Tuesday, August 7, 2012

round island 14...

lots of fox in this one. actually getting pretty close to done with the round island pictures, i know, i know, but i really do love them and the island is just that amazing and i'll never go again. well, never say never but it's highly unlikely that i will make the round island run again.
the fox were always entertaining for us all. thank you fox for being so dang adorable and photo worthy!
just finished 4 nights of work. i'm sleepy so i didn't load too many pictures in here today. people say pediatrics must be easier on your back cause kids are so small. they are small but that doesn't mean they are easy to move or that they are reasonable about helping you use good body mechanics. you tend to find you are bending and lifting at bad angles. i can feel my lower back is a bit sore today from the one kid i had last night. he was pretty cranky all night which is actually a good sign for a kid. kids in distress don't have any energy to be cranky so in my world cranky is good. the only time he wasn't cranky came as a total shock to me. both his parents stepped out for a minute so i told him i'd be staying with him, he said okay. next thing i knew he was playing a game of peek a boo with me. only in a pediatric job are you encouraged to play and get paid for it!! anyway, this was fun, then he began to meow. it was so cute and funny. his parents returned and he went right back to cranky. his mom did say he likes to use all his animal noises.
i laughed this morning as well as people often ask me what is different about working in peds. the difference was clear this morning to me as i watched Dr Coopes crawling around the floor with a stethescope chasing a 2-3 year old around to get her assessment done. that is pediatrics!!!
also learned that if you want whiskey in our hospital you will have to order it through pharmacy, whereas if you desire wine that comes from dietary. not sure why the distinction, but that is how it is. had an old guy who we babied along all night trying to avoid intubation. at 6 in the morning it was becoming clear that a choice was going to have to be made. he made it for us. he began pulling everything off and yelling, "i just want to die" over and over. several of us gathered at his bed and tried to calm him down, contact doctors and get him comfortable and made a do not resuscitate. we all held his hand, talked with him, made phone calls to the people he loves so they could come in, held the phone up to his ear so he could talk to his friends and family and got him whiskey and then wine...apparently in his opinion wild turkey whiskey is crap and he refused it even on his death bed. the wine was gone rather quickly, prompting us to order more quickly. he had been moved to palliative care the next night so i'm happy we could help him live those last days instead of being on machines.
the usual icu stuff this week. i actually never had a vent any of my days. that is unusual. my easy cviu patient was intubated when i got into work the next night, my trauma was moved out, got new patients and again had new patients the last night. helped my neighbor nurse with her spinning pooping patient...the stuff they just don't mention in nursing school. i swear the guy pooped for 2-3 hours straight. this is life as a nurse. if they handed out olympic golds in my line of work we would have gotten the gold medal for poop clean up that night! we did do a gymnasic finish after we were done to lighten our load!
have continued to enjoy watching the olympics when i could. have loved watching the mens basketball. saw most of the game against nigeria. that was fun. just great to see them play with joy. when you watch regular season games in the nba it's just a different feel. not that these guys don't want to win, just that they seem to be playing the game with the joy of olympians, which is great. they beat nigeria by 83 points , but i never felt like it was done in poor sportsmanship. i think everyone there was able to see how great the sport of basketball can be at it's best. they were just hitting everything. so many 3 pointers.
one of the younger players, i think it's davis, was so excited to play in the olympics that he had decided not to wear his jersey during the warm up. later when they went to put him in the game it was discovered that he'd forgotten to put that jersey on for the game. he had to sit back down and his teammates were cracking me up giving him crap. it was almost 1/2 time so he was able to get the jersey on the break and play the second half.
got to watch the rings and vault in mens gymnastics today. no medals for usa but there were some great displays of strength and skill on the apparatus by those of other nations. you could see that members from the us team were enjoying watching just how amazing some of those skills were. the korean went last and when he finished up the american just grabbed him and smiled and said "that was ridiculous". i'm sure the korean had no idea what was being said, but he got the gold. greneda got it's first medal ever and it was gold. awesome!
how can you help but be inspired and moved to tears watching the olympics. i always am. i believe it's the 40 year anniversary of the israeli team's loss in munich, '72. horrible. there are always some political undertones i know, but that was such a horrific display of hatred. i remember also the '80 olympics in russia that he us boycotted. still wish we hadn't, and i was just in high school so i can't even remember what all the political reasoning was, just that people who had trained thier entire lives missed an opportunity to participate. politics should never do that to the olympics.
loved these close ups. the fox really do just get that close.
dog park, bog, neighborhood. that is where we've been. it's still been raining off and on. got some stuff done today despite sleeping til 2 this afternoon. i was sleepy i guess.
my cats are curled up together, always love that. makes me happy i adopted that second cat. i think in general cats like a buddy, though it doesn't always work out that way when you get that second cat. luckily for me my cats like each other and so do the dogs...the dogs and cats seem to do nicely as well.
ran into alot of the regulars at the park today. always nice checking in and saying hello to everyone. have met many nice folks out there. the one guy just loves rio and was saying how great she was doing and complimenting me on how great a life i've given her. nice to hear a nice comment from time to time.
the fox decided to take his nap right by the cook tent. so cute!
had a patient who was a less than desirable character lets just say. not sure why i get so annoyed but i hate when married men, in this case a co-worker, look at you and feel the need to comment something like, "he's single you should go for it". it's meant to be funny i know, but i really just find it derogatory. like, being single is so unacceptable that i should hook up with whatever i can find that is male and breathing. it's insulting!
the womens beach volleyball team finally lost a set, is it bad that i was happy they finally did? they won the match, but at least they aren't totally invincible.
guess i have come to the end and i think i will head to bed. will post more tomorrow. then i have 2 nights of work, then i'm off again for my stretch. should actually get out and do some bigger hikes. we shall see.

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