Wednesday, September 12, 2012

long walk in wrong shoes=sore feet

day started out raining so there was some discussion about where to head to for a walk. it's easy to be lazy on a rainy day. we headed to jodphur, tanya, the dogs and i. rio stayed home. she'd had enough yesterday. i'll be forgiven by the morning i know. she is happily laying here behind me sleeping so i know i was never in danger of not being forgiven...the joy of dogdom! above is boddhi.
always strange how it can be cloudy and rainy in anchorage and yet...there is denali mountain in all her glory.
the dogs all had a blast out there on the beach. hard to imagine finding happier dogs.
turned out to be a beautiful day out there. not another soul on the beach but us. walking down an empty beach is always a favorite thing for me. so great to have discovered this little slice of heaven in my beloved city.
hard to tell, but this is indy chasing some sandpipers. absolutely joyous!!
the boys come running back from a romp in the inlet.
took loads of pictures of the dogs. they just seemed so happy.
little blips of fall colours all over.
the beaches were loaded with these tiny clam shells. makes one wonder if there are bigger clams to be had out there in the deep water...why all the tiny shells. they were awful cute though.
the grasses are all changing colours as well.
watching a netflix movie. thought maybe i'd seen it before but i don't think i have. it's called, "the switch" jennifer anniston. so far so good. can't go wrong with anniston. there are actually a few movies out there that look interesting. i may have to find a friend and check them out.
more shells. of course, while we were admiring these shells, indy had found something disgusting on the beach to roll in. he tried to get close to me at some point and it was rancid. tanya spent some time chucking rocks into the water before we left in an attempt to remove some of the gross matter from his coat. aren't dogs adorable!! hehe.
not sure what this plant is. must be capable of handling the usual intertidal changes. saw many of these out there as well. pretty high in the zone.
the moose obviously utilize this area as well. we saw no moose on the beach while we were there, but it would have been awesome. i was so hoping we'd see a nice bull moose surrounded by devils club or something. animals do not always cooperate with my photography requests...i don't know why.
boddhi makes his move down the grass of the beach. he's such a grand looking beast.
i took a lovely bath this evening and the decided to clean the tub since i was already there. i think i may have burned the lining of my nasal passages from the toxic fumes. i will reassert that housecleaning is dangerous and should be done minimally for safety reasons. i once broke my baby toe vacuuming, i make my point.
was planning on swimming and making a baby quilt today...neither happened. my feet were too sore after the walk. the shoes i wore are great for a shorter hike in the rain, but we didn't end up doing that short walk in the rain.
i thought these came out nicely of boddhi and indy.
first tanya and i met at jodphur, we headed out towards the beach view trail with intentions to cut back into the main loop. we got looped up on the bike trails somehow and got a wee bit disoriented. eventually, we found our way back to the back end of the big sand dune and at that point opted to not stop but to drive around and hike into the beach from the chalet.
really happy we did, but my poor feet paid for it.
this magpie seemed to enjoy entertaining the dogs. they chased it and it knew it could always get away from the boys. blossom showed no interest. she'd lost her tennis ball on part one of the walk though and was very unhappy to not have it on the beach. i really should always have an extra but we seem to be going through a lot of tennis balls this week. my supply is dwindling. can't take the squeaky ones out there.

ok...i was obviously obsessed with these. never bothered with changing any lenses out. we had a light rain for part of the walk.
was wearing my replacement rain pants which worked fine. after the walk i headed to rei. a friend had given me a gift card around my birthday which had remained hidden until recently in a cool book she had given me. i used that to buy a cute and girly rain coat. thanks amy! it's pretty bright, but i figure we could all use a happy rain coat on a cloudy day.
also only switched to black and white a few times.
random photo of blossom the other day in the yard. she was actually helping me cut up the branches. got it all cleaned up finally.
these next few are from the first part of the walk from today.
loved the huge, brightly coloured devils club leaves.
boddhi with his gentle leader. it has worked great for him.
we really do live in an amazing place. there were some trees down,nothing like what we found on yesterdays walk though.
just started reading the latest alaska magazine. they had a little article on our wood frogs. they stuff their cells with glucose and freeze solid over the winter. they are the only amphibian we have. not sure there are any other frogs that freeze like these guys do. they burrow under and freeze up, only to thaw in the spring and hop away. quite fascinating actually. you can't just toss them in a freezer, that will kill them, but slowly they build up the glucose in their cells in prep for freezing. pretty cool.
we were looking to see if there was a beach access from this area, but nope.
loved the grass colours though. the dogs both looked brilliant in them.
taking the back way up the sand dune. tanya gets a little help from the boys. blossom helped me a bit as well. it was fairly steep and sandy...imagine that!
these are on the way to the beach. the dogs have barreled ahead and are waiting for tanya and i to make our way down the somewhat steep slope.
so patient.
our first look...
the dogs took off for the water.
some americans were killed in libya the other day. they were talking about it on npr today. the ambassador from the us that was killed sounded like a great guy. he seemed to have been aware of what he was taking on, but really felt he could help the people of libya. i'm sure it was a sad day for many people in libya as well. i know there are many there who would love to see their nation more stable and safe.
someone put this heart out there...unless it just happened on it's own? i was thinking i'd make a rock dog face on the way back, but the tide had come in so this was all covered up.
i tried to walk out to a small patch of mud, but i had, again, the wrong shoes on.
that is the small patch there by boddhi actually.
tanya had the right shoes, some bogs.
we had to wait for the chase to pass by.
this whole area comes and goes with the tides.
have started reading a book, "the devil in the 7th pew"? at least i think that is it. not sure how far i'll get. have become annoyed with it already. the writer describes this family's life as idyllic and then after some psycho starts calling with threats they retrace to say well, this guy is mad about this and these guys could be mad about that. i also believe that actual book proof readers are much more careful than ebook proof readers. for some odd reason in this one chapter the numbers 3-10 show up in various paragraphs. 1 and two are skipped. very distracting. all in all, i will have to admit i do prefer a real book still.

more shells, but this was taking in a cool way.
liked these clumps on mud with grass on them.
this is where i got a good sniff of a rancid dog. indy jumped up to join me for my log photo op.
tanya took these for me.

blossom looks so always!
rei is a dangerous shop. did see some cute gloves/mittens on sale so i just had to buy those. a girl can never have too many. one always disappears or the laundry takes one out. i tend to meander through all the winter gear every few years and make donations. i've no doubt the homeless and less fortunate populations of anchorage could use winter clothes.
i am going to have to get back on a night schedule. i'm feeling sleepy and it's not even midnight...well almost but not quite.
indy got the most swim time in. blossom would have done more if she'd had a toy. she is just not that into sticks.

tanya with indy swimming in the background.
blossom takes a moment to pose for me.
on the walk back i could really feel some blisters coming on.
still pretty though.
these are a few again from our first walk. there was a bull moose, a female and a baby all grazing off trail. didn't have a good angle and with the rut right around the corner i wasn't going to push it. the velvet seems to have been rubbed off already in prep for the rut.
the rack looks more impressive with the velvet on.
well, guess i'll head off and watch the rest of the movie. will probably post more of those chicken pictures after i work for the next 4 nights.

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