Tuesday, October 9, 2012

 some sun came out from time to time for the monday walk.  someone obviously was out there with their chain saw...thanks.  this looked like a butt to us.  seems like it would be a great sitting spot.  we discovered that there may be a path that's been made around the main trail that is under water.  we've been stubbornly not taking it, but may check it out next week.  i can be stubborn at times, that is probably no surprise to anyone who knows me.
 rio decided to stay home.  she was apparently too tired to hold up her massive head.  in this shot above, her butt is on the couch, her front legs are on the ground and her head rests on the coffee table.  silly dog! she was happy to lounge about.  of course, i tend to feel guilty having left her and this guilt can easily deride my swimming plans.  hate to turn around and leave her when i've been gone.  not that it takes much to deride my swimming plans of late.  i did get a few bits written on the book.  loaded what i had on this computer onto the laptop downstairs.  these transfer things always make me a wee bit nervous.  so far it seems to be working.  i think a goal of 10 bits a week will be good.  i will leave the details of what i am calling a bit out as it's probably best to keep my book idea under wraps for now.  just get it written and then see what happens from there.
 got a few appointments made today so i wasn't nearly as lazy as yesterday.  still extremely lazy compared to the average person out there i've no doubt.  i'd just call it extremely laid back really.  how vital is it to keep the dust bunnies at bay anyway.  are they going to rise up and revolt on me?  will i be attacked as i sleep by marauding hairballs? will those dirty dishes in the sink rattle in the wee hours and prevent me from sleeping?  i say no.  if there is a big quake then i would have wasted time cleaning them as all the crap will fly out of all the cupboards and break into tiny pieces...then i will have to take action.  this moment, this day, no worries.
 blossom looks awful small next to her malamute buddy, manny.  she was happy to see him.  karen and i were joined by lena for the walk today.  after the walk karen and i were joined by kim and her daughter at kaladi's.  i think her daughter was less than happy to join the old gals but eventually i think she actually enjoyed the chatter and even joined in on it.  some politics and religion issues were raised.  always fun!!
 there are some interesting quilt works up in the kaladi's. i don't recall seeing these up before. i'm sure they must have had art forms of some sort for sale, most coffee shops do.  one quilt in particular caught our eye.  it was an ovum with sperms working on entering. i didn't look closely, it was funny this old guy was holding a baby up to the quilt....the colours were fascinating to the little one, it was kinda funny though.  did he really know what the design was?  one has to wonder.  would look great in an ob's office i suppose or at a planned parenthood clinic.
 this is the trail we have stubbornly continued to travel, it is pretty and i know soon it will be frozen.
 the dogs have no issue going through the muck.
 ended up watching, "untamed heart" last night, an oldie but a goody.  always brings a little tear to the eyes...love the line, " i was good at loving him".  a few movies are great reminders to no judge others, you just never know what lies beneath the surface and what things that person has endured in their lives.  "spitfire grill" is another one like that.  classic tales that i love to watch over and over again.
 one of the appointments i made was to get this varicose vein checked out.  no more cellulitis but it still gets a bit sore and the leg gets more tired than it should.  i really hate to have anything slow down my beloved walking.  of course, the first appointment includes an ultrasound of the leg the price of that first visit was a bit shocking.  hopefully, insurance will cover most of it.  sound like our insurance is going to get more crappy next year.  it's annoying really.  people assume that if you work in healthcare you are taken care of and it's just not true.  i do not necessarily have better coverage than anyone else.  seems like it shouldn't be that way.  
 so this month i get to have a cavity filled, my boobs re-squished and my leg ultrasounded.  we should all be on maintenence schedules like our cars.  we don't come with a care plan though.
 a small crew out for the monday walk, but still a lovely time was had by all.
 it is different everytime you walk the woods even if you walk the same trails over and over.  it's always amazing to me.
 one moose visitor that we say.  a ways off.  manny caught it's scent.  we passed by easily.
 blossom and miss breezy chatterbug enjoy a snuggle by the fire.  blossom really could care less what the cat does, but she is tolerant of her snuggling.
to the end of another note.  off to bed.  long day tomorrow.  gotta do computer training for work, get my weight, blood pressure and cholesterol checked at work.  hope i pass my little tests.  good night.

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  1. So curious about the book idea. Glad it's going well so far!