Monday, April 23, 2012

last monday walk til fall...

and other stuff. added the pictures from yesterdays walk out potter to mchugh way. looked back on the blog to get an idea of where we are with the melt compared with then. i walked potter to mchugh almost a year ago to the day. it was basically clear last year, this year it was still loaded with snow. everywhere is. was interesting to just be able to look back and see how different it all was. we'll get there, but it's taken a bit longer this year. the days have been beautiful though which we all have loved. walking today was tough due to all the slippage. just takes longer and you punch through often. i made little noises as i fell off the trail all day today which made lena laugh. just lena, tanya and i for this final walk. we enjoyed ourselves. lena even joined us at kaladi's. we all got cool drinks instead of hot cocoa as we were hot out there in that slush with it being over 50 degrees. can't complain about that! supposed to be some nice northern light action out there tonight. did hear of a big solar flare last week so this will be the result from that. i may try and pop out in a bit and see if i can see anything. not promising any photo's. haven't really gotten into the whole aurora photography thing. not that i wouldn't want to, just it's usually so dang cold out there. tonight shouldn't be too bad though. may just head up campbell airstrip road. woke to blossom's arse photo on page 2 of the anchorage daily news. always so fun! her hind and front end have now both had a day on page 2! how many dogs can say that!! this tennis ball lasted for it was lost to the snow and the other dogs. they aren't as diligent in thier care of the beloved tennis ball. these were a gift, now it will be a gift to some lucky dog who runs across it when the snow day!there were a few signs in the bog this morning for a missing toy. i found the toy, but so had someone else. i know i'm kinda neurotic about not losing blossoms toys, but this frisbee had a phone number written and the dogs name like 10 times on it. guess they didn't want to lose it. i thought it must be some majorly beloved toy. when i called the number the owners mother answered and i mentioned the toy, she made some comment about all the various toys. i will no longer feel badly for being a bit toy attached. i've got nothing on this girl. you pay good money for good toys though so i really don't appreciate having them lost to carelessness, like another dog stealing or me stupidly tossing it near open water that is running fast, or blossom dropping it in a creek and it rushing away fast. was able to teach blossom about gravity. if she drops her toy on a hill and i say "gravity" she now understands to look down the hill first. she never caught on to "current". i tried, but she just couldn't grasp that concept. poor girl. she always looks so baffled in a creek when the toy just isn't where she set it down. filming scheduled for tomorrow. sounds legit, there was a moment this week when i worried that this was a hoax like the sasquatch and i would show up and get robbed and killed. the filming will be at the main ski chalet so that is pretty public. thought of getting a "dog handler" to assist me and protect me in case it all turns out badly. like those "models" that always get killed off when some photographer goes on about how beautiful they are and takes them off to do a "photo shoot"...never to be seen again. now i'm just a little nervous that i'll freeze and sound like an idiot on film, or they'll edit it so that i just seem crazy, or that i'll look totally my age! oh to be a dog. they have no such concerns or worries. they want the dogs and i doubt anyone would encourage me to bring my dogs if they planned on killing me. that in itself is a good sign. moose off in the brush. these are still from yesterdays walk out potter to mchugh. now we start in the bog. i'm happy i took rio for a walk in the bog and opted to let her pass on the 4 mile slush walk. that was tough enough for me let alone a 120 pound dog that is almost 8 years old. the bog was tough enough for her. the water is everywhere and the trail is punchy and sloggy. birds really can't even hang yet as there aren't many actual puddles yet....still frozen.the little creek must have an ice jam somewhere as this water level is higher than usual. perhaps the reason for all the flooding in the bog. it will break clear one of these days. you can see the remnants of the old winter trail out there. lucky for the bridges, but there was an entire section that could have used a bridge as well. rio attempts to walk on the "trail". was laughing as i spent most of the walk trying to keep blossom out of the puddles that were there, only to run into this section of the trail and be totally unable to prevent labradoodle water play. she immediately layed down happily! tis the season!these are from todays final monday walk. manny appears to have some blood on his face, we have no idea where it came from, but suspect blossom may have lost some blood. not enough to get too worked up about. the dogs had fun and blossom is totally sleepy tonight. i took advantage of her tiredness by trimming a smidgy around her eyes. always nice to see her eyes. not sure how this happened, but at one point indy found himself in control of lena's bear spray. careful wrestle session to get it back. if he punctured that thing we'd all be in trouble! it's that time of year. stupid dog!! we got smart and finally just slipped it out of the case it was in so all he was left with was the case. that was less interesting to him and he finally dropped it. that would have made for an interesting ending to this years dog walk mondays. no bears, no moose and no bear spray puncturing occurred. tanya was carrying treats for boddhi training. we teased her about leaving a trail of treats for the bears to be able to follow us through the woods. much less wrestling by the end of the walk. it's getting dark out there finally....about time to check for the lights. happy just watching them if i can get to lucky. seems like i was working for all the good shows this water...though blossom didn't take advantage of it. probably because it was way to clear and clean. dogs prefer thier water holes stinky and muddy. at least the dogs i know do.watched a movie last night, "the owl and the sparrow". something like that anyway. enjoyed it. it would be my preferred way to find love. just happen upon it. it always seems so organized these days with these web sites and all. better if people just meet, click and live happily ever after, right? still believe in the fairly tale, though it hardly seems possible these days. debated baking some bread this evening. maybe tomorrow. haven't done that forever, but i still have that yeast and it just sounds really good to me. may just stop by great harvest on the way home from kincaid tomorrow. trying to decide where to walk tomorrow. just bathed the dogs so would like to keep them somewhat clean. maybe prospect heights with just blossom. or even glen alps. hmm...took the dogs to the monster wash. it's a car wash on the one side, but on this side it's a self serve dog wash. i've never been here but had heard some positive reviews. $20 for 20 minutes of hose time. it was a challenge to get two big dogs bathed in short order to save money. i did it with time to spare. would be more efficient next time now that i know how it all works. i didnt' read the signs that were posted until after i'd started the clock. oops. directions can be helpful when utilized. seems easy enough. brought my own shampoo, baby shampoo was cheaper than the dog stuff at the store. gentle for my pups. smells of watermelon..which in retrospect is probably not a good idea in bear country. i love body shop, but on days i'm off work i have to take care to just use basic non-scented lotions and creams. just don't want to smell too tasty in bear country.there is quite the ramp there for the dogs to climb. i was a bit worried about how rio would do with that. she is blind so these things can be tough to explain to her. lucky for me she trusts me, probably more than she should. she's still shedding tiny hairs. she really doesn't look like a dog with a shedding issue, but man, those tiny hairs get everywhere. i was able to use the blow dryer on her and saw little black hairs collecting on the walls in there. blossom would have nothing to do with that dryer. sounds too much like a vacuum and she is not a fan of that you can see the ramp. blossom did agility so it wasn't an issue for her, though she did seem to sense there was a nasty bath at the top of that ramp. next time it might not be as easy. perfect timing, it's dark and i should get out and enjoy the northern lights.

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