Monday, September 17, 2012

walking with the leaves

rain and wind all weekend but i woke to some blue skies. after working 4 nights it was already getting a bit later in the day. headed to campbell airstrip for a nice slow loop. the fall colours are coming to life so i had fun and enjoyed.
a few from the other day. i must have slipped over to university lake. above is my new rain coat. i like it. i almost went with green...big surprise...but i was feeling wild and crazy!
work was rather busy my first few nights. i was beat up by morning. lots of blood products given. alcoholics and drug night three my patience was wearing thin. the drug addicts are just so manipulative and the lying is just annoying. made it through though. i'm paid to be nice. most the time i think that comes naturally, some days, my grand acting skills are called on.
got the 5th season of "the big bang". have't seen a few of these episodes. loving me some big bang!!
you put me on a stage or in front of a camera and i can barely speak, but at work, i am all over it with the acting. actually had fun joking with the alcoholic dude by night two. night three he had a tube and was more joking. oh well. most icu nurses prefer their patients vented and sedated. the call light can be so annoying.
will have to see what the weather does tomorrow. a day off to play. where to go? i still need to get my baby shower present made. i did get the cat litter changed and the floors vacuumed but after that my brain went into shut down mode. not much accomplished the rest of the day. will probably pay bills then crash.
with all the rain and being so wiped out from work this week i skipped dog walks two days this stretch. totally not like me. paid for it though as i think blossom gets a bit nuts when she doesn't get her walk in. had a mess to clean up when i got home the other day. hard to be mad at her. i do pay someone to stop by and let the dogs out, but that doesn't always guarantee all will be well. i think they also got into a container of those dry noodles. not something i eat really, i think i had unpacked it awhile back from a camp trip. it's like an emergency food item. guess the dogs thought it was an emergency.
the sun is going down earlier and earlier. it's so sad!! thought about heading over to potters to check on the swan situation, but by 8pm it was already getting dark. boo hoo!!
once solstice hits i will be smiling! overall the darkness is really just something i adapt to. your body can get more lazy in the winters and more active in summers. i have a cozy home to settle in at. one day i'll make it more cozy by remodeling the kitchen area. get all jealous over those remodel shows. surely there is a way to open up my kitchen area and get more storage and function in it. of course, the roof will have to be first on the list. a few more shingles noted on the ground after the wind yesterday.
out to campbell airstrip. the creek levels were way up due to all the rain we must have had while i was working. didn't have much time to look out windows. i had a sitter on the second night who is a nurse now...she used to be a pct there. she is really nice and her mom is a nurse i've worked with as well. it was helpful to have a nurse as my sitter though since i had so much blood product to give. 11 units one night, 12 the other. she was very sweet and impressed by how hard i worked that night. she was even more impressed in the morning when she realized that somehow through all of that i kept up with my charting and wouldn't be there a minute over time.
i am pretty organized. the computers can still annoy me. my friend kim at work can tell when i'm escalating in my frustration on the computers and she always tries to keep me from crashing. it's usually over silly stuff like how to order something or why i can't find the little doodad to add in pulse checks to my assessment. i am a bit like a machine at work but i don't tolerate glitches to my routine. i'm a freak in my own way just like we all are, or we all become.
when i was younger people were always telling me to get married cause as you get older you get set in your ways and won't be able to. i never thought it would happen to me, but we do all get a bit more set in our ways as we age. it's inevitable. not that we aren't capable of change at all, but it is a wee bit harder. mostly we just all get more quirky and just unaware of our bizarities. when you live alone though, there isn't anyone to inform you that you are a freak. good thing i at least have work so people can let me know i'm a freaker!
finally got draw something. so far, it's fun. i want to get some more cool colours. my actual drawing skills are limited. anyone want to play. i sometimes forget about interactive games for awhile though.
i'm not on my gadgets as much as some people. had a young parent last night that was either talking on her phone or texting, pretty much ignoring the two kids she had. sad really. the funny thing was that she was telling everyone she was talking with that i heard how hard she was trying to get the kids to sleep and they just weren't. ahhh...parenting at it's best.
took rio and blossom today. ran into a friend, always nice. lots of runners out there.
it's not that i don't love my dog rio, it's just that blossom is easier to get photo's of. rio is great to have along though. i believe i've grown used to her sniffing skills. she's pretty great at letting me know if there is a big animal out there. i've got a great crew of animals. still wanting some frogs to add to the family, but am not sure where i will put the aquarium yet. this really should force me to do some more purging of items. time for a good closet sweep. too much crap in there that i never wear.
i wear scrubs, hiking clothes, pj's (wait those are mostly old scrubs) all those clothes in my closet just collect dust. clothes can hold memories for you, people, places, size changes, times of your life. still...too much crap is never good. time to set up the drums again too. have been itching to play them. took them down to accomodate summer guests...summer is gone and so are the guests.
the trees are looking so beautiful out there. fall is my favorite in many ways.
though it seems to be moving fast through here. happy i escaped to chicken and denali that one weekend. haven't snuck away since then. may try to get out a bit and check out some colours my next stretch off. should also do some winter prep stuff.
seinfeld is coming up here to do a show. wouldn't have minded going. i'm such a fan of the show. i'm scheduled to work the day he performs. oh well. not meant to be.
some leaves just stand out from all the others.
i know a few people like that. they shine, but if you don't have an eye out you won't see how spectacular they are as they can get lost in the crowd.
in the midst of all the leaves down some just dazzle.
that last wind knocked out a lot.
a few shrooms still growing out there. i didn't see the mushrooms i kind of expected. not sure if the wind took em out or i just didn't hit my usual mushroom trails on the right days. i know i've hit the beach a few times this year.

we have such a huge variety, those and lichens.
love all the reds coming in now.
everything is going into shut down mode.
too lazy today to get the macro out. maybe tomorrow.
what sort of winter will it be. ice, wind, lots of snow, lots of frost, ice fogs...? each winter has it's own personality, all the seasons do really. i think people just think we have 6 months of snow, but it's much more complicated than that.
liked the grasses and this strong tree trunk
a few more stand out leaves.

blossom loved all the fresh puddles out on the trail. she takes advantage of them all.
feels like it's 3's just after midnight. very little sleep today though. my brain just recognizes the sunshine and blue skies and it makes the body get up and get moving.
perhaps i'll see what is up out at hatchers pass tomorrow? not sure yet. would be cool to get some pictures of the mines in the fall colours. haven't done that before. not sure if i'm too late or what out there yet. maybe i'll text sharon and see what's been happening colour wise out her end.
went a bit crazy taking pictures of the tree and leaf lined path. just so beautiful out there!!! fall, glorious fall!!!!

the dogs seem pretty oblivious to it all. maybe it's that whole colourblind thing. of course, in truth animals are probably way more in tune to the seasonal changes than we are.
lastly a cute picture of blossom and miss breezy chatterbug. blossom is resting her head on the that adorable or what??
well, my brain is a bit blitzed so not much to say...hope you enjoyed the pictures!!

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