Tuesday, October 29, 2013

soggy monday walk...but we had fun anyway!!

 missing a few of the regulars, thankfully i found a few willing participants.  we had fun despite the mostly wet conditions.  it slowed to a sprinkle for a few minutes so i suggested we take a few photo's.  i'd given out little halloween gift bags with funky glasses and mustaches...!!
 when i woke up i was sure that i would be walking alone.  the weather looked pretty dismal out there.  the last part the rain came down pretty hard.  the forecast was rain, heavy at times...and it was right.
 rio didn't budge from her spot on the couch and blossom is pretty tuckered out i think.  she does tire a bit more after these walks...my poor girl.  i'm so not ready for her to age at all.  it's just so not fair.
 she's so cooperative....hehe!
 leo was less than happy with this eye wear idea, but i was able to get a quick shot off.
 the coffee house was packed but we found a space and everyone snacked on the tidbits...lots of food. i brought brownies, sandra made cookies out of pumpkin of all things and flo had leftovers from her party to share.
 more fun with eye wear at kaladi's.
 sandra joined us there.
 i couldn't leave rio out of the celebration despite her staying home on her beloved couch.
 spent the rest of the afternoon paying the bills and then i went shopping...what else to do on a rainy day.  though the rain subsided a bit, the wind came and eventually there were some blue skies even.
 my tv has been slowly dying for some time. they just don't last like they used to.  i'd researched to see what tv's people were happiest with and i went with a samsung that was on sale.  i upgraded to a smart tv and a slightly larger one.  was going to have them come set it up, but there was a fee for that and it was pretty ridiculous.  so a smart tv and a not so smart owner...seems wrong.  it's up and i was able to set it up...well at least the basics.  i can see tv again and not just hear it and i even hooked up my netflix and watched a movie.  i went with the lorax as i knew it wouldn't be too long.  still lots to learn, but it was really fun to just select a movie and watch it!!  hurray!!
 these are the little gift bags i got together.
 this is actually the sunset reflected on a big puddle...i was out shopping, had just bought my tv and was headed to a few more shops.
 it was a beautiful sunset as you can see. i  saw a rainbow on the way over and this while i was out and about. i hit pet co so i could go to their rawhide bar for the dogs.  of course, i made my selection and the bag broke and my little rawhide treats scattered all over...this is why i prefer petsmart over pet co...nobody came to assist me or even notice.  petsmart is just so much better with customers from what i've seen....they just lack the rawhide bar so occasionally i stop by pet co.  it's pretty rare though.
 the dogs will be happy though.  will just avoid anything edible that is made in china...electronics maybe, but don't want to kill my puppies off for a few poorly made treats.  cheap isn't better...
 got this idea from a search on the internet.  may have a halloween party to attend this weekend...though i'm not sure it's really a costume party...another party i heard about is. hmm.  anyway.  i figured i'd give this a shot.  so i went to the craft store and bought paper and paints and i'm creating my paper doll halloween costume.  i think it's rather cute.  i'll have to put the tabs on the dress and then put a few slits in to string a ribbon through to tie it on me...and cut them out of course.  they are in the garage drying for the night.
 the paint has sparkles in it.  washable kids paints.  i figured i was better off with kids paints as i'm not crafty and i tend to be messy.
hopefully i have a party to wear my gown to.  hehe..  just a quick note and i'm off to bed.

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