Monday, September 24, 2012

walks, a sinus bug and a baby shower

still really hating this new format.  it makes loading of photo's a pain.

 did manage to make the picture i wanted first, first, but now it's glued with the second picture and i can't seem to unglue it.  so annoying.  there is also still no way found to turn pictures if they post sideways.  this wasn't an issue before. i  like to take some photo's with the camera turned for a different effect and it annoys me that those pictures now just can't be shared.
 was hoping those issues would have been resolved in the months that this new format has been out there.  the first pictures are from yesterday.  i  was feeling sick and  weak and tired. i think we walked only 3 miles but i felt every footstep.  feel a bit better today.  hoping i can avoid the worst of it.  still sleepy and snotty.  it was more wet looking out there.  dragged the dogs around the bog.  that seemed to wear both rio and i out.
 i had "hoarders" on in the back ground as i got my lunch ready so that led to me starting to work my way through my somewhat useless wardrobe.  i have way too many old clothes that don't fit anymore and not only do they not fit me, they would not fit my lifestyle even if they fit me.  so now i have 3 bags ready for donation.  hopefully, i can continue to purge some of my old clothes and then do some shopping for things that will be more practical.  it should at least help me avoid the whole pulling out clothes then discovering they don't fit.  more depressing that way.  better to just get them out.  everyone was laughing at the shower as i told them i have previously not labeled these small sized clothes  my "skinny" clothes, i always just called them my "cancer" pants. i figured i'd hang onto them in case i ever got cancer and was too sick to buy smaller sized pants, figuring i'd lose weight for sure if i had cancer.  i still held onto some that are a smidgee too small.  just in case, but i did well purging today.
 those shows are frightening....and inspirational.  i always clean out something after watching one.  of course many of those people are seemingly normal folks who just are lonely and disappointed with their lives.  i'm really not either of those things, but i know the sort.  believe me, there are a few relatives i worry about becoming hoarders at some point.  i do have my share of piles and crap, but  i do have a need to purge every so often like i did today.  still have more purging to do.  that closet is in need of a clearing out.  it's mind boggling to see people in those shows climbing agily around their mounds of crap, so overly attached to it all despite how clearly to the average eye the stuff is useless.
 i try to remind myself that even though i spent money on the stuff i used the stuff enough to have gotten my moneys worth, time for someone else to have it.  i'll have to call the arc or big brothers for a pick up.  rainy days are good for clearing out shit.
 i feel the worst for the animals in these hoarder houses.  i will just stick to my 2 dog/2 cat life.  that seems fairly managable.  it may not be when i get older though.  the one lady's house was being condemned and even when a crew came in and cleared out a good chunk of the stuff, it was still so damaged from all the crap that it was still going to be condemned.  feces and water damage.  eventually, the extra crap impacts the structure of the house.  wow!
 eventually, i stopped trying on pants and headed to amy's shower.  very nicely put together by tiffany and carrie.  ate, chatted and then watched the big gift opening.  lots of cute stuff.  she likes owls, amazing how much can be found for babies with owls on it.  my favorite picture was taken sideways so can't i put it on facebook.
 hit a crappy movie last night. it was a clint eastwood movie, "trouble with the curve". it was terrible.  i really thought i'd already taken a swig from my nyquil.  it was really just that bad.
 kitty, elizabeth and tawny above, gail and lena below.  nice mix of folks.  i'm not the best at indoor shots.  i know they'd come out better if i'd bring my big camera, but it always seems so invasive for these gatherings.
 people are quite imaginative with their gifts.  i think everyone liked the quilt i made, i think actually they were all shocked that i was capable of any sort of sewing.  i'm not really seen as the crafty type...and i'm not, at all.
 linda made this baby gift in the shape of a cute.
 more of those gathered. i really didn't take many pictures.  hopefully, someone else got some of it.
well, to the end of another post.  i'm still sad that i've been forced over to this new format. damn you blogger!!!!

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