Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Very Good Day!!

 WARIS had a good day...Round Island is funded for 2015 and possibly for 2016 as well.  The Sealife Center came through with some Zoos/Aquariums that are willing to help out.  will get an official WARIS note together to send out thanks.
 There was an article in the ADN today.  Donors step in to help keep walrus haulout on Round Island open to visitors
The Annenberg Foundation, the Alaska SeaLife Center, the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium of Tacoma, the...
not sure if that will link up.  we shall see.  anyway.  a combination of groups donated money so we are good right now.  work will continue to try and make permanent partners, encourage the state to bring back some funding as well and i'd love to get the Native Corporations involved as well. i think they will regret it if they don't.  
 good to be able to spread good news today for once!! have been emailing with the Sealife Center Director this evening.  she really came through for us.
 we had big skies today and i was a bit indecisive as to where to head with the pups.  ended up at Point Worzonoff, we walked the beach a bit and then the trails.  it was a slow walk and we stopped to watch the water or the planes...sat for a bit.  Rio was good with that.
 too beautiful not to get out and enjoy.  still tired and short of breath.  have my handy inhalers along though and take my time. back to the basics....this too shall pass .
 Rio is snoring behind i think she enjoyed her relaxing day.
 looks like i have to put in my schedule tomorrow for the early part of the summer.  then i'll see how i feel and what the day looks like.  in the evening there were signs of rain/snow mix.  the weather can change here pretty fast.
 maybe i'll be able to finally attempt that first swim back.  it really has helped the breathing in the past.
 strange in the mud there were these bubbling up bits.  like a worm.  not sure what that is.  mesmorizing though.
 napped this evening and then got the 990-N e postcard sent off for WARIS.  if you don't bring in much money with your non-profit you just file this card.  so it's off, we will see if that is enough or if i have to do more.  i also had to fill in some paperwork for the municipality of Anchorage saying we own nothing.  will have to get that in the post tomorrow.
 always great just sitting and watching planes take off. clearly i'm not alone with that as there are always other people there doing the same.
 even though it's Q's birthday, i got a package from him...Thanks Q!!  wasn't feeling perky or pretty today so i didn't take any pictures yet with my new's beautiful.  the other day when i ripped off one of those nose things that help you breathe...well it took some skin with it.
 Rio and Blossom enjoying the day out there.  a few folks were probably not enjoying their day as much out there...this police car kept pulling folks over.  while i sat there i think he nabbed 4 cars for tickets.

 this one loaded sideways....but look how happy Blossom looks!!
 the sky was just incredible.
 lots of positive comments which was nice.  i'm really not sure how much of a difference my work made on this, but it's good to hear that others think WARIS did have a positive impact.  i feel bad that i couldn't raise the money myself.  the pen is mighty though and i did get the article out there and the petition...i think those both helped. i'd like to think my phone calls with the director of the sealife center also were helpful.  i still have this quote sitting here on my desk..saw it as i was deciding whether to move forward on this crazy idea to create a friends group.
 "work begins when the fear of doing nothing at all finally trumps the terror of doing it badly".  Alain De Botton.  there is much truth in this quote i think.  my friend Scott had said that i couldn't make the situation worse.  that was also true.  it was worthy of an effort though and if anything we did actually helped than i am both happy and proud.  so often we talk of doing things and don't do's pretty cool when you can actually take action and have a positive outcome from that action.
 loved these clouds here with the plane coming through
 then i headed to Potters. no swans yet. think i did see some canadian geese flying overhead though and there were several gulls that have arrived back.
 debated  briefly driving further, but i was pretty tired from my slow walk and a nap was calling my name.
 the tracks and skies are always cool though.
 these skies were amazing too.
 so it was a really good day...
 these are just a few more from other walks. yesterday i met up with Lena for a Rovers Run loop. she encouraged me to just rest.   i napped and finished reading the Wally Lamb book i'd started a bit ago.  "we are water" i think it was called.
 this cute little dog belongs to the older guy i see out there.  we always chat, sometimes walk a bit.  sweet guy, sweet dog.
 this is breakup...Blossom loves to slam through little frozen ponds and break up all the ice. then she lays down.
 this is at the bog
 this is deck time.  plenty of that this week.  nice to sit out there and read or just lay on the chair and semi-nap.
 the pets like it too.
 these are from the airstrip walk.  the strip was pretty clear.
 big puddle in some parts of the trails...small lakes i guess.
 my bruise from my fall.  it's turning all sorts of shades of ugly now. still swollen.   there is a big lump in there.
 i'm ready to call it a night.  it's all good though, i should have sweet dreams tonight knowing the walrus will be okay for another year.

thankful for: A.  Donations for Round Island.  so many people and groups stepped up to make this happen and i really appreciate that so many out there will step forward and protect a place so deserving of our protection.  B.  amazing clouds...fills the soul C.  kind's nice to hear.

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