Thursday, January 7, 2016

day of dog fun!!

 back to work tomorrow so had to have a fun for Blossom day. she joined a dog buddy, Teva out at this local dog pool.  K-9 Aquatics i think it's called.  Blossom had actually been before.
 they have a zillion dog toys there but Blossom seemed more interested in just swimming, which is actually odd for her.  she loves to chase her toys...that was the trick though.  her toys. so i went and got her chuck it and tennis ball from my bag.  thankfully i had it right there. she perked right up.  the lady there helping in the pool said she was the mellowest dog they'd had there.  haha.  she is pretty chill.
 i think she did kind of like having the life vest on for her swimming...and lets face it, she looked pretty dang cute in it!!
 not the best shots.  just had my little camera out and the pups were moving.  Teva a bit faster than Blossom.  the only downside to Blossom was that you can use their dog tubs after for a good scrub.  Blossom is not a fan of baths.  haha.
 got my steps in, we walked down at the coastal trail.  was hoping it would be less was kind of. less glare icy anyway. just as much ice, but also more even terrain so that helps.
 rode my bike indoors, which is harder to do than the bikes at the gym..i will need to increase the settings at the gym.  so 2 days of swim this week and would like to try and sneak in another actual gym day, but i know if i try to go every single day i will fail.  so best not to make totally unrealistic goals.
 in the mushroom class...have some cabins. just need to bite the bullet and do the bear thing.  i know i'll totally enjoy that experience.  will still have to hit Brooks one day so i can get to the Valley of smokes..i think i have that right. figure since we fly out of Homer i could try and sneak off and do the Exit Glacier hike on the way back.  should be a busy summer...
 work is again apparently crazy...still a bit ironic...i'd be there if my schedule hadn't been changed.  since it was though, you make plans.
 was laughing at a post i saw on facebook... i'd said something in my other blog entry about the environmentalists needing to go surround the nut jobs in Oregon at the refuge. the post was from Birders who say they are armed with camera's and binoculars .  Go Get Em!!
 liked a quote in it..."a compulsive need for a gun for protection is cowardice.  True bravery is facing the world, both human and animal, armed only with your wits."
 now of course, there are times when a nut with a gun will just kick your arse no matter how brave you are.  i've had people think i'm nuts for not carrying a gun with me in the woods all the time.  i'd rather just try and be smart.  in general there isn't need for a gun when it comes to bears and such. i've been pretty close to many of them and so far my wit and the bears lack of desire to actually kill me have kept me alive.
 i think often people without guns are more apt to be aware of the potential danger whereas people with guns may rely too heavily on the gun to save them and do stupid stuff.
 bottom line...don't do stupid stuff.  be aware, be cautious and for sure listen to that voice that is within us all...
 These are at Westchester Lagoon and the coastal trails off of it.  i went a ways both directions.  the bridge north had been out but it seemed open today.  not a lot of traffic.  they were hot mopping a section on the lagoon but it's all skatable and everyone seemed to be skating all over the place.
 still some big bergs out there.
 really a pretty day.
 downtown Anchorage.
 on the list today, bills and pfd.  tried to cash a few leftover checks from Rio's insurance but the atm was down. tried to give away some gloves but the guy turned away...he seemed to have some decent gloves anyway.  always trying to build up the karma.  finally i spelled that right. i always try to put an h in there. not sure why.

 thought this berg looked a bit like a sphinx.
 more traffic on the lagoon than on the trails.  lots of dogs.  people with dogs do get out more i suspect.  the dogs insist.  dogs are great motivators.  well, Blossom doesn't seem to hound me too much.  had to laugh at the pool, she has always paced herself with activities.  a few throws, then rest a bit.  i suspect the next doodle i get will me way more high energy.
 that is how that goes often.  like i had the mellowest lab ever bred in Butch and so i thought, i'll get a lab, they are so mellow.  then i got Baby Huey, he was not mellow at all.  so here i am with Blossom, the mellow Labradoodle...
 i think i'm much better at training now than i was.  or is it...that Blossom was just super easy to train.  you forget it all and then when you have a puppy it all comes back at ya.
 i would be wise probably to wait until the end of summer to really seek out the puppy idea...if something comes up though, well.  puppies are hard to turn down.  i think Blossom would enjoy a puppy.
 i can hear Pogi quietly snoring away behind me.  he is sleeping on one of the many super sized dog beds in the house. i suspect the other cat is curled up with Blossom.
 watched the first night of American Idol.  love the current judges...Urban, Connick and Lopez..they have done it 2-3 years...they are the best group.  sadly, it's the last season of the show...bummer.  some think it's silly that i like it i guess.  they act surprised and are almost embarrassed for me i think, haha.  i do like it though.  maybe  because i used to sing a lot and wrote my own songs.  back in the days when you dreamed of such things.  i think overall i have a decent voice, but would i have ever gotten the ticket to Hollywood or been able to get over the stage fright.  doubtful. did sing to smaller groups on a few occasions.
 there was open mike that really just was me and this guy who traded off in a cafe in South Dakota and then a little gathering in Ketchikan called,"the monthly grind".  that place probably held less than 100 folks?  not sure.  did that 2-3 x.  i was asked back so i must have done ok.  i recall one doctor who had been on it several times being a bit upset that i had been asked to sing there.  i figured that is how it always worked, but i guess not for him.  oops!!  haha.  so i always find it fun to watch young talent be given an opportunity that would otherwise never come their for that i'm sad that it is ending.
off to bed early perhaps...unless i do a few of these things on the to do list.
thankful for:  A.  being able to spoil my dog.  she does live better than many humans on this earth  B.  being inside on cold nights  C.  independence.  many lack this and it really hinders their opportunities in life.

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