Friday, September 7, 2012

many still dealing with aftermath of wind storm.

life is getting back to normal in anchorage, but then again, not really. everywhere you go there are trees down and the sound of chain saws clearing up the mess. leaves are scattered everywhere as are branches and signs of damage. above is weeds in chicken. todays are again a mixture of chicken road trip and local tree damage.
should have stopped for this one. quite impressive but took it from the road.
these are all from baxter bog. i must say the one great thing about any natural event is that it can bring out the best in people. my neighbors have been willing and able to assist each other. a few of the guys worked on cutting up the trees at another neighbors place while he was at work. must have been great for him to return home to the bulk of the work being done. no doubt he was dreading the work that lay ahead all day at work. everyone seems to be friendlier this week. i 've spoken with neighbors that i must say haven't really noticed i existed before. it's good to know that in the event of a worse event my little hood will pull together.
people have headed out to trails to clear up the downed trees as well. one neighbor said over 30 trees lay on the trail in the bog wednesday...i walked easily around today. you could see lots of damage. a neighbor also offered to climb up on my roof and work on it for me. i had already contacted the roofer and they showed up this morning, otherwise i planned to take him up on it if only to do a temporary cover to the damaged area. sounds like an easy fix for my roof, around $300 which should be fixed within a few days. my deductible is $500 so a small loss i can cope with. my roof will need to be totally replaced due to aging in the near future. spoke to the guy across the street as he worked on his felled trees'. sounds like if i just have my half done it will cost about $7,000.00 if my connected neighbor and i get both our roofs done together it will cost a total of $10,000.00 so "just" $5000.oo each. ran into her and mentioned it. perhaps we can plan on that within a few years so we both can try to plan financially for it. our roof looks so sad next to the ones that are freshly done in the hood. all the houses are coming due for roofs now.
nice to see people helping each other out though. it does make one hopeful. alaskan's are quite resourceful which is another thing i like. makes me evaluate what i could do to be a better neighbor as well. over 2000 homes in anchorage alone are still without power. lots of generator sales. this storm has been a good reminder of how we should all do more to prepare for a catastrophe. we have a lot of potential for one up here. i grabbed a few big bottles of water and think i will stock up on those slowly. luckily, i have the flashlights. i try to keep ahead on dog food as well just in case. am thinking it wouldn't be a bad idea to purchase a generator when that permanent fund check arrives. those have come in handy for many of my friends. this morning at work is seemed that almost 1/3 of those there were still without power.
easier for blossom to navigate all the branches and leaves than rio. my sleep was disturbed by the roofer guy, had to wake up for that. didn't want to miss my opportunity.
had hoped to hit the pool, but i was sleepy and snuggle up on the couch with rio for a nap instead. will have to make some winter goals for on my book, swim more and declutter are always good goals.
work was pretty steady last night. i had an orientee with me and a rather sad and sick baby. have no idea if she is still with us. they may have stopped treatment due to widespread brain damage. my heart goes out to the family. some days the job is emotionally tough. there are some cases that you can't fix and all you can do is try and help the family cope with the pain that will envelop them.
some parts of nursing just never seem to make it onto the television drama's. like who knew how forceful poop can be expelled from a rectum. we all got hit and the poor stuffed animals at the foot of the crib didn't stand a chance. life goes on though, you wipe yourself off, ignore the odors coming from your scrubs and eventually you forget about the poop that has become a part of you. in the big picture none of it mattered.
these are back on the denali highway. so pretty. the day just got more and more beautiful.
i guess this is actually in cantwell. i gassed up the car and then stopped in this large lot to feed the dogs and let them stretch their legs.
snapped this as i hit the pavement on the cantwell side of the denali highway. i was so excited to finally get off the dirt road. it was a lot of driving! still debating a short trek out to valdez or homer. not sure. may just do some local hikes. it was pointed out to me that it is september and it's time for monday walks to start. when did september happen??
the snow seems to be collecting on the mountains. snow has already fallen in denali national park. that road lottery may get snowed out this year. if the snow comes the road will close.
we seem to be on a crash coarse to winter.
but there is still some fall left for us to enjoy.
the colours are always amazing this time of year.
no newspaper wednesday so they delivered both the wednesday and thursday paper yesterday. yes, i still enjoy an actual paper. felt strange to not have it that morning.
wednesday i was out on peds. pretty easy night. i always think i'm forgetting stuff out there.
the big bridge crossing on the denali highway.
always have to get a photo of it from the hill coming down.

some leftover fireweed.
road seemed a bit worse than i remembered it, but then i was tired after that drive.
it's always such a beautiful drive!
still have more pictures from the better camera from chicken to share. may have to cruise around looking for whatever tree damage i can find.
not sure what the weather is expected to do yet. one friend wanted to try to head up to hidden lakes. trailhead is always packed on the weekends, we'll see.
it's a beautiful hike and i would like to get a few good walks under me before the winter takes over the place.
bought a braid book. see if i can change up my hair a bit more before i lop it off.
off to bed, maybe a movie, maybe not. got a few netflix movies in today. nighty night.

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