Monday, October 22, 2012

a moose frenzie...

 this big handsome moose surely did much to slow down traffic.  he and his comrade across the street anyway.  the moose activity was entertaining just coming out of the park.  also had some sightings in the park as well.  it was another beautiful day and the dogs and i went to the beach.
 woke up early for some reason.  discovered that they had aired the show "legends of alaska" last night.  it was on the travel channel. i kept looking but hadn't seen it come up.  dang them for not letting me know.  last night could have been a good night to show it at the house and have a sasquatch party as planned.  dang travel channel...oh well.  see i'm already over it.  my little segment can be seen there still. i posted a link to it on my facebook page.
 thankfully, i didn't look like an idiot.  this was my biggest worry.  we shall see if the squatchers begin to contact me.  i think that is what they call themselves, people hunting for sasquatch.  my footprint aired.  a friend messaged me on facebook that he'd seen me and my dogs on the show.  hollywood does it's own take on things.  after they showed me re-inacting finding the footprint they went out in the woods looking in the area where i'd seen the footprint.  oddly, i never actually took them to the location that the footprint was found, we were just in kincaid park at the chalet.  the print was found on trails on the other side of the park. out of the jodphur trailhead.
 fun to have friends and family get a look at this little clip.  no money exchanged, just another life experience in my mind.  besides, i am no actress and i do not do well with a camera on me.  i think this would have been more stressful if i was being paid.  this way it was all on them.  it was their responsibility to get the story out of me and make it work.  with they would have done the reinactment portion first as that really helped me relax a bit and i tend to be shy around new people so being on the trails where i'm comfortable helped me to just be myself more.  it would have been easier to film the "interview after this".  as it was i felt stiff and uncomfortable standing there, stopping and restarting.  i knew the guy wanted me to make more of the story than there really was.  i was walking, i saw the footprints, found them to be odd, took a photo and didn't linger.
 more ice out there, but not the cool formations i've seen other places this week.  have had some great walks this week.  got some spice cupcakes made for the monday walk tomorrow.  hopefully, i'm not alone for the walk this week.  i need some social. the single thing sucks some today, when i had this kinda cool thing and really nobody to share it with.
 blossom had a great day out there.  we weren't the only folks out there, but it was a nice crowd.  the meet up group was out there so i ran into some friends, maureen and karen.  always fun.  they took a different route than the dogs and i took.  wonder if they saw as many moose as i did today.  it was kinda crazy.
 there are just a few cairns left from a few weeks back.  he must have built over 50 of em.  pretty wild.  many people seemed to be enjoying his hut and the few remaining cairns.
 i know i enjoyed the last few out there.  hopefully, i can run into him again doing his thing.  they do make for some cool photo ops.  i am never bored with taking pictures of stuff.
 probably some idiot went out there and knocked em over.
 there was ice forming on the water and when the tides change it settles on the mudflats and sand.  it was pretty amazing to me how this edge here was all squiggly.
 there are always cool patterns that emerge in the ice with the changing tides. the tide was slack i think when i arrived and was going out as i left.
 of course blossom went in and out of the water all afternoon.  i was playing with the cairn and her for pictures.
 i put her in the art on this one...she makes a cute rock, don't you think?
 3 bikers went by.  for me, biking on mud/sand and snow just seems like way too much work.
 i'll stick to walking.  there is actually a trail across below in the water that is accessible some parts of the year.  obviously not of late.
 more tree art.  love roots and stems and with the leaves gone you really take  note of the roots and wooded parts.
 this was the other moose across the street that was attracting so much attention from passing cars.  i saw a few police cars heading that direction as i drove away.  not sure if they were coming that direction to try and keep people moving or just happenstance.
 a few more moose from the trail.  saw this guy on the way in.  he was laying a ways off trail.   there was a family with 3 small kids settled under a tree eating snacks.  i let them know about the moose that was nearby.  they hadn't noticed him at all.  i think they were pretty excited though, they apparently just moved here 3 weeks ago.
 chatted with my brother jeff for a bit.  explained to him that the fish under ice in yesterdays blog were okay. for some reason he thought they had to come up for air...i explained the whole gill thing...and we had a good laugh.
 as i got on the beach i noticed this beauty having a snack himself.  behind him is mt foraker i believe.  denali was clearly visible today as well.  i could see it as i took a few more steps forward toward the water.  liked the photo below.
 blossom really blends into the scenery.
 the moose on the beach.
 there is denali.
 i figured this was all the moose i'd be seeing today....wrong!  you just never know up here what you may run into on any trail.
 no chips in the house...still strange to get used to. i've been better at grabbing a piece of fruit or some other snack.  not always as filling feeling though.  happy to make these simple changes and hoping they make a difference.  no pool today.  plan for mon/wed.  meeting friends to see a movie and they both kinda wanted the later movie.  works for me...pool beforehand.
 not sure how long this weather will hold. i really should try and get the tires changed over this week or next week.  at least load them so they are too annoying not to get changed over.
 isn't that design odd and below is pancake ice.  it will thicken in the arm over the next few months. cool looking.
 bright sunlight can make for kinda hazy pictures.  rio is still snoring away on the couch.  she had a great day though.  got compliments on her scaredy cat coat. soon she will need her thicker/heavier winter coats.  fall is the only time she wears this one.
 those facebook posts...a niece posted a political opinion stating that she didn't want to start up anything, but really, if you post anything like that you will have no way to protect yourself from comments and a battleground.  it's silly to expect otherwise really.  either you delete anyone who thinks differently than you do or you just don't post anything that is at all controversial...which this time of year is anything.  sadly after several heated posts (but frankly not as heated as some my siblings have engaged in) she came on to state that she just wanted to say what she wanted on her facebook page and have no battle...she wasn't changing her mind "no matter what".  this is what makes me a little sad.  really.  you've made up your mind not to change your mind.  i wouldn't be the person i am if i haven't been open to changing how i thought.  i battled it out at times, but often i came to see the other persons point of view and even adopt it myself at times.  if you just surround yourself with like minded people all the time you greatly diminish your ability to grow and become a better person in my mind.  nobody starts out having all the right answers to everything though most people start out believing they do.
 it's what you know and what you've been told by people you love and respect, but sometimes they are just wrong.  it's tough to admit and accept that, but it's the truth. becoming an adult means more than aging, getting married and raising babies. there are big questions out there, you better make sure you aren't missing something before you just give your life over to the safe and known.
 another kinda strange posting.  a fb friend had a baby then posted a picture of the baby latching on.  i'm not a nun, but i'm not sure i want to open my facebook up and see my friends babies suckling.  it's a beautiful thing in the right place and circumstances, not sure i'd post it on facebook.  it's not that i find it offensive, but it does seem like a personal thing.  some things just aren't meant for the general public at large...imho anyway.  hopefully i don't get blasted for that...and congrats on the safe delivery by the way. i do wish you all well.
 this big guy was a bit of a tricky one.  he was just a few feet off the bike trail as i came back up from the beach.  a few folks walked past without issue. i had two dogs and one of those was rio, who can catch a scent of a moose and head for it.  there is kindness out there as the second guy who passed said he'd walk past the moose with me and the dogs.  how nice was that.
 nice rack, right?
 these next several were also from the drive out of the park.  these two young moose were meandering down the road and would occasionally stop and spar, then walk some more.
 it was pretty fun to watch.  my memory card filled up or i would have had many more photo's no doubt.  i think i have enough.
 so cute to watch the young ones learning the ropes.
 of course, little is relative and these guys really aren't that little at all.
 the temperatures were cool too so their breathe was steamy.

 the one guy has already lost one of his antlers.
 compared to the other racks on those big bulls these are pretty sad looking,but you gotta start somewhere.

 so most of my moose action this year came out in kincaid not at powerline pass.  you got to wander around a  bit to see what is out there, but for those willing to walk a bit, this state had plenty to show you.

 enjoy the pictures...really not much to say.

off to watch a movie and hit the hay.  been a fun day with my tv debut and the moose.  the walk was lovely.  i really can't complain..though i occasionally do.

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