Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Howling Wind!!

i'm headed for a nap as soon as i'm done with this post. the new blogger interface could show up any hoo. hopefully, the bugs are out. just had hassles posting pictures to it. we shall see, i shall eventually adapt. it may take a few swear words though. the wind picked up last night. it was pretty steady and powerful. up to 100mph at times.
hit university lake this afternoon. seemed a safe plan. wind spooks wildlife and i suspect there are some freaked out moose and bears after last night. the rogue ducks seem to have weathered the storm. many trees down at the lake, well everywhere. my trees withstood the powerful winds. many in the neighborhood did not though. i think i counted like 6 down in my hood. the ones at the lake were partially cut off already due to beavers in many cases so those were probably pretty easy to fell.
rio had fun working her way through the tree obstacles. i am surprised at how quickly people were up and out there chopping up trees. alaskans are so resourceful. it smells good.
not much sleep last night. i think the wind slowed slightly by 3 am. in the evening the lights flickered off and on repeatedly. close to midnight the whole area went black, which was actually kind of a relief for me. was more unnerving having the lights be so fickle. of course, at that point it was that much easier to see the huge flashes of lights when various transformers blew up. i had first thought it was lightening, but it was coming from ground level. i have a pretty long view and the transformers blew through the night. that is quite unnerving too. no big fires started, just flames according to news, but at the time who knew what would happen.
my short fence out front was bending over at least45 degrees. totally shocked it's still standing. the pine tree out back was bending down onto the deck and back up, back onto deck, back up. was waiting for the big trees to snap, but they did pretty good. lots of limbs down and one limb looks like it nearly snapped off, but it's hanging there. the house shook with the power of the wind.
i could also hear the shingles rattling about up there. several were found out in the yard this morning. will have to get a claim in for insurance and get it all looked at. i know my roof is getting due for a total re-do, but was hoping to put it off a bit. that may not be possible, we'll see what insurance says. right now lots of loose and lost shingles and at least one section where i can see the plywood coming through. i can't see the back of the roof, too high. i am not a height person so no way i'm climbing up there.
if you look at the last post you will see this same tree a few days before the storm. i took a picture of the workings on it by the local beaver clan.
that is my rough looking roof.
the sound of power saws is heard everywhere today. i had my trusty flashlight on me. luckily i had just bought a few really good led lights on sale at fred meyers the other day. should load with water. the power was out like 12 hours. wasn't sure if it would be out for hours or days....the way those transponders were blowing up and lighting up the sky. it was impressive.
you can see termination dust on the chugach today. for those who don't live in snow country, termination dust is that first snow that dusts the mountains that indicates a termination of summer and a begining of fall/winter. it won't be long now. i think i heard a bunch of geese this morning, gathering and planning their exit no doubt.
i tried to keep myself occupied with reading, games on my phone, facebook interactions (though i knew this stuff was killing my battery, bad idea). my solar charger is sitting in the windowsill. eventually, i put on the ipod and drowned out the sounds of the wind a bit with five for fighting and the "once" soundtrack. admittably i was scared. that was some powerful wind! it didn't let up though after 2am it seemed to slow down in speed.
some trees in the hood down.
a few from the chicken trek. these are at macleron summit on the denali highway.
sounds like power went out at the hospital. much creepier there. eventually the flickering stopped there as well and they went on the back up generator. computers were an issue for charting. happy that i was home with the dogs and not trying to take care of patients last night. i have work again next two nights. hopefully, it's more peaceful.
me at macleron summit.
it's still stormy looking out there. blustery at this point, rain at times, but much more manageable storm.
my dogs thankfully stayed close to me last night. they were pretty much unimpressed by the weather. rio snored through the night as usual. blossom only was a bit perplexed when i leashed her to take her out for a potty break in the wind. then this morning she began barking at the felled trees. it was just something that didn't belong there. i hope the various neighborhood cats were safely stowed inside. not a good night to be outside.
was really beautiful at the summit. in paxson they had said the rumor was it cleared at that point and they were right. wow!
hopefully, last nights storm isn't an indicator of how our winter will be. i'm not a fan of wind!
the dogs enjoyed their day out at university lake. the cats seemed pretty unimpressed with last nights storm as well. hmm. obviously, the electricity was an issue last night which is why i'm doing the blog today.

blossom enjoys her ride. i saw my yakima shimmy in the wind, but it did ok as well. was worried some shit would fly off some other place and trash the car somehow. these are the days when i wish i had my car in the garage instead of the pool table. a tree landed on a friends yakima type box, probably trashed the box, but may have saved the car.
i thought the roads out denali way were a bit rougher than usual this year. lots of ruts.

the colours are changing fast here. i'm sure these colours have changed dramatically as well from when i was there. fall is fast and beautiful.
yesterday, i took a nice walk out at campbell airstrip. they finally opened the section of trail they've had closed off for months it seems. i opted to avoid rovers run as it was already getting a bit blustery. again...animals get spooked so i thought it best to stick with the more wide open trails.
had no idea what was in store, though i did run into a friend on the trail and she warned me of the 100 mph wind warnings for later. it got quite windy by 10 then it seemed to calm so i figured those forecasters were wrong again...
they so weren't wrong though and the winds picked up dramatically again.
we had a lovely walk before the winds started. i was going to swim, but the pool is still cool. it takes 35 hours to fill it and they seem to fill it with ice cold water so the heater takes several days to get it back up to a lovely comfortable temperature. i'm not like blossom in my tolerance for the cold. this warming process was no doubt hindered by a lack of electricity last night.
i am lucky though as there are still others out there who do not have power yet.
not many changes noted to the trail that was closed for so long. this new sign below and i think they just kinda graded the main trail a bit. my friend said they will be tougher on dogs off leash this winter. we shall see.
for today, i'm just happy that we are all okay, that i still have a roof over my head, even if it's a bit weak. off to nap.

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