Thursday, September 27, 2012

"sarahs key"

just watched a sad movie.  in school you learn the big stories of history, but it's the little stories that make it real.  have no idea if this was based on a true story, but i'm sure similar events played out repeatedly in that time.  the movie follows a modern day journalist who moves to paris with her husband.  she discovers some history about a family apartment that they are to reside in.  she follows the story to it's sad ending.  jews were taken from their homes in france, many never returned.  it was a good movie. i love a movie that keeps history alive and forces you ponder the thin line of peace we follow.  
i think we all hope that this is history that is never repeated, but history does repeat.  when and where and to whom is all that is in question.  my life has been relatively peaceful and safe.  i have never had to live through a war here.  it's very different watching events from afar.  so easy to keep yourself disconnected from it.  
my life is not over and one never knows when all will change.  it can happen very quickly.  times get troubled, people are convinced that those people or these people are the cause of all their troubles and it begins.  there are already troubled people out there who believe we, as a nation, are the cause of all their troubles.  just makes you think. each day is precious.  you must appreciate the life you have.  in those times, who will become your friend, who will be your enemy.  it's hard to know until that day. 
so many lives have been lost.  one must try to take a moment, from time to time at least, to remember them, each one individually.  people living and working and loving, just like me, only to become a victim of an anger that festers in every society.

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