Saturday, January 23, 2016

1 mile swim....!!

 that felt good.   great to push it on occasion.  woke up on time, walked with a friend, went for my one mile in one hour swim at the pool and then met another friend for dinner.
 only one day with step count under 10,000.  worked ICU 2 nights.  tougher to get all the steps in there many days.  generally helps if i get that walk in between shifts.  generally lose one walk day every few weeks at least.  Blossom isn't as demanding as she used to be.
 my fitbit is surviving pool time which is good.  i do not sleep many hours in a week. will be interesting to see if i catch up some on my days off.  i get 4-5 hours between shifts it looks like.  not exact science these fit bits.  for sure you get extra step points due to it being on your arm.  in the end i probably lose steps with the phone counter because it's on my person...or sometimes not on my person i somewhere in between.  i could for sure survive without a fitbit but it was a little post Christmas gift to myself.
 the other day i'd left a water bottle in the car with very little water left in it.  i opened it up and took a few sips when suddenly turned to slush.  i was impressed.  science is cool.
 walked the bog one day, the campbell creek multiuse trail and then today some loops out in N. Biv.  moose seem to be heading into town.  have seen more. saw the pair of young moose today that i'd seen at Campbell Airstrip last week.  then as i was driving home from dinner, a mama moose and 2 babes were racing across Tudor Rd.  gotta watch out for those big moose!!
 in strange news...Alaska's ever embarrassing family, the Palins have been in the news again this week.  Mama Palin came out to endorse Trump.  i don't recall her being that odd of a speaker...i mean it seemed really choppy and odd, more than usual. made me wonder if she'd drank an entire bottle of wine on the flight south.
odder still was that she attempted to turn her sons recent arrest for domestic violence into being Obama's fault.  loved all the comments...not much for those who love the Palins to comment on. seems they were pretty silent.
the facts seem to be that her son was involved in high school in some school yard vandalism.  something about cutting the brake lines to a school bus.  whatever happened he was given the choice by a kind judge...jail or join military.  not sure how commonly this option is doled out.  does this happen in the inner cities?
 he served under Bush, who is also the one who was in command when we started these wars that have caused her son his apparent PTSD.  he never was in a active war zone instead serving his time protecting the brass...i can't say i know all the specifics.  it was just such a strange story to be telling.
 the selection of Palin as a supporter does make me wonder if, in truth, Trump is really just running for President for his own entertainment.  filthy rich, what should i do for fun this year.  i've traveled everywhere, bought everything...oh i'll run for President of the United States.  it's like he's being as outlandish as possible just to see how far it can all go.
 Iditarod Musher Martin Buser got a few penalties in the last race he ran, the Kusko 300.  he wasn't too happy with it all, but i just read that this is of little importance to him and his family today...his son Nikolai was in a bad car accident in the lower 48.  thoughts with the Busers that healing happens and they are all safe.  life can take a bad turn in a heartbeat.  always frightening.
 work week went reasonably well.  ICU kept me busy.  always amazed.  not to be a person who lacks compassion but you see it time and time again.  people who smoke their entire lives...such a horrible way to die and yet this is well known and documented.  people still smoke.  i guess i still eat chocolate too though.  you do feel badly for these folks but at the end of the day we need to all be responsible for our earthly habits and realize that medicine can only do so much to reverse the damage you inflict upon yourselves
 annoying habits of patients to an ICU nurse..1.biting your ett and making your ventilator alarm 2.scooting out of position when placed there on your q 2 hour turn 3. apologizing over and over for being such an annoying and needy person while continuing to be said annoying and needy person.  
 the village of Newtok was without power for 4 days.  that can get very serious very fast in one of these villages. i remember reading that the guy who keeps the heat running in Antarctica is like the most vital..if the basics aren't working you could all die.  i always tell newbs to AK who are house shopping to make sure they have a wood burning fireplace.  big quake and your heat source will be totally useless if it's a gas fireplace.
 Oscars boycott...really.  there aren't more important things to fight for in this world.  the further i am away from Hollywood the more silly it all seems.  these big award ceremonies are pretty ridiculous in the big picture of life.  it often seems that those who come away with awards don't necessarily do so because of one stellar performance but instead it's more of a popularity contest.  dress up, smile for the cameras and enjoy the parties and swag bags.
 so many cute, sad puppy pictures...dogs waiting for their people inside a local bakery.  so cute.  these pups are pretty cute as well.  Blossom walks with buddy Savannah today.
 when will the Oregon occupiers shut themselves down.  i'm sure as they destroy public property the charges for their little trespassing party go up.  some would say it's been wise for the feds to leave the situation.  the longer they stay the more annoyed the locals become with them.  i still think the locals should band together without arms and just march in to reclaim the refuge....if those idiots fire off one shot they are toast...then the feds have a valid reason to just crush them.  those occupiers have left themselves with no alternative exit plan.  personally, i don't understand why they are able to come and go as they please, why water and power don't seem to have been totally cut off yet.  these seem like reasonable things to put in place.  if you walk off for whatever, to make a ain't going back.  eventually they will all have left.

 was listening to a story about a woman who had grown up in Burma. she was relating the first time she and her family made a phone call.  it was in 1984 and they all got dressed up and traveled to the location where this call could be made.  this must have inspired this woman because she grew up, moved to the US and specialized in telecommunications. she has returned several times to Burma to help improve the infrastructure there in communications.
 was surprised to read that a few nations are responsible for putting 60% of the plastics in the oceans...all of them are in Asia...there were 5 but i could only remember three of them.  Indonesia, Thailand and China.   i'm always a wee bit happy to hear that US isn't on a list such as this.  go USA!!  it was predicted that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.
 pretty tree.
 my friend was loading her dog...thought it looked sweet so snapped this shot.
 i think these are the last of the CA trip.  now i'll have to actually go out and start to explore again. haha. we are getting more light so that does make it easier.
 Blossom is padding around downstairs.  i'm doing laundry. goal is to get into bed before the sun comes up.  i have a stretch off so i want to enjoy it.
 yours truly doing some bizarre modeling.
 missing having eyelashes.  tempted to either get these drops..but those are spendy or do as all the young girls are doing...get lashes put on.  i'm not much into spending money for such things but there are a few things that are nice.  would be strange, but then in my late 40's my eyelashes seemed to decide they wouldn't grow in anymore.  how much would i be willing to pay and bother with for the sake of vanity?  we shall see.

 still would rather save towards some home remodeling though.
 anyone up for sledding Sunday at 3pm at Kincaid?????  i see some possible snow in the forecast!!
 well, i have come to the end of another dull entry in the life of Guns.  hope you enjoy. i'll try and get out for some fun adventures to share this week.
thankful for: A.  having snow on the ground...please don't melt  B.  friends, old and new.  C.  paper shredders..time to put mine to use.

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