Wednesday, April 11, 2012

sun lasting longer

not sure i'm going to make it through this movie. it's over 2 hours long and so far i'm less than impressed with the acting and flow of it. it's called, "limbo". set in alaska. some movies get alaska right, others just fail. seems more of an east coast feel than an alaskan feel. maybe it will get better. i will shut it down and move on. i have a few oldies but goodies that are always favorites. "spitfire grill", "my girl" and "brokedown palace". which to watch. hmm. love when the sun gets that light around it. woke with a headache, took my last excedrin. will have to stop by and see what they have that's comprable. i'd promised i'd meet tanya for a walk out at prospect heights today. good thing as it forced me to get out and about. i grabbed some saltines and hoped i didn't puke on the trail. luckily it cleared up a bit. still can feel the knots, but the headache is better. sleepy today. took a nap this afternoon which felt graet. the sun just feels so great coming into the upper bedroom windows. the trail is still pretty decent up there. they are pretty decent everywhere. winter is a bit slow in leaving so far. still haven't made a run out to kincaid to see what is up out there. probably still full of the lycra's. they will ski til the bitter end. with boddhi bridled with is muzzle blossom gets to play fetch. he can still grab the toy on occasion, but overall he leaves it to her. it's tamed him a bit. blossom enjoys a hike more if she can chase something. headed over to rei finally. wasn't in the mood to swimsuit shop. gotta be in the right state of mind for that. it was dividend time and i had money back so time to get my littel 20% discount. of course, i really didn't need anything big which is what they are hoping you buy. so not a huge discount for me today. did buy some socks and vests. i needed a new down vest. mine is pretty old. i wear fleece vests alot in the fall and spring and also like them for work. was thinking i go about this whole date thing all wrong. instead of thinking of trying dating sites, i should instead put in an ad on craigslist. wanted handyman with tools. must be handy and know how to use his tools.
pretty over the whole dating thing. i always say dating is like purposely going into a store and trying on all size 4 pants when you really wear a size 8. so much disappointment and such a blow to the ego. plus it always just seems to odd to do the same thing you've done since you were 16. dating doesn't seem to have changed. friends ask the same silly questions you hated getting asked years ago. when they told me i'd kiss alot of fools they weren't kidding. after awhile you just don't want to get that shock again. i learn. it's so nice that the sun is staying out later and later. at 9pm i decided to take the dogs for a short walk up patterson and back. it's 0.8 miles each way. saw 4 different moose coming and going around town today. they are probably so excited for the snow to melt and just trying to hang in there. of course, the bears will come out and pick off the weak ones. so sad to survive all winter just to get taken by a bear. it's the way the world works. these are from the walk tonight. it gets chilly when the sun goes down. i think the dogs were happy to get out. rio got a surprise as there was an extra dog at her buddies place. he was a bit louder than keva is, sparked rio's interest. another moose on the way to meet tanya. it crossed over the street. the rest are from the past. trying to figure out when. looks like spring. later than now. some green has shown up. the guy above is on the south bivouac trail system. below was in is getting more stupid. do remember seeing this guy on the side of the trail heading out of kincaid and pulling over to see him. nice looking moose. this kinda looks like turnigan, but i'm not sure. i do see rail tracks. huey, my old labrador. the geese will be heading our way soon enough. i'm always excited the day i see the geese fly in. they are really arrogant birds. they land here like they have never left and they totally own the space. pretty funny actually. the magpies getting annoyed as they have been here the whole winter and all these dang birds come and take over thier territory. these goslings are probably at cheney lake. always love to go there and watch the babies grow. trying to remember where these were taken. they don't fit the other pictures and i believe they are actually from ketchikan. could be more than one old truck out there. all the growth makes me think of ketchikan though. do miss the life down in southeast. rains alot though. gotta keep your head clear despite all the raindrops falling down. mostly i didn't mind the rain. just gear up and head out walking. my life wasn't much different. i'm a hermit here, i was a hermit there. not really, but you do spend a great deal of time alone. i'm pretty happy doing my thing. there it was great to wander all the beaches that came and went through the day. i miss tidepooling out on those rocks. perhaps one day i'll move back to southeast. i like the aleutians too though. my feeling more and more is that when you get old you should move away from the big cities so that they can't save you or rescue you. if your heart stops you are just too far away from the big hospitals to be put through the torture that seems inevitable. this movie does at least look like it was filmed in the rain forests. either in alaska or in canada. it's improves slightly now that the 3 are marooned in the wilderness. guess i'll finish the movie. just a very slow start. the one lady sucks, but the other two actors are okay. headed back to work for the next 4 nights. more snow will melt, more bears will wake up....

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