Thursday, October 25, 2012

argo...great movie

 i was anxious for much of it.  despite knowing the ending, i was still very anxious.  of course, in my heightened state of venous anxiety i was sure that i was about to burst an aneurysm.  surely that was the cause of all my symptoms.  it was anxiety. i just don't do well with these stressful flicks.
loved picture above for some reason.  almost like a flower the rock in the creek with the ice around it.  took the girls out campbell airstrip for a loop.  took me awhile to relax...those poor dogs have to put up with me. obviously i don't cope well with medical issues. i see myself as quite healthy so it's quite the disturbance of my mental force to think i'm not all okay.
 it does occur to me that if you were to do an ultrasound like was done on me on other people who work on their feet, they would have venous insufficiency by this age as well. not everyone gets scanned.  i read some stats on the internet that 50-55% of women of a certain age do have venous issues, yet only 20-25% of them will have visible varicosities.  probably even fewer of those will go in and get an actual ultrasound done.  i had the issue with the thrombophlebitis which prompted me to go in.  still freaks me out.
 another beautiful day out there.  can't complain.  it was 15 degrees when i left the theater tonight.  kim joined me.  very good flick. amazing how much has changed since that occurred, still unrest in the middle east.  that rescue couldn't have occurred these days.. internet and cell phones would have transferred information too rapidly.  was quite the strange plan, but thank god it worked and thanks to canada for graciously taking credit.
 actually went on a few dates with a guy in south dakota when i lived there.  he'd been one of the hostages taken and held for over 400 days.  he was in rapid city reading meters for the electric company. obviously, not the job he was doing when in iran.  it wasn't a topic he was up for discussing.  it was clear that they were terrorized while held a great deal.  lots of guns to the head, shots fired, but no bullets.  can't imagine what that would do to you.  before i left for alaska i ran into him and he said he had actually accepted a position and was heading back to the middle east.  yikes.
 many people out there way braver than i am. i have an amazingly easy life and i am forever grateful for the peace and ease that i am allowed to live in.  myself and my dogs live better than a good percentage of earths citizens.  the world isn't a fair place.  does feel silly complaining about anything considering the lives others live.  overall, i have very good health. i have options. i have choices.  i have rights.
 that guy that went into iran to assist with this rescue went on a suicide mission.  not many out there brave enough and courageous enough to put themselves that far out there for 6 strangers.  it really is a moving tale.
 my flower rock from a different angle.
 got my hose.  they are spendy.  will buy more as i can't wear just these two pair the entire 3 months, plus.  looked like there were more on amazon.  will check back on those.  they were cheaper.  hopefully, i can get reimbursed for these that i bought.
 managed a swim today before meeting kim for the flick.  have been just doing 40-50 lengths.  manageable.
 the clot probably formed on the terrorizing boat trip back from round island i think.  held on tight and really didn't move at all, couldn't.  that trek took 2 hours.  no regrets.   it all happens for a reason.  i try to remind myself the worst of it is past and i wasn't really aware of it at the time.  from what i keep reading it's rare to have a major complication from a thrombus in these more superficial vessels.  i'm telling myself all kinds of stuff to ease my worry.
 bear bread.
 do recommend that movie.  what a crazy idea...i know if i'd been at a desk when that idea came out i would have rolled my eyes and said no way.
 back to reading about womens cancer issues for me ce credits.  it's that time...get er done.
the bed calls me. tomorrow will be first day in stockings.  wish me luck.  am hoping they help just make my legs happier.

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