Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Happy 55th to Walrus Islands Sanctuary!!

 and a few walks.  took two yesterday.  one to bog with Rio and then just Blossom.  Rio was still not happy to be left behind so that theory is now proven wrong...the theory that if i just got up earlier and walked Rio first she would be happy to stay on the couch for a longer walk later.  she is all about the weather.  another theory blown is that we would walk way faster without Rio.  not true either.  seems that Blossom likes to lolly about, sniffing stuff.
 strange sighting of the skull and antlers yesterday in the bog.  it was gone today when we did the loop.  i was tempted to snag it and haul it home, but not that tempted obviously.  gone now.  opportunity lost.  not sure why it was ditched...was it an illegal skull?  the rest of the body wasn't there and it has no skin left so it is old, but clearly has not been there for more than a day or two.
 this sign is also a strange sighting out in the bog...obviously stolen from the coastal areas and placed here.  no dangerous waters and mud flats in the bog.
 the day was beautiful and i got over 12,000 steps and also went for a swim so it felt like an almost normal day pre-cold bug.  i work tonight so we'll see how i do with talking and being active all night.  could be a coughing mess by the morning.  at least i feel strong enough to muddle through now.  my bruise is fading a bit.
 went for a massage yesterday...always lovely.  was chatting with my brother, he told me some news that i'm sure he sees as a bummer but i see as good, but as we chatted i mentioned that i was getting a massage and they would work out my knots.  he said he tells them not to work on his knots as he wants no pain.  i want the knots gone...if i get a bruise or two from the massage it's probably a sign of success.
 joined by a few of my lovely board members at the Fish and Game office for some cake. it was a small gathering but i'm really happy we were invited and made the appearance.  sweet of them to include us.
 i know they are happy that this friends group existed.  JM even said that it is the one thing we can all thank DVL for...getting the group started.  it's been needed and i always knew that.  who wants to start anything.  we are all lazy when we can get away with it...well most of us...me anyway. i think it was his way of thanking us for our efforts.  others thanked us as well, which was really good to hear.
 didn't meet the crew.  they will head out there this weekend i think, or next.  anyway. they were very busy getting ready to head out there.  they were on a conference with the Annenberg folks. they will be putting camera's out there.  really nice, high quality cameras.  if they get good response from it, they may be encouraged to continue donating.  will need to work on the future of the island and the funding...so our job is not done yet at all.  just a happy reprieve.
 got this beautiful new scarf from my friend Q.  he is super talented knitter.  i'm not doing it justice and i'll try and get more pics of it soon.
 today, i stopped in the bog a bit and watched this interaction. i don't think i caught it in pictures well but it was fun to watch.  the magpies get pretty territorial and this raven made the mistake of invading their territory.  this one magpie went to town on the much bigger bird.  eventually, the raven decided the little guy was too much bother and left. several other magpies were in the tree screaming out their support.  it's always funny to watch these smaller birds really give it to the big guys.
 i was out in the bog another day and heard the gulls going nuts.  i turned to see that they were swooping down on a bald eagle who dared sit on a tree branch in their territory.  eventually that baldie left with hundreds of gulls bearing down on it as it flew off.  peace returned.
thankful for:  A.  fish and game and the job they do, it can't always be easy but they do get to see some amazing stuff in Alaska.  B.  for those who came before us and attempt to save special places and for those who will come in the future and try to protect these places, it's going to always be a battle.  C.  that this bug is finally calming down.  wish me luck tonight at work!!

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