Saturday, April 21, 2012

not enough dry land to plant outside yet...

 totally annoyed at blogger right now.  all my pictures are loading sideways with no seen way to fix them.  hate when web sites just randomly change up your entire way of writing.  apologies for the mess.  may take me some time to sort out how to write again.  nothing makes me more pissed than shit like this.  people in offices are always trying to make my life more complicated than it needs to be!
 pictures are in bizzare random order too.  was a lovely day until i sat down to pop these in here.  trying to get to bed early so that i can get moving early tomorrow and take a drive north to denali and back.  that is alot of driving in one day.  the road is open for first 30 miles though which is great and us locals can totally take advantage of that.  top picture is from todays walk of rovers run with lena and manny.  a few days ago i did the patterson to cheney lake to baxter bog loop.  blossom cracks me up when she climbs on berms and settles in like they are a comfy couch. 
 the lakes are thawing as is everything else.  blossom stays on leash whenever i'm near any lake.  this is the time of year people and dogs like to fall through the ice.  just a good idea to avoid the areas til they are once again safe.  the days have been amazing and beautiful.  the clouds are supposed to start coming in and a possiblity of rain.  hoping it stays decent for tomorrow.  would be fun to get a little short roadie in. 
 did some yard work today, which mostly still consists of shoveling snow onto driveway to hasten the thaw process. the snow around the deck in the back is still pretty high so i shovel that to the areas that have thawed.  broke up branches for kindling next year and raked a bit. 
 there is a creek as you head to cheney lake.  these ducks were out there.  blossom was bummed as i usually stop here and let her play in the creek.  too much snow to get to it still.  a few more weeks blossom....hang in there. 
 the mama and calf were still on that connector trail, but they were a further off the trail this day so i could pass by fairly easily. 
got the on call last night.  hard to say no though i really should and just bank hours for my summer vacations.  it's all fast approaching and there is still so much to do. 
got to the pool again today.  the water was so warm.  felt great!  25 laps.  bought a few bathing suit tops.  not the best, but they should do for a bit. 
 blossom and manny found some nice mud to play in.  luckily, there is a creek near the trailhead for post walk rinsing off. 
 a kid, 2 years old, was beaten to death this week by the mothers boyfriend.  sounds like a pretty brutal beating.  apparently the kid wet the bed and wasn't wearing that household a crime punishable by death.  jsut can't fathom how anyone could be so violent with a child like this.  according to paper story, the kid wasn't "breathing right" after, but this guy sat there and waited for the mother to return from her errands.  she can't be that much brighter as she didn't call 911 either and they just put the kid in a stroller and walked to the hospital.  really? 
 stayed up late watching a movie last night.  wasn't bad, wasn't amazing.  can't even recall the title.  tell no one?  something like that.  family secrets/mystery and murder.  no movies tonight. 
 these all loaded sideways as well.  grr....bought some seeds so i could get some starters growing inside.  love to watch the little plants grow.  one of the reasons for my lack of success in gardening is you are supposed to kill off some of the plants once a few seedlings are started and i always feel bad thinning happy growing plants.  then there isn't really room for them all in the planters later.  will attempt a different approach. also bought a few house plants.  succulents..those are really the only houseplants that stand a chance with me. 
 the cats don't seem as interested in succulents either so that is always a bonus. 

guess i will hope that the publishing end of this mess that is my new blogger format will go better than the writing of it seems to be going.   good night...or not!

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