Monday, September 10, 2012

hike+yard work= sore muscles...

wasn't sure anyone was going to walk with me. the roof guys showed up early so that got my day started. roof is fixed, at least enough to get me through another season or two. eventually i will have to bite the bullet and spend the bucks to re-do it. i know it will look great after though. lena and manny joined blossom and i at glen alps for a trek out the powerline trail. didn't hit hidden lakes as i had some yard work that really needed to get done. it was another beautiful day though and we enjoyed it immensely.
will put in a few more from the chicken trek. probably should have made a trek someplace this week, but i've enjoyed my walks. it's getting cold out there at night. the roof cost a few quarters so when all the neighbor kids stopped by to ask for purchases to support schools i didn't feel too badly declining. i like to send my support to nature and animal related stuff usually as far as donations go. i don't have kids and i pay a goodly amount of taxes that goes to education.
am thinking i may do that drive to hatchers/independence and see where i end up. should get back though as i think there is some computer update class that i should try to attend. at least lena will be there. never got scheduled for one so we may just both crash this one. it's 6-9 though. yikes! see what the weather looks like in the morning. clouds are supposed to be rolling in.
since i hadn't heard from anyone this morning i settled rio on the couch (she opted out, wonder if she doesn't trust me after yesterdays log adventures??). anyway. blossom and i just took off, still undecided, but then i decided to get the oil changed. it's been due for a week or so.
so i've actually accomplished a few things today. roof, check, gas, check, oil change, check and finally, lawn mowed, check and while not all of the branches are chopped up i made a large dent in the pile this afternoon. and the dog is walked...whew!! blossom and rio happily enjoyed the sunshine outside while i worked away. they really have it good. blossom was in a pretty deep sleep, it cracked me up.
i slowly worked at the branches. i wiser person would probably own one of those chopper up machines or something. i'm not keen on having one of those around after seeing them used to chop up people in so many scary movies. another reason i just avoid scary movies now.
cold air,
colours change,
once again,
winter came.
well, it's not totally here yet, but it's fast approaching temperatures in the 30's each morning with frost on the ground.
need more words,
for silence.
in quiet,
peace is found,
but if i make more words,
my silence won't abound.

have been in a poetry writing mode. it's been awhile but i have always loved to express myself in verse. probably lousy poetry, but what the heck, right? i write them in a few minutes and move on. i'm not one to linger over something seeking perfection. poetry is best raw.
a realization,
that things,
are worse,
than imagined.

how to escape,
the tomb,
as it forms,
slowly descend,
pray that day,
is not your end.
but in truth it is,
innocence lost,
a feeling of safeness,
never regained.

many souls,
were carried away,
because of,
this devastating act,
on one beautiful day.
the day lives on,
september eleven,
a day of pain,
a day of change,
my thoughts to those lost,
and to those who remain.
i was miles away from the events of that day and yet my heart aches for those who suffered through that day. have watched parts of several shows created and dedicated to those who lived, those who died and those who gave their lives to help others. the horrific events of that day can't be felt by those who weren't there no doubt, but some of those stories give you a glimpse into what was their reality that day. we are all forever changed.
loved how many of these pictures turned out of the pups.
for some reason both dogs were very cooperative. probably just worn out from the long drive. driving is exhausting for dogs for some reason. stress i guess.
i do have two of the best dogs. i've been quite lucky. i give myself some credit for hours spent training them. blossom is the best trained dog i've ever had. you learn more with each dog you have. she's pretty easy to train though, willing to please. rio i didn't work as hard on, mostly stuff that would help her cope with her blindness and allow her to live as full a life as a dog can. i think she'd done that so far.
she is sweet and beautiful.
blossom is sweet and adorable. she just makes me smile all the time.
could use a soak in the tub. tempting. that is one area that the kindle is probably not a good idea. water and electronics bad...
i suspect i'll skip the bath, take more ibuprofen and head to bed with the book.
finished the book about henrietta lacks and the hela cells. does open some interesting idea's about things we "donate" to science unbeknownst to us. i guess all my pap smears end up in a data base somewhere with some of my information for research. always interesting to see what legal actions related to cells and tissues are ongoing. thankfully times have changed somewhat since these cells were harvested. medicine is forever advancing and new legal issues arise with each new advancement.
back to today. as i waited for lena to arrive i popped up to check out the views at the glen alps parking lot. the alaska range was quite visible.
as was the big mountain and friends. i'm sure there were several tourists out there still taking in the views. i know we ran into several people out with their big cameras in search of moose in rut. it's still a few weeks early probably. we saw none out there.
this trail is very popular this time of year for that reason. it's a pretty easy walk to a great place to watch the bull moose in action. it is pretty cool and i'm sure i'll head up there with my camera in a bit to check it out.
snow up there looks like it's staying with us.
the dogs enjoyed taking a break in the creek before we headed back to the cars. it was enough for blossom i know. she's pretty sleepy tonight. we are both getting older.
can't beat the views on a day like today.
manny attempted to walk along the rocks, but quickly changed his mind. i wasn't quite quick enough. off i go...enjoy your day, but remember those lost and those who continue to battle against terrorism.

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