Sunday, October 14, 2012

on call and hoping i can sleep

 good week so far.  i'm tired though.  my job is great in many ways, but it is also tiring at times.  i work hard. thankfully, walking and photography help me to seperate out the stress of work.  had long island medium on this afternoon, don't worry i did my 20 minutes of steps for my 2 hours  of veg out tv time!  anyway.  she talks to dead people. i'm with them when they die.  as strange as it sounds, it's an honor to be able to be there for people in one of the two most momentous moments of their lives.  we are born and we die.  a nurse, a doctor, we can make a huge difference in those times.
we had a lovely gift at work the other night.  it was my second night on, luckily as that first night was totally busy. it was another night of two vents and both patients being in isolation.  gowning and ungowning is exhausting!
anyway, on night two, all of us in anchorage were blessed with a special treat!  the northern lights made a grand appearance!!  the city lights of anchorage tend to lessen our views of the aurora, but they must have been some kinda powerful that night.  i could see the sheets of lights from my patients rooms.  spectacular.  went outside a few times to get a peek too. everyone seemed pretty excited.  that day i walked the bog and took these fun bubble pictures. everything is working towards freezing, but not quite there yet.
 blossom had fun slamming through the ice to the water below.  went out the next day and watched the ducks land and then walk on the pond.  it's getting pretty thick out there.  the next day we got a healthy dose of snow.  no matter how many times you walk the same trail, the view is constantly changing.
 more bubbles.
 last night was busy, but a controlled busy. i like work when i use my skills and i show myself i'm a rocking good nurse.  who knows if anyone else notices it, but it feels good to get  it all right and make the right choices for your patient.  they changed my assignment up.  in the end i was so happy to not have to gown up at all, it was so liberating.  put my patient on the oscillator vent.  it's used alot in neonates and pediatrics.  not so much in adults.  you are super sick if you get that vent.  it always looks prehistoric to me.  it's forces the alveoli open.  thing works sometimes.  it's pretty crazy vent stuff though.  rapid air is forced into the lungs.  breat rates are like 300/minute for adults.  you know you are an icu nurse when this stuff gets you all happy and excited.  the drama was there, but mad skills and a great team kept it from going to the dark side.  i always prefer deaths to be a planned event.
 have thought of that poor afghan girl who was shot for speaking out for girls education.  educated women are apparently terrifying to some.  i hope she is able to get through this intact and graduate college one day.  the taliban have already said they plan on finishing her off.  nice! a 14 year old with a bounty on her head.  what a world we live in.
 always love frost!
 i'm sure i have more to say, but i'll have to do another post tomorrow night when my brain is perhaps more able to function.  got my on call.  we shall see if i am able to stay home.  one never knows.
 this ice all turned to slush the next day.
 came home one morning and rio slept through my arrival.  i found it so funny...her snoring away as i greeted blossom.  she finally did wake up.  i didn't want to wake her.  dogs are such good sleepers!  they have such peace.
 well, just a quick note.  my last post was my 700th post.  crazy!  that's a lot of writing and picture taking.
good night all...

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