Tuesday, April 7, 2015

wimp with a cold checking in!!

 just some more leftovers from March.  haven't left the house enough or seen anything to photograph for my April files yet.  hopefully, my next stretch off is  not spent doing errands and laying about in sicky land. hate the time wasted that could be spent doing way more fun things.
 overall, i'd say i am slowly improving but then again.... today i felt more exhausted and run down.  each day of eating/drinking and sleeping less than required adds up and drains you.  took my cough meds and then even added some nyquil last night, still sleep didn't really come.  today i finally did have a few short periods of deep sleep.  waking up more tired than before and covered in sweat.
 the car got in and is still in.  i took their ride option but this afternoon decided to just leave my element there so they could fix the front brakes and a few oil leaks.  the Honda Elements are being treated with some grace now.  they are collectors, unique cars that Honda has stopped making . they are a prized car in Alaska. if you have a used Element to sell, it may be worth the drive north to sell it.  the girl at the dealership said they had a used one come in and it was sold within 2 days...they hadn't even cleaned it or checked it.  people just want them.
 so my classic car is in for a spa day.  i'm driving this brand new CRV.
 didn't get the girls out to the bog for our walk until after 5pm.  we've still walked each day though. in my weakened, foggy state i took a nice fall on the steps of my deck as i headed out. rather large bruise  on my wrist, but otherwise i seem to have survived it unscathed.  when i was younger you fell, you brushed yourself off, laughed at yourself and moved on. now there is a second of stunned silence where you try to determine if any real damage has occurred.
 chilled on the deck with the critters this afternoon for a bit.  Blossom was sweet and let me brush her out a bit. didn't get her all fluffed and buffed but it was a start and she seemed to be enjoying it.
 found myself to be at a good stopping point for "orange is the new black" which is good as i was nearing my limit as far as GCI goes.  need to call them and see what plans they have that would decrease costs and improve services.  you have to get it updated every so often or you miss out on new plans and no way in hell they are going to tell you
 the last episode put some things right though so i can take a break.  the evil one is gone and the cancer one got a moment of peace.  it is funny, just watching a show about being in prison almost starts to put you there mentally. meaning it brings out the street thug in you.  your brain starts to respond in thug thoughts even though you don't say any of it out loud.  you are impacted by those you are surrounded by and it's easy to see how being in a prison situation could easily change you from the person you thought you were to a person capable of things you never imagined
 i've long thought us all capable of everything, given the right circumstances.  just helps me to understand why we should not judge others, you just never know....if only this or that, the lives of others could have been ours.
 i've never been in jail except on a "tour" with a group from college.  it may have been a sociology class, but i can't recall now.  it was L.A. County Jail.  mostly i remember looking in on these holding cells and the inmates checking us out.  licking the glass in front on them, making lewd gestures at us and what not.  not a place i'd want to find myself.  people adapt though.  it is something about the show that is interesting.  you usually find people and adapt to a degree.  it changes you though, at your core.
 the show has a bit too much sexual action for my liking, but it was HBO, i think they felt obligated to push the limits that they lacked.  shock value sells i guess.  suspect the show would not have suffered if most of that had been imagined and not so graphic.
 there was an election today.  i generally vote...didn't really pick up on the election thing until i was headed back to the dealership to check on car.  so i missed it.  bummer.  i like to be heard. the mayoral election will require a run off and the parks bonds do look like they are going the way i would have voted so that is good
 this guy was at Cheney Lake.
 starting to come out of the fog a bit from this week.  the lost week though.  will have to make up for it.  will be good to have the taxes done and the tires changed over. the car will be ready for new adventures.  so it hasn't been a total waste, right.

 out in Portage for a rainy day.  it was rainy here in the morning.  actually was an easy day to lay about for a bit anyway.  the sun came out though.  it was breezy but nothing too bad.  no moose spotted in the bog of late.  predictions are that the moose may return to the Anchorage hoods for baby delivery.  i think the hoods give them some bear protection.
 Blossom is finding any open water she can, bashing through ice to get to it and then laying down and enjoying it.
 tonight i sleep....long and hard i hope.
 these guys came in from the rain so i said hello.  moose are so cute
 you could see signs of all the work that had happened at the conservation Center the weekend before to get those bison to the wild.  they are free now and i guess half of the group have wandered off and explored a bit while the other half have stayed pretty much where they were left.
 so across the species there are those who live in more fear and those who live a more brave life, more willing to explore and take risks.
 the big boys will be shipped up by barge and then released.  they will have a longer journey, hopefully it won't be too stressful for them.  may just be tougher to fly these big guys out there.  what must they all be thinking.
 so after all these years...it finally happened.
 stopped by this gallery on the way home that day.
 artistry of any sort is fascinating to me as i have very few skills this way.  basic drawing abilities.  some of these were pretty cool.

 loved the details in a few of these.
 the octopus was super cool.
 check out those tentacles!!
 and a whale overhead.
 guess i'll wrap it up for now.  i'm surviving.  this too shall pass.  to every life a little virus must fall.  some days we crush the microbe, some days it crushes us!!  my body is going to take back the power!! take that you nasty virus bugs!!
thankful for A.  the immune system of the body. it's mostly a solid winner!!  B.  my classic car, may it bring me years of adventures C.  sleep...much needed and always appreciated!


  1. That top picture is so amazing! Can see why the editor picked it!