Tuesday, April 7, 2015

who knew i could drink so little water and produce so much snot!!

 quite astounding actually.  super tired today.  made it through though.  these days off are a work out when you have a bug working at your system.  low grade fever continues and the snot is flowing.  so exciting.  i know you didn't come here to read a play by play about my snot production and cough til you vomit episodes but it's a day in the life.
 called my doc's office this morning to at least get the inhalers refilled.  i have inhalers so i'm not in any danger going without but it still annoyed me when i dragged my tired butt out of bed to go pick up the promised inhalers at the pharmacy and they hadn't been called in yet. i have an appointment for the doc on Wednesday.  could have cancelled my car appointment tomorrow i guess, but if i am without a car for a day i'd rather just be sick.  forced rest/sleep is probably better than the doc at this point. sometimes your body just decides it needs a day off.
 always strange that my pets never seem to have those days...they must get hit my viruses every so often, but you'd never know.  humans are wimps and i'm just another of the millions of wimpy humans.  other times we can be tough.  it's in our DNA, we just don't always work it that way.  we are pre-programed to wimpiness.  you do hear tales of humans strength and courage against all sorts of obstacles and ailments.  in truth most of us are totally distracted by a canker sore or a hang nail.  these little paper cuts can undo us.
 survived my tax appointment too...but really i was mostly asleep for that. it's done.  i get money back but a smidge  less than i did last year so the medical bills i had this year past and the money i used for WARIS was just a wash really. not that i was expecting some huge check from the IRS.  i still have to fill out WARIS specific forms, then we will be clear for our first year in existence.
 was asleep within minutes of getting home from that appointment.  next thing i knew it was after 2pm and i was coated in drool and snot!  for a time this evening i was laying in just the right angle and my sinuses felt so clear.  it was a heavenly few minutes...when you are feeling sick, your happiness comes in tiny moments of joy.
 hadn't eaten much so was feeling nauseated just from hunger i think, ate some taco...then i started coughing and urped up some taco...meal over.  i'm on cough medicine rations until the doc appointment.  i miss my Los Angeles Pulmonologist.  he totally knew my lungs, trusted that i wasn't taking swigs of the cough medicine and he kept me well stocked with all the meds i would need to combat this.  since then, it's always a little battle.  God forbid you tell them what works and what you need.  i know my brother has gone through this with his many kidney stones.  he knows what pain meds work.  i get the other side of it...so many idiots manipulating docs for narcotics.  just makes it tougher for us regular folks.  sometimes it's a power thing too.  some docs just don't like being told what works and will do everything but give you what you ask for.  
 my doc actually seems cool.  the truth is i'm sick less so she doesn't know me very well.  that is good thing but on the rare occasion that i do get sick it kind of bites. in L.A.  i had a revolving bronchial pneumonia.  reactive airway disease i guess it would be called really.
 didn't get to the walk until close to 5pm...but we did make it up Patterson and back.  both dogs, slow.  but the cool air and winds actually felt great.
 hate being trapped by a bug.
 they win though. these tiny organisms.  we discount their power but they are stronger than we are and can really kick our butts.
 tried reading.  the latest Alaska Magazine arrived. they changed editors a bit ago.  the new one is pretty crappy. it's sad really.  its now more like a magazine written by a tourist for tourists as opposed to all the years previously when it was written by Alaskan's for Alaskans. there is so much they get wrong.
 Blossom during a happier week for her.  enjoying the beach and the sunshine.
 we have gotten walks but they aren't up to our standard for the days off.
 gonna have to just crash soon and hope for a better start tomorrow.  gotta get up early to take car in.  i'd mentioned getting a rental but they never called back.  guess i can ask in the morning. if i get one, i can try for a doc appointment tomorrow.  they are probably all full though.
 my sweet muddy girl.
thankful for:  1.  friends and family who have checked in on me...always appreciated 2.  warm bed/house and the leisure to actually be able to try and heal..in other places/lives you would not have a chance to rest and recuperate.  3. netflix

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