Thursday, August 2, 2012

round island 13...

will be more puffin pictures at the end. there was a rock near camp that if you were patient you were sure to get some lovely puffin action. these are horned puffins. i think they don't get those clown faces til they are older. the babies are probably less fancy for their protection, though i'm not sure what benefit these guys have besides being adorable for their colours? apparently, they get eaten by the fox as well, but happily i never witnessed a cute puffin in the mouths of the fox. that would have been tough.
these next several are taken by some of my island mates. i hope i can remember correctly to give credit where it is due. above is by val morris, we were getting ready to load up for our trek out. that is me.
this next one was taken by tanya. was happy she got a shot of our fish and game crew. stephanie and tesla. tesla was getting trained to take over for the latter part of the summer and take down. she would probably not have too many visitors to the island as we were the last scheduled ones.
another shot by val, she loved that there was someone from the B&B with my name on a card. we felt so important!! it was pouring when we first arrived in dillingham, of course, much of our stuff didn't arrive so this light moment was soon taken over by a bit of stress.
above could be any of either karen, tanya or val. will have to look back at the facebook photo's for better credit unless someone can help me out. sorry. it's in front of the fish and game cabin.
this one i know is tanya. we were last group on the island, waiting our turn. we are packed and ready to rumble or risk our lives in the bering sea as the case was.
back to my shots. i try to avoid other peoples shots in my blog unless they include me...i am a terrible self photographer most of the time. nice when others get a shot of you on occasion. above is a group shot minus sue. i had just washed my hair and sue was off to the creek to do a full bath. she was way braver than i was. my camera takes three shots and i think karen thought we were on the goofy third shot. anyway. i liked this one overall, and karen doesn't mind being goofy. :-) top is bob and val, bottom row is karen, scott, tanya and me.
this fox fell asleep by the cook tent. bob snuck up to get closer shots. the fox woke up, looked at him and then just curled up and went back to sleep.
bob took a few photo's of me doing my hair wash out there on the island at my request, with my camera. clean feels good after several days not being able to shower.
my little bucket came in handy. i did mix boiled water with the creek water so it wasn't too cold. no brain freeze, but no way to dry it, or anything else out there.
below is sleeping fox with mainland in the distance.
another trek up to the birds and a closer lookout right before the birds, but after the flat rock.
this is where you catch trail up to spine. no such luck for us this trip. the island was saturated and windy. i think it had rained the entire month before we arrived as well. well maybe for 3 weeks. someone commented on here that they went 3 weeks before us and sounds like they got the sun for the worries we all had fun anyway!
took a self portrait looking both directions at that last lookout before the bird rookery.
water container filled and waiting. bob did most of the hauling, i did a good chunk of the filtering. the water tasted fantastic, did i mention that!!
fox runs off with a gull.
random scenery shot.
our map.
there are actually enough trails and places to wander that one doesn't become bored out there. at least i don't.
fox near the cook tent again, always entertaining us.
they were checking out the outhouse in progress as well. i'm sure it is well marked by now.
each night everyone put together an appetizer for the evenings meals. the wine almost lasted our whole week.
today i met up with lena and tanya for a stretch out at campbell airstrip. it was raining again when i woke up. we got lucky and not too much rain fell on us. it kicked in again later, much to blossoms dismay. she likes to lay out on her back deck and sun or snow is fine, but rain doesn't seem to suit her.
another day of olympic action. tomorrow i head back to work so my olympic watching will be a bit curtailed. have enjoyed my lazy olympic watching week. life gets back to normal next week. our one guy got the bronze in all around mens gymnastics so a bit better. coverage kinda crappy as usual. i have not seen one guy on the rings except in the way background. i know it's tough to get everything in that everyone wants to see, but they spend so much time on commercials and these repeated athlete highlight stories. i'd rather hear the stories as i'm watching an event...or i can look that stuff up online.
read my latest book and then fell fast asleep for an afternoon nap. that took me out of my swimming for the evening. i'm bad.
just a bit more of the scenery.
now to puffins. they are just the cutest birds.
below are tufted puffins. more black on them.
these guys all nest out there, but they must have their babies tucked back into the rocks. bob was watching closely with his binocs but never saw the babies.
the rocks are cool too with the lichen.
more of me attempting to capture puffins in flight.
and yawning...or talking.
they spooked pretty easy if you just walked up to the rock area, but if you sat down and were quiet they all seemed to return to the rock. it was well worth the wait.
i'd be skittish with all those fox around as well.
believe it or not i am starting to wind down on the pictures. will have to make some sort of book for myself. want to make a few of those from the photo's i've put in here. we all have some need to be immortalized. phelps won't have to worry about that and neither will HeLa for her cells live on. me...i will quickly be forgotten when my time passes. millions of other humans have gone before me. living their lives out and being forgotten. there are worse things. some people are known for being terrible people. i'd rather be forgotten than live on with my name tarnished somehow by my bad behaviours and bad choices.
another flying puffin.
love when they come out amazing.
thousands of photo's of puffins out there i'm sure, but these are mine. i may have to pick one and blow it up. don't think i have a fabulous puffin photo on my wall. may need a bigger house one day for all the pictures i want to blow up and frame.
will have to head down to seward and homer again before this summer ends. love to watch these guys swim, it's cool.
chums on a rock.
a few of the walrus on the spine. it got fairly crowded out there at times....then they'd all leave, only to return again.
there are recorded counts of almost 15,000 walrus on the island years ago. my last trek out we were at about 3000 a few days, this time more like 1000. still plenty to see, but i do worry about my big pink beasts. if anyone so desires the sealife center in seward, alaska is trying to raise 3 baby walrus and will no doubt need some extra financial assistance if you are up for donating to a good cause.

look at em all out there!
how could you resist this face!! off to read and sleep. good night all. may be a few days before i get back to the blog..i'll be working.

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