Sunday, October 21, 2012

full day and nothing done really..

 that is the life i live.  i can't really complain.  it was beautiful.  when it's amazing like today, you go outside, you stay outside and you enjoy outside.  okay, i pretty much do that every day.  i did get the dishwasher unloaded and loaded again.  that is worth something right?
 today i took the dogs out to eagle river nature center.  you do have to pay a day use fee there.  you can get an annual pass, but i really don't go that often so $5 bucks seems reasonable for entertainment.  they do lots of fun stuff there so perhaps i should get an annual pass so i can be in on the activities.  could lead to an actual social life.
 it was almost to clear for good photography in some ways.  that bright sun can make picture taking tough.
 lots of cool ice crystals out there, so i tried to see what was out there.  should have gotten the macro out perhaps, but i was chill walking and snapping a few pictures on occasion.  it really was an amazingly beautiful day.  chilly though.  our temps did get down pretty low.  anytime the sun dipped below the big mountains it got chilly as well.  there was a group out camping. brr...that doesn't look pleasant in tents.  a cabin with a wood burning stove, okay, tents.  no thank you.
 the trail was mostly snow covered.  less than an inch.  i didn't let blossom chase her tennis ball until the way back.  she was longing for it the first part.  she is sufficiently worn out however.  there is generally quite a few people on these trails, especially on the weekends.  it's also known for bear activity.  somehow your brain decides if you haven't had an issue coming in you most surely won't have one coming out.  no signs of bears though and back a ways on the trail i felt pretty okay with her off.  she did fabulous.  she always does.  lots of happy people out there, lots of dog petting.
 on the way back we ran into a group that included a blind human.  he seemed fairly youngish.  i think they all enjoyed meeting my blind dog. the guy was excited to have someone with the blindness in common.  he pet both dogs as did everyone in the group.  rio wore her scaredy cat coat, which was well recieved as well.
 just made a late dinner.  homemade chicken noodle soup. i had the leftover from the other day.  tasty.  with the cold air, it just seemed like a good idea.
 it's good for blossom to get some leash time.  training is never a bad thing.  i think even rio is kinda happy she went.  took a wee bit of coaxing this morning.
 there is a boardwalk section that had lots of ice formations and bubbles.  always cool.
 we just walked out to the camp area and back.  it was loaded with those boys and their leaders.  probably boy scouts. you get some nice views of the river.  my other camera probably would have taken better photo's of the area than my smaller one, but i get lazy and when it's cold who wants to bother with a lens change.  i was happy to get turned around again and back out in the sunshine. it felt so wonderful!!
 the girls obliged me with a shot.
 here is the river.  lots of ice already starting to form out there.  amazing how fast things change up here.
 a few days back there was a blip in the paper about a woman who defrauded the permanent fund.  collected for herself and her kids even though she was no longer living in alaska and didn't actully fit the criteria.  they usually really nail those people. the rules are more generous than i think they should be but everytime i've heard of someone getting caught, they get nailed.  it's just not a good idea.  as a citizen of alaska.  i hope she does get in big trouble!!!  hate when people cheat, everyone pays.
 blossom so wanted to go for a swim.  the ice at the edge of the river curtailed her, i did as well.
 here she is in a happier time.  free of her leash and chasing her beloved tennis ball.  of course, this tennis ball is busted at the seam so no bounce left.  it was frozen into the chuck it when i first pulled it out and it took me some time to crack it loose.  days like today, when it is cold, you can't leave the tennis ball in the chuck it too long between throws...the spit and moisture will rapidly freeze and the ball will get stuck.
 enjoying trees still. love the starkness of winter, there is a mystery and beauty about it.

 loved this one.
 the folks at eagle river seem to be big birders.  this looks quite welcoming.
 made it to the pool for my commonly done 40 lengths, or 20 laps.  always enjoy the dip.  reminds me i gotta get the frozen suit out of the gym bag.  i took off for the aces hockey game after my swim...thus leaving my wet suit in the car to freeze.  this is why it's also a wise plan not to do a bunch of activities before a swim and leave the bag in the car.  it ain't easy putting on a super cold swimsuit.
 love watching hockey.  they are still getting it together for the season. i think they have a few nhl players....a strike in the nhl?  that sounds familiar.  anyway.  they lost last night but won tonight.  the only goal was scored while i was there.  i didn't arrive until right after the first period.  the perk of being late is i got out of paying for parking or waiting in line.
 lots of folks like to watch the aces. there were over 5000 there tonight. the team does a lot of these jersey deals.  tonight the jerseys were cammo.  then the players sign them and they auction them off.  must be a good money maker.  the team seemed to do okay when the other team was on the powerplay, but when they were on the powerplay it was a bit painful.  shoot the puck already!!they seemed to just toss it back and forth.  on the last powerplay of the night the other team was not only short one guy, but 2 of the 4 left out there had no stick. shoot the puck!!  some nice saves and i was all happy...except i totally forgot to bring my cowbell.  boo hoo!
 zamboni and boomer! everyone loves a zamboni.  i mean just saying zamboni is great fun!!
 boomer has got some moves out there.  you can see the cammo jersey best on him.
 this is the perverted old lady in me, but i just love to watch those goaltenders warm up.  they are quite flexible.
 back to more pictures from the big camera. i did actually get it out a few times, just didn't bother changing lenses.  this is why i finally just bought a second camera body and sometimes i just carry two.
 the bubble formation in center really looks like a koala to me.  pretty cool looking.
 wanted to express gratitude to judge jack smith.  read in todays paper that he rejected a plea deal that would have only given this girl 1 year for a hit and run accident that killed a 28 year old.  anyone who hits anything should stop and see what they hit.  there is no excuse to take off as she did and that in itself should mean several years of prison time.  a man lost his life.  it sounds like she was probably texting. that really can be dangerous.  she told her friend she'd hit a dog.  the guy died shortly after getting to a hospital.  she was only 19 at the time of the accident. of course, the judgement part of me saw her photo in the paper in court wearing like a black top with cut outs on the shoulders.  more of a bar outfit that a court outfit.  what are people thinking sometimes.
 more bubbles.  i just love em!!
 a sea otter pup has been rescued in homer and is now at the sea life center.  the baby walrus is adapting well to life in new york city.

 i really should move to seward so i can volunteer at the sea life center.  i would have loved bottle feeding a baby walrus or sea cute is that!
 snapped photo's of two salmon i saw swimming around under the ice at eagle river.
 more crystals
 and more bubbles.
 not much human interaction of late.  really need to work on that.  human contact is good.  times change, people change...
 old abandoned wasp nest. these start to show up as the leaves drop off.  kinda cool looking up there on the branches.

 coming to the close of another day.  i'm exhausted from my day of hiking, swimming and watching hockey.  got no bites on hockey so i went alone.  was cool as that allowed me to get the swim in and show up to hockey after the first  period was over.  in general i don't mind doing stuff alone.  some days it sucks, other days i really could care less.  today, was an i don't give a crap mode, i just want to do what i want to do.
guess i shall head to bed.  another day another walk coming.  it never ends.

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  1. you go aunt!(from:Grayson)

    Aunt Betsy~ Grayson and I love looking at your pictures! The fox is Grayson's favorite and mine are the shots of walruses. Love you! ~Carly