Tuesday, April 28, 2015

the cat puked on the dog...so how was your day?

 that long fur of Blossoms doesn't clean out easily.  of course, she didn't notice getting puked on at all.  silly girl.  she is a bit tired after our walk today.  Rio stayed home, Blossom and i looped around little campbell lake....as you can see the lake is clear of ice.
 there are some hills so it is a bit of a work out.
 Dr appointment went fine.  fluid is okay, sign of the process. if it gets too painful we can inject steroids, pull fluid out.  in the mean time ibuprofen/aleve if needed and rest  it when i've worked it too hard.  he said it can take 6 months to a year for full recovery.  so i think in generally all is going well.  felt much better today actually after resting more yesterday so i may just need to take a rest day on occasion.
 today was not a rest day!! over 10,000 steps.  10 min of rowing and then 40 lengths of swimming.  love the pool!! love rowing, love hiking/walking!!
 he was also randomly saying that he'd read something about over 50% of folks over 80 have ahlzheimers or dementia i think.  huge numbers!! i'm hoping to be in the 50% that can keep my brain working.  easy to get thinking of early aging as i recover...so today was good. just going in and realizing that a little pain is normal and i am healing well, it just takes time.
 will have to do some class time tomorrow.  yearly competency fair...i have to do a bit extra since i'm in the float pool.  hopefully i can get it all done tomorrow and also get a walk in.  thankfully, we have extended daylight hours.
 little campbell lake from the other side.  no moose sightings or signs of bear
 this huge bald eagle nest has been there for years.  this pair must have been working on the nest today.  this one seemed to be minding the nest while...
 this guy brought over twigs and stuff.  i missed the shot in air with him and the twigs. fun to just sit and watch these great birds for a bit though.
 cruised down to potters but no swans noted...so since i was that way anyway..i stopped off at See's chocolates and got some candy.  :-)  my boots had mud on them from my hike/walk.  i noted it and stomped them off before i headed into the store.  as i walked past the counter the lady starts yelling across the room for someone to get a broom and dust pan.   do i offend?
 one of my bathroom trips at work in icu the other night.....i noticed that whoever had restocked the seat covers had dated the thing..?  i asked a friend there what the purpose of this was.  are we using too  many seat covers?  do they expire?  quite perplexing.  of course, silly things like this make me think of my childhood friend Marcia.  these are the sort of strange things we would always notice and have long conversations about.  why?  why? why?
 i don't always use my turn signal but i try to use it when clearly it will benefit those around me.  today i was turning left, a guy to my left was waiting to turn right and a guy coming towards us not signaling made a quick turn to the right.  i raised my hands laughing to myself and said in my car to no one..."oh your turning right!!".  as i turned left the guy who had been waiting to turn right was laughing and agreeing with what i had been saying to myself....i was heard without being heard.  funny little moment.
 death toll keeps rising.  saw one little article that some on Everest plan to continue to try to summit.  don't think they can without the Sherpa's so we will see.  seems a bit disrespectful to continue and risk making even more people require rescue.  the mountain is speaking and it would like a break from the climbers...especially those who care only for themselves.  Everest seems to be the mountain that if you have enough money you can get your hand held to the top of it.  obviously, not everyone makes it, but it always seems like a bit less of an accomplishment to me when people rely on Sherpa's to do the work.  a real adventurer would be able to be more independent.
just found it to be an annoying thing to read considering the devastation and lost lives.  many of which have yet to be accounted for.  they can find people alive for several days after these quakes, so not all hope is lost.  it's time for bed...good night..
grateful for:  1.  birds and their antics..always cool and funny.  2.  a good day of exercise.  3.  another day in paradise!

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