try not to complain. i'm lucky. my winging scapula causes some grief at times, especiall doing things that cause repetive motion, but it doesn't stop me from doing stuff. probably don't do stuff as long knowing i'll pay for it. skiing, kayaking, swimming. even wearing a backpack causes increased knots as i find when i force the wing into it's proper place all the muscles get annoyed. that is life. like i said, there is much worse stuff out there and i see it all the time. another of the moose today, on a side road.pogi observes the snow melt from the warmth and comfort of his indoor life. one last picture from the other day at prospect heights.still waiting for the phone to ring. probably won't sleep well tonight. never do when i think the call may come through. just hope if i get called in, it's before 2am. so hard to just fall asleep and then have to go in. rather have it be earlier than later.


  1. Oh my Blossom's feet made me LOL. She's as cute as she is dirty :)

  2. Great moose photos. We have hardly seen any mooses this winter...
    And love those muddy feet :)

  3. I just happened on your blog because you visited mine (the repurposed writer). We live vastly different lives but yours is stunning - by that I mean it makes me sit and stare at everything like someone hit me on the head. Bravo. What a life!

  4. Is that the creek we froze our skis in that winter? Ahh, I miss ski trails.