Wednesday, August 15, 2012

back to the beach and bbq

my friend tanya was wanting to head to the beach out of kincaid. like me, she'd never been out there. well i have now, but it seemed like it took me forever to discover this gem. of course, there is a price to pay...mud! since i had just cleaned my house for the bbq i knew that my floors would pay the price...but what is life if you are afraid of getting muddy and sandy and messy! i think tanya was happy to find this wonderful place as well.
took rio and she seemed to enjoy mucking around in the deeper mud. maddie had a play date, veronica, so they got right into the mud. this was before they got it all over. you can see how thick and silty the mud is out there in the inlet.
people are encouraged to be very cautious when out on the mud. the tides change rapidly and it's easy to get sucked into the mud out there. they do rescues on a fairly regular basis of people who have not heeded warnings and gotten too far out and not watched the tides.
we were very safe and only required a clean up after our trek, not a rescue.
rio is pretty wiped out. probably between the walk and then the party. i'm always surprised how much a party at the house wears out the dogs. just on alert i think. food, people, activities. so much to pay attention to.
the mud is taking over.
have gotten alot done the last few days. forgot to post the project of yesterday. oh well, i have wanted to get one of those fire pits for the back yard. doubt i'll use it very often, but i thought it would be cool. there is a place where the grass never seems to grow anyway and the weeds keep taking over. i laid out 9 12X12 tiles and bought a cool firepit. turned out cool i think. ended up not using it tonight, but i think it will be fun. the sun was so nice out that everyone hung out on the deck. my place is not big, but between the deck, the pool room and the firepit area i thought there would be plenty of space. maybe not enough chairs, but everyone seemed to make due and have fun anyway. will try and post a picture of the new pit tomorrow maybe. not sure what i'm gonna do tomorrow yet. hmm...
my garbage hadn't gotten picked up yesterday so i was hoping they would get it today. no such luck. apparently, my neighbors had parked their car too close to my can so the machine couldn't get it and they aren't allowed to intervene and risk getting injured. garbage dudes aren't nearly as tough as they were when i was a kid. those guys were always pumped up. now they have machines to do the labour.
happy kids on the beach. so cute!
you can see a few joggers off in the distance, running towards fire island. just the sort of thing the city tries to preach people not to do. it's i think maybe 2 miles across and there are a few times it is actually crossable, but it's risky and the tides have to be right. i don't recommend it. i feel the city has spent a load of cash to save even more cash in silly rescues. looked like it wasn't crossable to me, they dropped off from view. hopefully, they did okay. there is no place to stop or rest out there and if something were to happen, say a heart attack, the person would have to just keep moving or risk getting caught up in the incoming tide.
blossom was a bit bummed as the tennis ball action was a bit less than it had been when we headed out there previously. she still got some runs in and luckily for her indy seems to bore of the ball after awhile and drops it.
again, joggers and their possible destination. won't i feel badly if they actually did get caught out there. we never saw them again.
i'm a little at a loss now that the olympic coverage is over...what to do, what to watch?
i did walk little campbell lake loop yesterday. felt like myself, it was great. the hills still tire you out but blossom and i had a great time out there. hot for her. nice to cool off in the lake. then i met a friend for a late lunch and off to lowes for stuff for my project.
kids are great at having fun. her friend was still with them tonight so she came to the bbq. i had picked up some art projects for maddie, luckily i got two so that kept them both occupied for a bit. after that time was spent on the cat hunt. my cats tend to hide out when guests arrive. pogi is better at being social that ms breezy chatterbug. she is only breezy with canines apparently. at least i don't have to worry about cats escaping when i have guests over.
was a bit worried my house would have loads of yellow jackets. they seem to have exploded in population these past weeks. saw a smidgie of the local news tonight and it reported the same thing. there are a few pesky flies but no yellow jackets. the back door was open pretty much all evening.
blossom with muddy feet.
trying to get a shot off of maddie coated in mud.
when i woke up this morning it was super cloudy and foggy, but happily it broke through and was lovely. happy tanya got us out and moving. got loads of cleaning done yesterday so it was nice to just relax today. did some shopping and prepped the food i had. scott and jacqui came by early so i just sat and party ever goes off without a hitch. i just like getting friends together. i think there were at least 15 people out tonight, a nice number for my size house.
the election crap is begining. drives me nuts. the leaflets on the door, the pre-recorded messages on the answering machine. such a bother.

a few fun mud shots.
maddie was having fun...
even if she was making a goofy face.
loved this one of her friend. mud topped with sand. they wanted to eat thier pbj's, but tanya was making them wait til they got back to the chalet and could wash their hands...probably a good idea.
blossom dried and then i swept up behind her. amazing how much sand and silt her coat sucks back. she shook at the house and it looked like pigpen from the peanuts.
just a few from the party. andrea came and brought her mom and mr nash. he just turned 2!
karen, linda and tanya.
blossom and rio patiently waited in hopes that one of those sausages might drop to the ground. nash tried to help by using the deck as his plate, but blossom and rio weren't quick enough.
gail and felt like i was back on the don sheldon cabin...!! well, except for the scary heights.
nash decides to spruce up the yard for me...what a good guy! he's available for parties i hear! that is my kind of house guest!
the gathering.
i thought this came out nicely of katie.
i'm ready to hit the hay. actually i want to peek at the photo's that everyone else took out at the don sheldon cabin! night.

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