Saturday, October 20, 2012

on the lamb...i mean duck....

 these two have so far elluded capture.  they are friendly enough apparently, enjoy getting a free meal when they can, but they also can swim very fast.  obviously not thrilled to return to their previous domestic lives.  amy and i wish they could find a winter home and then chill with the wild ducks in the summers.  they just seem so happy.  oh well.  they did make the local news tonight on ktuu.  there are many trying to rescue them from the impending winters doom.  they can't fly and soon the lake will freeze...maybe tonight at these tempertures.
 have had some mixed luck with getting more ice bubbles shots.  people seem to like them. i have fun looking for new stuff to photograph so i'll see what i can find out there as we freeze up.this was the bog.  the other day i had a dental appointment for a cavity fill so beforehand i took the dogs on a loop in the bog, after we hit the dog park.  ran into some friends but i was in drool mode still. too numb to speak with any clarity.  such a lovely feeling. later i worked my way through a subway sandwich.  not easy when half your mouth is not working quite right.  my chin is permanently numb anyway from a previous dental procedure.
 i consider myself lucky though, first it was numb and then for like 6 months it was prickly, like when your foot falls asleep and is in that painful waking up state.  it got all prickly when i spoke or ate or the wind blew on it.  i guess for some people this sensation never goes away.  i also read at the time that some people get this with their tongues.  i can't imagine how miserable that would be.
 these are at the lake.  it's turning into beautiful weather.  of course that also means low temperatures.  we are supposed to get down to single digits.  reminds me, i should have brought those water jugs in from the car.  may have to run out there before i crash for the night.
 one of many folks i'm sure trying to make sure the ducks are taken care of until they get captured.  of course, blossom was quite interested in the happenings and what food might be available for her to eat.  the ducks are pretty used to dogs at this lake as you can tell.
 worked two nights and now i'm off for my stretch.  this weather is supposed to hold a bit..yeah!
 work was good.  had good helpful.  our population is very diverse here in anchorage.  i guess almost 150 languages are spoken in our school system.  for a city of less than 300,000 that seems impressive.  i do not speak somali, but we got along mostly and there are cool translation phones available. lots of smiles, nods and pointing.  pantomine  should be taught in training.
 more bubbles.
 not nearly as nice as the other day.  water is an amazing thing with how it changes and entertains.  it can also be amazingly devastating.
 played a little pool this evening.  don't do it as often as i like, but it sure is relaxing.  when i play i can remember all the little lessons my dad taught me about lining up the balls for a shot, how to hold the stick, how to rack up the balls and the rules of the game.  i think he really enjoyed playing pool.  too bad he didn't have enough time to just stop and chill with us.  we played quite a lot growing up.  we got the table for christmas one year if i remember right.  it was a used table.  nice though, slate.  mine is slate as well.  dad taught me the value of a good slate table as well.  ours had a automatic ball collection system.  the one i have doesn't.   i think it was nearly $350 more for that feature.  no biggie. ours had green felt, i went with red. bought it at sears.  then you have to pay someone to set it up.  a spendy toy, but worth it.
 today i headed out to the potter to mchugh trail.  i tend to do this trail more in the spring and fall.
 no sightings of bears or moose today.  beautiful day out there again.  it was just so relaxing and enjoyable.  blossom chased her tennis ball and rio went along with us, despite how difficult a trail it can be for her...loads of nasty roots for her to trip on.  there were a few trees still hanging onto their leaves.
 most of them are bare though.
 wasted some time watching tv while i ate dinner and did i paid it back in time on the stair stepper.  the added bonus of that is when it starts to get chillier the stair stepper is a good way to reheat.
 not sure where i'll head tomorrow.  was thinking perhaps out to eagle river.  always a nice walk.
 nice views today of the mountains and below sleeping lady.
 this trail is connected to other sections so you can hike a few miles or more like 10 if you want.  we went probably a total of about 4 miles today.  dogs are beat.  i'm a bit beat too.  when the sunshines in my room it gets toasty and it's hard for me to stay asleep.  my body just knows and i gotta get out there.
 view area.  several folks just walk to here for the view and back.
 i was having fun with the trees today.  i get stuff in my head and then i take several pictures and see what i like.
 this big old tree must have fallen in our wind storms.  looked pretty impressive.  i love old trees like this.

 there were bigger ones still standing.  i have always loved the bark on these.
 few berries left. i think these are not good ones. i didn't try em.  i only eat what i know is okay. these are a no i think.
 more tree experimentation.

 and again with the ice.  just me and the girls so i tend to slow down and seek out little photo ops.  blossom is chill with all the stops as long as the tennis ball gets action and rio will never complain about a break.
 ice is getting thick in all the tiny creeks along the trail.

 blossom seems just as happy as i was to be out there enjoying the sunshine.  dang it felt great!
 see i did got a bit crazy with the trees but i thought it looked cool with the sunshine backlight.

 also got my stuff in for next years insurance plan.  guess they are changing it up.  called and set it up so that they will check both my legs.   it's probably being in the business, but it's easy to get yourself concerned over stuff when you see people who were seemingly as healthy as you die.  people my age stroke out, through emboli.  it's scarey stuff.  i'd like to avoid it.  i want to stay healthy forever and it is frustrating that our bodies have to age, but i still am happy for every day i have to enjoy scenery like this.  it's a good life.
 more ice.
 i'm sure i should have some brilliant comments to make today, but i suspect i will soon be snuggled in bed with my magazines. i still enjoy holding a magazine or newspaper.  that may change when i get some sort of tablet one day. my kindle is an old one, so just black and white.  magazines like national geo and alaska have photography and merits a media that allows you to enjoy it to the fullest.
 more from the other day at university lake with my other camera.
 i really do appreciate the kindness of the other humans that share this earth with me.  just nice that people go out of their way to help a few ducks.  we all have things that we feel connected to and its good when people take that a step further and make it better somehow because they were there. thanks to the duck feeders out there and everyone else who does those small, seemingly unnoticed things to improve life for all.  we don't all have loads of cash to throw at causes but it's great when we all just do a little something. the smallest of things make a huge impact.
 had a lovely swan sighting at the lake too.  a group of about 8 were flying around.  tried to snap off a few photo's. not sure how successful i was, but fun to watch them.  a few landed on the lake but quickly took off again. all the birds are headed south.  well not the ravens or the magpies. didn't see any swans as i headed to the trail today.  saw maybe 4 out there as i came back.  they were walking on the frozen bits out there so i doubt they will stick around here long.
 have done good this week.  no soda pop.  no bags of chips in the house.  have instead snacked on healthier stuff...well, there is still chocolate in the house.  not ready to cut that out yet.  it's a bit harder to stay awake in the wee hours without the little caffeine hit so i did buy some green tea.  it's berry/pomegranet flavored or something, hopefully it;s good.
 the other duck.  bert and ernie i call them.
 should send some money to public tv or radio or something...if romney gets elected big bird may be hanging out at university lake looking for handsouts with these guys.  haha.
 started to write a bit on the book this evening, but my brain went to seed so i had to stop.  will have to pick it up tomorrow.  want to try for a swim and then the hockey game.  that is the plan anyway.
 will have to make it happen.  i do enjoy the occasional hockey game.
haven't had much luck getting friends to join me for hockey.  oh well.  i'm not opposed to going alone.  good night.  hopefully, i can have more stimulating writing tomorrow night...or not.  enjoy the pictures anyway.  :-) by the way that is a muskrat from the lake the same day.

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