Wednesday, August 22, 2012

in kincaid park for a walk..

not an unusual place to find me on a summers day. rio opted out as she does more often these days. not sure how a dog can sleep so many hours, but it seems to suit her. obviously she'd have a tough time surviving in the real world. she is adorable though and so i suspect a life of begging would get her back into a life of leisure quite quickly. if you have looks and charm you will always be cared for.
the sun came out and it was great out there. of course this section along the shore is a bit hairy. the brush is quite thick and a few times i worried i'd run into a bear out there. i'd forgotten the bear spray too, just realized that. must fix that before i head out again.
blossom enjoyed a day of tennis ball chasing and was quite exhausted this evening.
after the walk i met up with my friend amy for a long, leisurely lunch! we ate at the buffet at china lights. all was good. blossom accompanied me to pet co, which she loves. treats for all when i got home!
watching old favorites this week. tonights selection is "chocolat". another excellent flick. it can be difficult to accept others who do not seem to fit in. i've always felt like an outsider. i remember as a child watching rudolph the reindeer i think it was. i knew that i also belonged in the land of misfit toys. i still feel a bit of a misfit or an outsider but i'm much more comfortable with who i am. i don't try to fit in where i know i don't. we can't all live that cookie cutter life, grow up, marry, have kids. what a dull world it would be if we each followed the same path and thought the same things.
there is enough room in this world for all sorts of personalities and opinions. i have always learned so much from the people i meet. many of those people were ones that my first impression wasn't all that great. if you stay open you will often be surprised by people. i have also learned over the years that some people are just more toxic. they may have a sad story and as much as you'd like to help them, they will bring you down. i don't have what it takes to deal with those most toxic of people, i don't feel guilty in those few cases to just walk away.
some people have just made a lot of bad choices and will never see that they have the power to change their situations. again fear probably plays a large role in this. i have fears, but i sense that i was brave at certain times in my life and made the choices that have brought me more happiness. some big decisions were made and though i was scared, pushing through the fear has made all the difference. leaving the mormon church, moving away from family to south dakota, moving again to another place where i knew no one. changing careers....
as i prepared to leave south dakota i walked the dogs at a local park. i got chatting with someone there at the park. when i spoke of moving to alaska, they said, "what if you hate it?". my response was, "what if i love it?". you can always move back. i would hate to have missed all that i have experienced here due to fear all those years ago.
i am polishing off the last of the wine from last weeks party. thanks katie, the white wine you brought is lovely.
such a beautiful day.
did get completely lazy when i got home and watched several episodes of "big bang". it's been awhile and i always enjoy laughing at that show.
managed to drag myself to the grocery store. though it seems no matter how much i spend there i can never find anything i feel like eating. almost cooked the old classic, cream tuna on toast. maybe tomorrow.
have been seeing some leaves changing colours and falling to the earth. won't be long. hopefully, i escape for a bit next week and enjoy some scenery before the fall is over and winter begins.
i'm not one that dreads winter though. can't say that i love the darkness, but once december hits and the solstice occurs it's all good. i still love winters here. perhaps one day i'll hit my max and be ready to book it south. not sure where i'd go to. maybe i'd pack it in and run to one of those tiny islands out in the middle of nowhere that i see on those international house hunter shows.
guess these really all look the same. i enjoyed the scenery on the walk all the same. moose tracks seen in the sand but no moose sightings.
my friend marcia called, she must be pyschic as i was just thinking these past few days that i'd love to chat with her. hopefully, we can chat soon. she is a friend i met in 7th grade. she knows me well. i have always loved that she is totally honest and expresses her opinion freely. she doesn't take no guff from anyone...even me.
i have a massage scheduled for next tuesday. if i head out of town by saturday, that gives me a few days of constant driving. could be entertaining. plan on it just being me and the dogs. i think i need a vacation from people sometimes. it's my introvert vacation!
blossom on the trails at jodphur loop
this is a tree that is deciding to change colours early.
a few reflections in the bogs at baxter bog.
my facebook page changed over to the new timeline. i think i've gotten used to it on others so not that big of deal. i know that my blogger will also go to the new interface soon, whether i like it or not. hopefully a few bugs are worked out. i prefer the old way of loading photo's at this point. we shall see. life is constant change and you just have to try and adapt to it all. i know i adapt better than others.
this one below loaded sideways anyway. it's just a fall leaf so no worries.
my wine is impacting me so i guess i shall be ready to crash soon.

luckily, i timed that just right. good night.

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