Sunday, April 8, 2012

Off with thier heads...Happy Easter!!

no easter is complete without a headless chocolate rabbit! quite tasty. i'd actually forgotten that i'd bought this treat for myself!! dove is the best! i'm getting hungry again. i tried to find actual rabbits in the wild today,but only saw tracks. hard to find the little critters in the woods. probably doesn't help that i'm walking with two dogs and making some noise. on the plus side, no bears spotted either. took the dogs to rovers run where a bear has apparently been spotted already. took a mini sunday drive. just out to windy point and back. i got hungry. this is the extent of my easter decor. last chocolate holiday until next halloween. i'm in mourning. i know there is chocolate available all year, but not cute colourful, fun chocolate!! it was a beautiful day out there again. the turnigan arm area is usually the first to dry out and the first to have bear action. lots of people out enjoying the day. lots of folks out at rovers run trailhead as well. the dogs were well behaved so all went well. rio takes up a bit more of the trail than other dogs and she tends to turn towards whatever sound she hears on the trail so she ends up blocking the entire trail when a biker tries to pass. her cute spring coat of many colours and her blindness make people quite forgiving i find. another nephew got married yesterday, congrats to jared and his new wife! i long ago gave up getting to all the weddings. i have many neices and nephews and it's just too much to try and get to the lower 48. i'm admittedly not keen on flying in jumbo jets. oddly, i prefer the little planes. i realilze that the little planes crash way more than the big ones, but for some reason there seems to be a hope of survival in a smaller plane. they aren't flying at like 30,000 plus feet up. also, my family mostly remains mormon so in truth even if i fly south to attend weddings, i can't actually attend the weddings. i would only be allowed to stand outside the temple as the couple and other worthy mormon family members go inside to witness the wedding. i never saw my siblings get married either as i was the youngest and never went to the temple. it was suggested by a bishop that i had soon after i turned 21 that i might want to consider going through the temple and possibly serving a mission, since i had "no prospects for marriage". so strange to be considered an old maid at 21. perhaps he could read my future. that bishop killed himself. i always think of people like him when people say, god never gives you more than you can handle. apparently, he does. i mean people wouldn't give up and kill themselves or kill thier families and such if it hadn't become more than they could handle. always sad. it was one of the strangest funerals i ever attended. like a big coverup. he wasn't depressed, god forbid anyone admit that the guy was depressed. he was a totally, 100% happy person! i tend to find that totally happy people don't kill themselves. from weddings to funerals. i digress obviously. i can actually attend mormon funerals so they may hold more memories for me.
above rio shows off her coat of many colours!my neice surprised me with a call. always love chatting with claire. we just get along so well and have alot in common. she has left the mormon church too so i think that further bonded us. mostly, she was just 13 years younger than me and we have always been more like siblings than aunt and neice. excited for her visit this summer! a quiet day here for me. no big easter celebrations. my church is the woods and that is where i feel most at peace and closest to whatever god exists. when i left the mormon church i pretty much had to tear down all that i had previously thought was truth and start from scratch. studied various religions and tend to believe all have positives and negatives. not sure god really requires a building and all the pomp and circumstance. i do like the message that jesus taught and i try to follow the simple messages that seem to get lost in the big organized churches. probably should read the new and old testament again as it's been several years. in my 20's i read it all in my search for my truth. of course, i want to get a basic bible. i have a mormon bible with the changes that joseph smith made to it. did eat a bit of a tiny ham. it's never the same as when i was a kid so i don't try and repeat the easter of my youth...except the eating of the chocolate bunny ears! was laughing as when i stopped by the grocery the other day the easter aisle was crazy busy and the check out person told me everyone was running out of easter baskets. when we were kids we had the same basket every year and the easter bunny would refill it. also, it was a bit less complicated than what i see now. these kids seem to now get toys with thier baskets. we just got some candy and hard boiled eggs and that big hollow bunny. not clear when bunnys, candy and basket got added to the mix or what they have to do with jesus and the resurection. did hate when easter fell on a fast sunday. the first sunday of every month we would fast so we weren't allowed to eat any of the candy until after the fast was over. that ain't easy for a chocoholic kid!!there are begining to be little patches of actual earth showing up on the trails. wow!!weather is warm and inviting. there is a constant dripping sound of snow melting. i'm afraid to check the crawl space. was listening to some music. enjoyed watching a few hours of "frozen earth". pretty amazing photography! the frozen parts of the earth are fascinating to me! will have to purchase that series when it comes out for sale. listening to soundtrack from "once", some five for fighting and matchbox twenty. always seem to forget my iphone has all my music on it. the world keeps changing. haven't bought a cd for years. also no photo albums. it's all on the blog now and my shutterfly account. i'm behind again loading pictures onto there. haven't gotten too much cleaning done today. i work better under pressure so that means i'll go nuts on tuesday no doubt. may just settle in with my guitar for a bit tonight. should write some poems and work on my book attempt as well. it's already 11:30 though so doubtful. this mountain goat was super close to the road and everyone was stopping. i didn't bother getting out of my car or i would have gotten better pictures. oh well. he's still cute, well i suspect she. looked kinda preggers from one angle.the goats are frequently over at about mile 107 i think it is, windy point. amazing how dry it is out there already. enjoyed laying upstairs reading issues of national geographic. i may or may not have slept for a bit. the sun just comes through the windows and it's like being on a beach, all warm and sunny. of course, one article i was reading was about the rhino situation in africa. they were apparently doing fairly well again but the demand for rhino horns and the "medicine" that is made from it is up and so poachers are back at it. so sad. they kill this huge, beautiful animal and just hack off the horns. they also will surgically remove a fetus if the rhino is pregnant. just sick. some of the parks have taken to knocking out the rhino's and removing thier horns for thier own safety. so there are now rhino's all over the game parks without the horn. humans are such idiots! so sad that rhino's have to be put through this in an attempt to save thier lives! all the animals are at risk. apparently, our polar bears, walrus and the seals up north have been found to have lesions and in the case of the polar bears, hair loss. they say it's not related to radiation that may have traveled from japan post tsunami. that isn't yet contained or safe. apparently they are still having cooling issues and if that stuff isn't kept cool a bigger disaster is still possible. a "ghost ship" from the tsunami disaster was just sunk off the coast of southeast alaska. well further out to sea. the ship was empty and was moored for use as parts when the tsunami hit. it was decided it was best to sink the ship rather than wait for it to drift into main shipping traffic lanes and cause trouble. need a cruise ship to hit that thing in the middle of the night, right? a canadian company tried to salvage it, but they weren't able to tow it away so they left and it was blown up. we may see some remnants from the tsunami on our shores this summer. supposed to start making land here soon. it is amazing to follow the world currents and how we all impact each other by what is put in the ocean. this was unavoidable. just would hate to have the sea life be negatively impacted, but doubt that is possible. we make a mess of thier home all the time. all the crap we put in the oceans has to have an impact over time.the rest of these are from my iphone. i finally did the whole upgrade thing that everyone kept saying i could do. added a few songs and another app about earthquakes. it's supposed to alert you to earthquakes in your region, whatever you chose that to be. i set it for 4.0 or least i think i did. love the picture of rio above. this is the one that shows up when the phone goes idle.old photo of a bear in the bog from last summer.a pizza delivery gone very wrong at work. we called for a replacement. the guy had no idea why this keeps happening. he has hopefully found other employment. pizza delivery is obviously not his forte!a self portrait of me after a winter friend tanya took this one last week at the monday walk. lena and i. i have leashes and a poop bag in my hands. so proud! was out back doing some poop pick up. gotta keep on top of it. i try to all winter, was tough this winter with all the snow burying it so fast. must prevent poop soup out there and in the garbage. if you mix in too much snow with the poop for trash day and it warms's not pretty! have been there and got the nasty note from the trash dudes. they won't pick up a can full of poop soup by the way. once i opened the lid i totally understood why....what a mess!! i have vowed to never let that happen again.the trails get pretty nasty with the melt. people seem to believe that that winter pick up of poop is not necessary. it makes for a huge, disgusting mess come break up!another picture by tanya from our walk out at independance mine. good thing other people take pictures of me occasionally. thanks tanya. this is me with karen and blossom of course!
happy easter, no matter how you celebrated it!!

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