Monday, January 25, 2016

7.1 quake wakes up the town of Anchorage

 Pogi was not amused.  he apparently dove for cover in this cupboard.  he came out after a bit but then stayed close to the open door and dove for cover 2-3 more times.  i was awake...just had finished the blog and was headed to bed.  a steady rattle started but it was in no hurry to stop and got stronger as i headed for the bedroom..
 when it kicked up a notch i figured i'd head downstairs while i could still stand.  Blossom was down there standing on alert.  pretty powerful rattle.  just stuff falling down at my place, no damage at all.
 the epicenter was across from the Kenai penninsula out by Iliamna.  so like 160 miles from Anchorage.  it was felt as far away as Fairbanks though.  overall not much damage though there were 4 homes lost in Kenai.  those families are all lucky to be out alive.  gas line breaks caused explosions and then fire.  one family had been couch surfing and homeless but had saved up enough to make a down on a house and had moved in a few weeks before.
 after the quake they returned to bed and then the house lifted up off the ground from an explosion. one report said the kids were blown out of the house in their bunkbeds still unharmed.  so 4 houses burnt to ground.  always sad.  guy seemed grateful to have gotten out alive with his family.
 it happened at 1:30 am.  i probably finally got to bed around 3am or so.  lots of aftershocks, a few decent sized but i haven't noticed any.  i had great plans to get out today and enjoy the weather, but when i got moving i had some taco's and i'm now convinced the lettuce was tainted.  heard about a packaged lettuce recall after i'd eaten.  who knows, but my gut was not happy for hours and still isn't 100%.  will need to hit the gym the next 3 days to make up for this weekends loss and keep my goal up.
 had another scare the other day. i came home from work to find one burner burning on low...all night!! could i be more stupid. i could have lost all my pets, burned down my house.  i'm neurotically careful about that stuff so pretty surprised that i could possibly have done that.  extra hugs for the pets this week.  they are family.
 did manage to get to the dog park at U-lake for some play time with Blossom.  i'm sure she appreciated it.  did some clutter pick up downstairs tonight.  having the whole place rattle is a good reminder to clear up the clutter.  less of a mess that way after big quakes.  nice to have everyone texting and chatting on facebook in the wee hours after the quake.  does make you feel less alone when these big events happen.  a brother called to check on me and a friend from CA so great to chat with them for a bit
Grateful for:  1. making it through the quake with no damage other than rattled nerves...i was shaking for a few minutes after the house finally stopped shaking 2. that overall there was little damage in heart does go out to those who did lose their homes on the Kenai.  3. that my house didn't blow up/burn down and my pets were not harmed from my idiotic oversight.

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