Monday, August 13, 2012

went to seward to see the baby walrus...!!

the baby walrus is out at the sea life center in seward. he's very cute! someone is with him 24/7. i wouldn't mind taking a shift. he just likes to be snuggled with. i'm guessing this girls foot is alseep by now...that is not a tiny baby. he's gotta be well over 200 pounds by now. he has been deemed well enough to be viewed. there is another walrus that is still trying to gain some weight. a third one passed away despite all the efforts. fingers crossed for these guys. they won't be able to return to the wild though.
this sea lion is also in view but not in a enclosure that is "on view". there was another sea lion, a bigger one behind him. i think i've seen that guy in the main on view tank before, not sure why he's been moved...or how really. he's huge!
since it was a sunday the place was crowded. i went ahead and bought a year membership. also bought some birthday gifts in the gift shop...figure it all goes to take care of these lovely creatures. i'm sure they will need extra donations to cover 24/7 care for these two baby walrus if anyone wants to donate! alaska sealife
i mean look at these could you not donate, right?
blossom and rio joined me at lowel point for some beach time. rio seemed to enjoy it, but not as much as blossom.
we stopped by the dog park before heading over to seward. it was a beautiful day out there. i know i had lots to do on my to do list, but a pretty day is a pretty day.
lots of fishermen on the beach. one guy wasn't too responsible with his line. it wrapped around blossom and then me. luckily the hook didn't land in either of us.
the drive over and back is always amazing. i didn't stop and take many pictures on the way.
i think i just needed to drive. some days it just feels good to just drive. clears my head. have been a bit cabined up the last weeks with the leg and the olympics. no complaints about the olympics though, i have totally enjoyed the games.
saw just a bit of the closing ceremonies, can't say it held my attention. instead i chatted with the neighbor and killed a huge spider that i have been trying to convince to relocate. i keep knocking off the main strings that hold the web up. i am starting to suspect the spider is with spiderettes...that can't be good. my neighbor didn't like the look of it and told me to kill took some encouragement as i really hate the whole spider killing thing. i guess we have brown recluse up here. doubt this one was that, but my apologies to any spider relatives who may be mourning the loss of their spider relative.
blossom relaxes on the drive back to anchorage.
from the drive back. kenai lake.
took a short drive down nash road.
was home by just shy of 9..just a little too late to actually accomplish anything.
there is a little campground at the end of nash road. liked this bird on the sign.
so there is seward across the bay. just one cruiseship in while i was there.
not many puffins swimming when i was there, but these fish are always kinda cute in their own way.

a few photo's of blossom at play. there were a few cute puppies to chill with out there. it was much more fun than our stop at u-lake before the drive...the waves add to the fun i'm sure.
kayakers in the bay. too many waves and wind here, i have never had much good luck paddling out of seward.
always love making a stop at this beach. the houses here are so cute...
okay, not a really crowded beach by most states standards. the other direction had several fishermen and a few just laying out enjoying the sunshine. not bikini laying out, just chilling in the sun.
blossom shakes off some of the bay.
and prepares for the next venture into the sea!

have pretty much just eaten potato salad all day. lucky thing i made some up last night. not as good as how my mom used to make. i learned from her and still make stuff how she did but it still never tastes as good as when i was a kid. my mom didn't cook tons of stuff, but the stuff she did make she did good. turkey, a roast, mashed taters and gravy. her burgers were good, potato salad...
would love to have a home cooked meal. just to spend an evening chilling with mom and being wrapped up in her love and acceptance. it can be tough going it alone some days. sometimes people can be a disappointment. trust, acceptance, can be hit and miss. all that i get from potato salad.
a few more of the walrus. it was actually hard to get photo's. there was a glare.
may have been the time of day it was. i just stood there and watched the little guy sleep. he didn't move too much while i was there, woke and stretched a few times. the mammal biologist just sat with him and pet him. wonder when feeding times are.
he was across and down from the touch tank. they have some cool big anenomies in there.
there are also a few cool nudibranchs in there. i did see a few of those in the tidepools in ketchikan. not a common sighting in the intertidal zone.
the bones of a less fortunate sea lion. perhaps one day the sealife center will have a full skeleton of a humpback or orca. could happen. they have one in kodiak. a humpback. it's pretty cool.
back to an entertaining episode of big bang, then off to bed to read. tomorrow it looks like i will actually have to get a few things accomplished! dang...procrastination the great beast will only be caged for a short time!

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