Wednesday, September 19, 2012

mother nature altered my plans...

blossom on the deck. she was out there many times today. the wind picked up again today mixed with some rain. i did walk the dogs, but it was rather blustery on the walk and pretty wet. i think they were happy to get out, but also happy to get home.
so i tossed a few more pictures in from my last roadie to chicken and the denali highway. these were from the campground the first night.
i'm always a sucker for a good reflection shot.
i did get a few things accomplished today though it didn't really feel like it. mid day i got an annoying headache so i had to lay low trying to get it under control. my neck muscles are still all tense. my headaches generally come from tense muscles on my neck, shoulders, under the blades...they work their way up and land as a headache.
these swans were on the lake at the campground as well.
i went out in the back yard for a bit today, yard work in the wind. was able to get some of the fall stuff done, deck chairs are now stowed in the shed...hope the wind doesn't blow that down. it seems pretty solid, but there are some big trees behind it that could always come down.
just noticed that the little fence out front that just divides property is down. it' been bending pretty impressively with all these wind storms, it really was a matter of time. i was amazed it lasted as long as it did. it would fold almost to the ground and back up it would it lays there sadly on the ground. my neighbor is pretty handy, i suspect he'll get it back up pretty easily. the little fence has had it rough. i heard before i moved in here the first section was clipped off by a drunk driver.
more reflections i guess.
chatted with my friend natalie for a bit...always enjoy our chats. worked with her at eagle rock emergency pet clinic so i've known her for years.
random rainbow on the road.
this evening i actually got that baby quilt made. there is a picture in here so hopefully amy doesn't spy it before the shower this week. probably shouldn't have posted it. i think she'll like it. i'm actually not that neurotic so if she sees it early i doubt it will make the gift less appreciated.
there was a few curse words uttered in the sewing process. i attempted to use the machine. sewing machines and i just have issues. a few needles broke, maybe 3 so after one side was done by machine, i gave it up. i lit a fire in the fireplace, put the iphone on shuffle for calming music and just sewed the rest by hand. probably took just as long, maybe a bit longer, but it was much more pleasant and relaxing without the dreaded machine. hopefully it's not too obvious that the one side is done on machine and the rest isn't. if i was a perfectionist i would have ripped out the one side and made them all match.
luckily, i'm not a perfectionist.
matanuska glacier.
i find that goal of perfectionism way too stressful. growing up it seemed like all these people were perfect and i felt like such a failure. then one day you realize they are all only acting like they are perfect and many of them have these horrible crumbling lives that they just make look all pretty.
not sure what this bird is. can't say that i recognize it. will need to look in the bird book it was flying around at the matanuska glacier lookout/campground area. not sure i got a good enough photo of it to figure it out though.
a few "family" photo's in chicken. the dogs were more cooperative for the shots that didn't include me
still gotta try.
hopefully the weather is a bit better tomorrow and i can get the dogs out for a pleasant walk again. maybe kincaid, it's been a few days.
from the denali highway. must have been near the maclaren summit. the sun came out a bit and it was quite lovely.
you can see for miles.
here is my project for the night. loved the cute!!
lastly, i ran out and snapped a shot of the fence issue. the wind does seem to have settled a bit. the lights flickered a few times, but never went out.
off to bed. i have another 2 nights, then off for my stretch. first monday walk next week. hope everyone is enjoying. i see people read, but nobody has commented for quite some time. anyone out there?

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