Saturday, October 6, 2012

back to rain...

 pfd's have arrived, the rain was pouring all day so i did what many alaskans did...i shopped! went to mammo showed some i've got to go back for more xrays and possibly an ultrasound.  not really worried, but retail therapy is always good for taking your mind off of stuff.  so my breasts have some new tops at a discounted price!  pants and skirt shopping was less successful.  it's long been known to me that clothes are not designed for people who have hips and smaller waists.  admittedly, my waist could be a bit smaller.
 not my best hiking summer.  will have to rededicate myself to more strenuous activity. between weather, the cellulitis and trips there just never seemed to be time or opportunity.  i am eating a tasty snack of sliced pear and bits of white cheddar cheese.  my latest obsession.  earlier today it was the same but with a tasty honeycrisp apple.
 i got off early wednesday at 1am.  i convinced charge that i wasn't needed. i mean 5 nurses for 4 patients does seem like overkill. two were orienting, but still think of the money i saved the company.  it's always great to get a surprise half shift off.  last night i made up for my sweet short evening by getting floated down to the adult intensive care and i worked.  that happens.  it's usual. i always enjoy the slower days as they are usually equaled by super busy days. i have to remind myself some days that it's just 12 hours.  i took that whole being a patient advocate thing to heart in nursing school and i can be a bit stubborn.  in the end, you have to put stuff in perspective and move on.
 my walks the past days have included a jaunt out campbell airstrip, a trek to the dog park and today an extremely wet walk over to a park near here with a par course that i rarely meander in.  i was going to hit the bog, but was warned by a neighbor of some loose dogs...pit bulls i was told.
 then i went online and looked at bumper stickers.  my yakima isn't full enough yet.  there were some good ones.  probably should clear out the summer gear from there and load the ski's.  not quite time yet.
 they apparently did locate the baby that was taken by it's parents from the hospital.  sounds like there was drug use involved from what the paper said.  in my opinion if you take drugs during your 9 months of pregnancy you've pretty much already shown you are an unfit parent, but the truth is people generally get there kids back to screw up over and over.
 i always get obsessed with the local larch trees.  one of the few deciduous conifers.  just kinda cool to see needles change colours.
 one of them fell over in the wind storm.  it's still going through the process.
 big brothers-big sisters was supposed to pick up stuff from my place today.  i put it all out there this morning,but they never came.  i realized later that they never did the call the night before thing.  hope the clothes aren't all saturated. i had a blonde moment the other day at the supermarket.  i took my keys out for the checker to scan, but when i got to my car i couldn't find them.  i was sure the checker hadn't returned them to me and went back in.  turns out they were in one of my inner layer pockets.  this time of year you add layers and the number of pockets one has increases.  it can become a bit of a cluster.  so i was a bit embarrassed.  the people in line who suggested that i check my other pockets were laughing at me as we headed to our cars.  at least i can laugh along with people laughing at me.
 i'm obviously not the only one concerned about the domestic ducks a the lake.  i called the bird rescue and we had a lovely chat.  apparently people have attempted to lure the ducks for capture.  the ducks come over easily for the tasty tidbits, but as soon as the nets come out they rapidly head out to the center of the lake.  she passed my email off to someone who is trying to plan a rescue for these ducks.  then i saw this note up the other day.  hopefully, the ducks find a proper home before winter comes and they perish.  i guess 3 other domestic white ducks were dropped off at cuddy park as well.  2 of those have since been rescued.
 today's wet walk.  i moose popped out from the park while we walked up patterson.  ears back and annoyed looking, i moved along quickly.
 some early morning neighborhood visitors.  still kinda dark and i was a bit tired so i didn't get any good pictures, but moose do wander around town.
seem to have acquired a bit of a rash at my hairline.  i had a co-worker take a look.  she saw no indicators of a lice infestation...thank god.  of course, then i worried that there was a spider in the bed with me last night and i'd been bitten.  i changed all the sheets out when i got home. of course, when i woke up later i saw the irony of the fact that the fleece blanket i'd selected was a halloween blanket covered with spiders.  i really should head to bed.  hopefully, no spiders, no lice....

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