Wednesday, April 25, 2012

wiped out!!

that goes for all three of us. rio is on the couch and i'm not sure she'll move up to the bedroom tonight. the doorbell rang earlier and she always jumps off the couch, barks and tries to get through the door...not this time. she just stayed put on her couch.
we all walked out powerline pass out of glen alps trailhead this morning. probably almost 4miles. wanted to wear them out a bit before filming and keep them relatively clean. when i got back to the glen alps trailhead someone from channel 11 news was there doing a bit on spring hiking risks. anyway, she asked if she could interview me. i decided to go for it as i hoped it would take the edge off my interview on film later in the day. it did help with the jitters. the two bits were done very differently. this one was easier as it was just me and the one girl who acted as jack of all trades as it were. i tend to be a bit shy, especially in groups and especially around people i don't really know. this was one person and she was very personable and easy going. i could just relate. though, i still think i look strange on film. i saw the peice on the 10pm news. this afternoon was a whole production team. have signed a confidentiality thing, though oddly, the basic info is all here in the blog before anything was signed so read back i guess. the fact that i filmed is no secret. wasn't very comfortable trying to stand still with the sun in my eyes, trying to make what i had to say bigger than what it really was. it's thier show and so i see it as thier responsibility to make sure whoever they are filming is comfortable in order to get the best shot. not really my worry in the long run. i'm not a professional actor, i'm a nurse. hopefully, they can piece together something from all the stuff that was said. planes and frisbee golf players made a flow impossible. stop, start here, stop, start here....i couldn't begin to tell you what i said in the course of that interview. too many distractions and too many directions from too many people. i obviously suck at this filming stuff. just totally out of my comfort zone. i did better walking around with the dogs on the second part. in retrospect that may have been better to do first as then i would have been more familiar with the crew and more relaxed. of course, by then i was just totally bored. just wanted to get done and leave. 4 hours almost. if i ever did anything like this again i would require a tidy sum of funds. for now i just see it as a life experience. box checked off. will be interesting to see what they can make of those bits of film. the news crew pulled something together pretty fast from the bits and pieces they got. this crew will have more time to do post shoot work. an industry i'm just not at all familiar with. seems odd since i grew up in south pasadena, a town close to hollywood so often used for filming. friends were extra's, we often spent time as kids checking out the filming down the road. burt reynolds filmed on the block once. so i'm tired and the dogs are even more beat than i am. they did enjoy getting extra treats and attention. the best for me was about 6-7 snow geese flew by. wanted to just grab my camera and chase them down for pictures. the trails out there have cleared quite a bit since i was there a few weeks ago. still lots of sloppiness and the walking is not at all easy. the rest are from the walk earlier at glen alps. several people still out on these trails skiing. diehards. the powerline trail goes on and on, up and over i think to a community on the turigan arm. i'm pretty sure anyway. haven't done that trek yet. no bears, no signs of bears. did hear alot of ptarmigan but was unable to actually spot any. illusive birds for me today. rio did fairly well. i tried to be a good guide dog, but i often fail in those duties. there were several old post hole holes out there, she couldn't miss every hole. poor girl. tomorrow i have dentist and eye appointments so the girls will probably get a break from the longer walk. blossom will be ready to go in the morning, rio....she'll be happy sleeping when there are rings around the sun. always cool!another amazing day out there. no swim today. filming just took longer than i expected. will try and get a swim in tomorrow before meeting friends for dinner. blueberry hill and flat top to left.i really am wiped out so i will cut this short and crash for the night.

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