Tuesday, April 17, 2012

ramblings and rattlings.

the monday walk was just me and the pups. the trails are getting super slushy. when we went off the main trail, postholing was common. never noticed this sign before. found it funny. it's near this section of trail with alot of boggy land and tons of stumps. it can be pretty in a strange way. we were out for over an hour, but didn't get alot of distance in. didn't want to stress rio's joints too much. was aware of the possible bear activity, but no sightings. not much sleep today. fresh sheets on the bed so i'm looking forward to a lovely night of sleep tonight.
saturday night i did get called in, but not until 4am. i was sleeping, but i kept waking up so not a good sleep. my patient was getting settled in as soon as i arrived 15 minutes after getting woken up. it was wake up and go, so when shift change rolled around, who could sleep. so not much and a 12 hour shift left to go. luckily, i was on peds floor so not too stressful a night. one coke and i made it through the night quite well. the 6am admit probably helped. watching a documentary as i write. "deliver us from evil". the documentary is about victims of pedophile priest oliver o'grady. in the end he served 7 years of a 14 year sentence and was sent back to his home country of ireland where he lives freely, even staying with families with children who have no idea of his past.
not only has he left a trail of victims, many other clergy have as well. destroying families, individuals, faith. the church has not been forthcoming and seems to circle around to protect itself. as aggravating as this documentary is to watch, your heart breaks for the hell these families have endured. the kindness they extended to this priest only to discover years later he was raping thier children. trust broken, faith lost. the catholic church isn't alone, but seem to have a long history of just shifting known pedephiles to new locations without a care for the next potential victims. this was the case with this priest in california, the guy even turned himself into the police once. it happened in many villages in alaska. problem priests were shipped to remote alaskan villages as the catholic church obviously didn't believe those lives mattered much. so much comes to mind when you watch a thing like this. it was interesting as well that reporting is still in early stages in many nations so there are hundreds of thousands of victims who have never been heard and never will...for generations to come and for generations past. few stumps in these pictures. it's all starting to melt a bit and there are canadian geese showing up. always a sure sign that spring is here. the geese must be a bit confused as there isn't much open water compared to years past. hopefully, we will try and have some sort of monday walk next week to officially end the walks for the year. not that we all won't try for some walks over the summer, just that it gets too crazy here in summers. everyone is out and about trying to take in every moment of sun. we'll start back on the monday walks in the late fall sometime. had kinda forgotten an old friend from my eagle rock emergency pet days was in town for her sales job. got together with she and her sales mate for dinner. we went to simon and seafords, always tasty. nice surprise. we all laughed and had a great time. i snuck in 50 lengths at the alaska club. water was a bit cool but refreshing. the swim aerobics class was in session. they always play the "staying alive" song which is what they always play when we do our cpr classes. it's the right beat for chest compressions and will forever be associated with cpr for us all now. anyway, always great to catch up with old friends and meet new people. always great to have an evening of laughter as well. sunday, when i couldn't sleep i decided i'd just get up and walk the dogs and try for sleep later. first we tried walking up patterson towards cheney lake, but a moose and calf were napping/chilling right by the trail in the snow. no way around that pair so we turned around and came over to this park across from the carrs on muldoon/northern lights. ended up seeing a few more moose in there that day as well. add that to the 3 moose i saw on the way home from work in the morning and my total moose count for the day was again 7. you never know what the melt might uncover. this was laying in the street as i headed home...interesting. one never knows and often prefers not too.this loaded sideways of course, but it was in that little park, bear tracks it looked like to me. hard to tell i know, but they seemed pretty distinct to me. trash day this morning. it's that time of year, they'll wake up hungry and look for easy meals.rio smells the moose and attempts to make her way through the deep snow to get to that cool smell. she was not successful...again...fortunately. poor misguided blind dog. i keep telling her a meeting with the moose would be a bad idea.she never learns.the other moose was contentedly resting.always love these big knots in trees. i've been told about them, but i always forget.here are the two moose right by the trail...you can see how passing them could prove treacherous.and i will leave you with that and head to my bed. no doubt i will be asleep within moments. enjoy spring.

trust broken,
truth unspoken,
lies abound,
while victims tears,
alone are found.

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