Monday, April 20, 2015

dancing to 10,000 steps!!

 i turned a corner on the trail and this tree just was there, needing to be photographed.  it turned out just as i hoped.  love shots like this.  shows the simple peace and beauty of nature.
 of course, Blossom is really only interested in the puddles and soaking into them.  she is thrilled this time of year.
 yesterday we headed to Jodphur Trailhead and did a loop out there.  back trails to the shore trail, past the dunes.
 today i was headed to Eagle River Nature Center but the closer i got the more dark and rainy it appeared down there so i pulled off at the North Fork Trailhead.  never  been there.  mostly i suspect it's a good way to get to the river for fishing.  any later in the summer and the place would be crawling with grizzlies so i doubt i'll head back there too often just for walking.  it was a wide trail to the river, which was good for Rio, who had joined us.
 so just over a mile and a half.  then back home.  to try to make up the time lost walking i hit the bog with Blossom this evening.  strange days this week.  windy and raining in patches.  the sun was overhead at my place so i really should have stayed in my area as it seemed to be the sunny patch of the area.  wind was blowing pretty good at times though here.
 for a bit i sat out on the front deck and enjoyed the sunshine while i read.  also chatted on the phone and texted. got some chores done at home . despite the wind i got a bag of leaves and the yard poop picked up...trash day tomorrow.
 not much in my trash of interest for bears so i didn't feel too bad putting it out a few minutes ago.  our neighborhood hasn't been a common place for bears.  the bears in Government Hill neighborhood seem to have gotten a pardon from the Governor.  he called Fish and Game apparently.  felt badly for the mama and cubs and asked if there was anyway they could just relocate the bears and give them a chance.
 bears will often find their way back to the free and easy food but it does give them the opportunity to change and live.  generally they will be tagged and if they do return as a problem they will be shot.  hopefully that won't happen and the little family can live a  normal black bear life.
 my two walks didn't get me to the 10,000 step goal.  i'm using my phones apps to monitor my steps each day.  with being sick my step count was down.  today i decided that i should fill in on short days by dancing at home.  always a good work out.  i'm listening to songs that are good to dance to for that play list.  will make it easier.  i can do my little stepper thing or dance.  just being active at home.  dancing is a workout though.
 besides i've always enjoyed dancing so it's fun.
 knee is a bit sore today.  may have overdone it a bit yesterday.  there is for sure fluid in the joint, i have an appointment with my surgeon to see if there is anything i should be doing for that to hasten the fluid draining or will i need some sort of removal.  the fluid was noted by the ultrasound tech checking my veins after that what to do about it.  does make it a bit uncomfortable at this a normal post op issue i wonder?  is it because of my circulation issues and procedures.  i'm just 4 months post op and i  have heard a few people say it did take some time to totally return to normal.
 overall, i'm doing well.  always could use more exercise and hope to keep increasing my time outside, longer and more strenuous walks, bike rides, swims and gym work outs...oddly, my knee generally feels best when i'm moving.  can be a bit sore right as i get moving but then it really just feels better and better the more i move.
 sitting...well, that is a different story, it gets stiff when i sit for any amount of time.
 here is the further out shot of the tree, which i also really like.
 couldn't really say which i liked better.
 i posted the first one on my Nat Geo "my shot" page.
 that my shot thing is pretty cool.  it's amazing to me to get feedback from people across the globe...that there are people in all those places who just love photography and looking at and sharing photo's.
 the world is large but then it's small.  people all over just trying to live each day and find their happiness.  wanting more for their kids, appreciating the beauty they can no matter what else is going on politically in their country.
 it got pretty windy on the water.
 not much social life of late.  do miss the Monday walk and coffee i think.  it is fun to have some planned social outing at least once a week.
 in a reading kick again.  i get a few good books and get immersed.  so many things to do in life.  i really should sit down tonight and start on the thank you note for WARIS donors.  it also gives us an opportunity to let them know that we are here.  also catching up a bit on my Nat Geo.  i got that on my ipad.  it's actually cool reading it that way as they have lots of interactive stuff, plus it's a magazine that you always seem to want to keep.  easier on line.  better than becoming a hoarder.  i think people have always collected the nat geo's.  there must be piles of them in homes across America and beyond.
 still need to get myself planning for the summer.  got tickets to Barrow for late July and a cabin for have the flower trip to Denali.  ok...perhaps i'm not as much of a slacker as i thought.
 had to put some Michael Jackson in my dance list.
 even with my sore knee i know i'm way more active than the average 50 year old...probably more than many half my age too.
 wind was really gusting on the dunes. i was trying to catch it on the camera.  a few joggers turned back as they were getting sand in their eyes.  i just turned the other direction.  Blossom loves this place and chasing her tennis ball out there is heaven for her.  i couldn't skip this.
 a few times she stopped and closed her eyes while the sand blew over her.  thought this came out cool too.
 beautiful days though.
 trying to remember where i put the cushion for my deck swing chair.  don't think it's in the shed.  i was sweeping a bit out there. i  had left a bag of grass seed in there over the winter and some creature went to town on it.  seems like each winter i leave some tasty treat in that shed for some creature. not that i'm opposed to helping the creatures survive the winter, but they do leave a mess behind.
 will have to see where the sun shines tomorrow.
 the kids were out on the dunes on their bikes.  they were getting some good air so i figured i'd watch them for a bit and take some shots.  a few came out pretty nice.  i think this kid saw me and looked over.  i do wish i could get these to the kids cause they are fun.  the bikes in black and white, it worked.
 fun to change up what i'm taking pictures of and take some different stuff.  having the blog does help me as i always want to keep it fresh or interesting for the few folks who come and check out these pictures.  i tend to average 50-100 page views each day.  not always sure who is reading, but sometimes i'll be surprised when someone tells me they enjoy reading my's been a fun thing for me.
 so often in life it's easy to feel like you listen way more than you talk and sometimes we all just want to be heard.  by writing i can feel like i get heard, whether i really am heard or not can be a bit of a mystery, but at least i get to say what is on  my mind.
 of course, i'm sure if i ever decided to be a politician this blog would be scoured over and bits and pieces would be paraded out and sound scandalous...or just be misinterpreted.  not a worry...i never plan on running for any office.  i even avoid things like being in charge.  being in charge of me and these dogs and cats is i'm in charge of WARIS so that is plenty.
 planning trips also puts me in charge a bit too.  being the boss though, i'd rather avoid that.
 water at the pool was perfect last night.  mostly i had the lane to myself too, which is always great. i did some pretty serious kick board kicking...that was probably what got my knee a bit worked up.  overall swimming is great for my knee though.  love the pool.
 these are from todays stroll out in Eagle River.
 it was the only sunny spot out there.  got a few sprinkles on me on my bog walk but seemed to really avoid any sort of down pour anywhere.  on my list for today was getting that dang bike thing on..but i lay down and read instead.  lazy won for that moment.  really do want to get on these bike trails.  cleaning and yard work need to get done too.  crap piles up in the house and on occasion i really need to have a purge session. just collects in houses.  don't know why that is.  piles of the dang stuff. plus i tend to write important stuff on tiny pieces of paper.  i do love the notes app on the phone for that stuff too. gotta get in that habit of using that rather than tiny bits of paper though.  need to have another shredding event at the house.  it does feel great to shred and recycle all the paper i can!!
 Blossom wanted to be free to swim out there.  these rivers up here can run pretty fast though and i'm a bit paranoid that she'll go down river.  did have a few nervous moments with Baby Huey years ago, once on this river and once in Ketchikan.  the current can pull them quickly and when they are focused on a ball or stick they follow it, then they will try to go against the current to get back to you and get worn out quickly.  i mostly kept her on leash...better safe than sorry in these situations. i do alot, but i do tend to err on the side of safety.  you just hear way too many stories of people doing stupid things with dire consequences.
 Rio was pretty happy to get in the cool water and wade and get a sip of that fresh water.
 there was this sand bar so i did let Blossom chase her toy a bit here.
 Rio seems quite happy after her walk today.  she did not wish to participate in the second walk.
 Boston Marathon tomorrow.  one of my nieces spouse will be in it. sounds like over 50 Alaskans will also be in it.  way too crowded for me.  i used to do a lot of fun bike events when i lived in California. the older i get the less i like a crowd though so i tend to just avoid them.
 fun texting with more and more of the family.   chatted with my sister in law.  it's been awhile since we chatted so i think we were on the phone for over an hour catching up.
 chatted with a brother yesterday for a bit as well.  there are some advantages to this modern life we live.  it's much easier to stay in touch with family overall.  facebook, the blog, smart phones...
 of course, i had this patient last week.  she has all these animals she cares for...i mean a houseful..over 30 apparently.  she had 3 flip phones but no smart phone and she was freaking out about who will care for her animals but has zero friends.  no phone numbers in any of the phones for someone she could call.  just seems so nuts to me.  i know if i had an emergency there are loads of folks i could call for help. to be without anyone?  it was frustrating because there really isn't much we can do.  when you have kids or animals that are in your care, you have a responsibility in my mind to try and keep yourself healthy and to have plans in place for emergencies.  don't make that your doctor or nurses problem.  people are queer though.
 well, what will i find out there to take pictures of tomorrow...always a mystery!!
thankful for: a.  no food allergies, can't imagine trying to eat these strange diets that i hear about.  b.  overall good health, so many suffer with multiple issues  c.  sitting in the sunshine reading.  so relaxing.  love my decks.

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