Thursday, April 9, 2015

the last of March...

 now i shall just have to get over the bronchitis and get out exploring again.
 the virus portion of this does feel to be over.  we have now switched totally over to Bronchitis mode. a drier and more obnoxious cough and shortness of breath have taken over. my body isn't as much tired as my chest is.  trying the new inhaler.  of course, i'm in a bit perplexed.  do i continue on this this newer doctor in hopes that she will come to understand and trust my reactive airway disease or try to find another doctor who will be more trusting of what i tell her/him.
 i asked for a refill on my narcotic cough medicine.  i wanted 240 ml and she would only write for 120 ml.  she then said she would write for a refill order x 1...of course, when i picked up the med, the bottle states no refills, which i now presume is standard for any narcotic order.  of course, if this is the case then i am left feeling like this doc basically lied to me...saying she'd write for them to refill it once when she knew they would not.
 as i said i totally miss having a DR that trusts me and that i can totally trust.  i am not addicted to the cough medicine, i just know what i need to get through this bout and make sure that i have coverage for the beginning of the next bout.  this is important to me since i couldn't get in to see her until wed.  after having symptoms begin sat am.  so yesterday was a frustrating day for me.
 i also tend to hit that sick of being sick day where i can be a bit overly emotional and vulnerable feeling. that would be yesterday.  so this did not help.
 slept great the last 2 nights.  yesterday i slept a lot all day as well.  called out the last 2 nights.  even though i am feeling better in the big picture, i sound terrible.  work is exhausting.  i can't take the cough meds, i have to speak all night, am up all by morning my coughing is impossible to control and my voice would be totally gone as opposed to just mostly gone.  everyone i work with would be terrified that i am infecting them all...despite the fact that by now i will be infecting nobody. in the past i would have just gone to work and suffered through, but i am finding i recover quicker if i just let my body rest and heal a bit more before attempting work.
 skipped the walk yesterday.  today, i took Blossom out to North Bivouac for a bit.  the trails are more clear, muddy, but no ice really. signs of moose, no signs of bears.
 will crash early tonight again.  silence and sleep is good.  the dogs tolerate me and all my "barking".  they are so kind though they do look at me oddly from time to time.
 i imagine lake Hood has thawed a bit more.  snowed a bit yesterday, so it was a good sleeping day for me.
 got some laundry done today and the bed linen changed.  that always makes you feel like you are on the mend...fresh sheets!!
 my knee is feeling pretty great i gotta say.  all this rest has been good for that.
 Monday is the 55th anniversary of the Walrus Islands Sanctuary!! myself and my board members have been invited to attend a little gathering at fish and game...very sweet of them to include us.  i know speedy and KH plan on joining.  will see if they want me to bring anything and i'll take a bunch of pamphlets and stuff in hopes they will get those out to Round Island for the guests that come out so they can know of us and help out.
 hope that i can get out there again one day.  wouldn't want to repeat that boat ride back but i know it's not always like that.  the place is amazing.
 it's finally starting to get dark out there.  every week we gain over 30 minutes of light.  gotta love the return of the light.  of course, it also means we say goodbye to the northern lights more and more.  til next year.  the numbers look fairly good for tonight i think.  cloudy in Anchorage right now.  i'll be sleeping.

 always love taking pictures of the planes.
 the picture i chose as first yesterday was selected by one of the editors at Nat Geo Your Shot as an editors favorite.  always fun to get noticed by their staff.  funny, it's only gotten 12 likes so not jumping out as a big favorite of others.
 love tossing a few here and there on that your shot page just because it's an international audience so it's fun to see how your pictures play out there in the big world.  some times pictures i really like don't get noticed at all and then others that i think are just ok get more action.  people like puffins that seems true...moose over musk ox.
 anyway, so that was a bright spot in the week.  always unexpected.
 my bruise is turning all sorts of shades of ugly.  haha.  no more falling.  hopefully, i won't be repeating that move. thankfully, all i got was the bruise.
 always love scenery on the turnigan.  big skies...never disappoint me.
 the ever loyal Rio Catalina is always near by...of course, anytime she moves she farts so sometimes i could use a little less loyalty, but i would hate to bum the girl out.  she seems totally unaware of her stink factor.  oh to be so oblivious to our negative traits.  we learn so much from our pets!
 my car is home.  new front brakes, summer tires are on and i now have a tow hitch so i can put my bike rack thing on and hopefully get in some nice bike rides this summer. hopefully, we have a long summer after having a so so winter.
 my bike is wanting some activity.
 was chatting with the girl at the Honda shop.  we were talking germs as i was coughing.  she was saying that there were studies about how people who work around cars get exposed a lot..nobody ever washes their car keys.  it's true, i'd never thought of that.  keys are gross and then we just hand them over to those poor folks.  i'll have to remember to wipe my keys off from time to time.

 this week is almost history, next week will be better.  time to get cracking making summer plans and also getting some WARIS stuff done.  still want to get on the phone and check in with several people.  the situation may be improving for the moment but we must plan for the future.
 ship activity, not too common around Anchorage.

 begin and end with a bald eagle.  good night.
grateful for:  1. getting the virus part behind me.  2.  loyal and understanding pets who tolerate me sounding and looking pretty awful.  3.  fresh sheets and meds that work.

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