Monday, January 18, 2016

keeping it light...

 not a fan of drama, but we can all find ourselves immersed in it..only myself to blame.  haha.  these are Pismo and Pinnacles.
 one thing i like about blogging is it is just humans being human.  none of us are perfect nor should we bother reaching for that as a goal.  we are who we are, imperfect and beautiful in those imperfections.  judge if you wish...i am just me.  i have thoughts, i share them.
 immerse yourself in negative and you too shall become more negative...i allowed myself to be effected.  this isn't a republican or democrat thing, i'm neither by the way. you can choose your life outlook.  it's easy to get sucked in.  i have to watch myself...i think it's a genetic trait being passionate about things.  it's a good thing.  passionate people can make change..can be the change.  you just have to make sure that your passions do not overtake your life.  it can become an your social life impacted, is your job impacted, are your relationships impacted.  ask yourself those questions. anyway, all this political stuff gets nuts.   it always does get horribly worse when these elections are coming up...of course, more and more it seems like the next election rhetoric starts before the last ballot is cast. i blame the 24 hour newscasts and i tend to avoid all of them...they have become more opinion stations than news stations.
 3 nights work done.  today i slept very little. foolishly i figured i'd try and sleep for 1 1/2 hour and then do my schedule at 10am as the computer program opens at 9 am...after working 3 nights you want to skip it and wake up much later, but the more hours you wait the more of a chance that your preferred schedule will be it is my April schedule has a few crap weeks in it.  i tried to get back to sleep but maybe pulled off another 2 hours.
 feel badly as they are getting slammed in peds icu.  i should go in...i'm not sure there is enough caffeine to get me through if i did go in.  maybe sleep a few hours and if i wake check in again.  if you are super tired...well that can be bad.  always prefer to help not hinder.
 swam 50 lengths today, which is 25 laps.  it's 35 laps for a mile so not bad.  feeling stronger again already. week three working out.  i like it.
 bought myself a fitbit for arrived this week.  i am wearing it.  not sure how it knew i swam unless it talks to mapmyfitness on my phone. it may.  just figured out that i can see the battery life on my phone.  i got the spendy one that i can swim with.  didn't seem much point in getting one that i couldn't swim with.  in some ways it's silly...just moving my arm up and down gives me steps.  the phone step counter only counted by body motion i guess and also you aren't always wearing the phone so lost counts.  so huge differences.  fit bit has me down for over 20,000 steps today whereas the pacer has me down for just over 12,000 steps.  of course that doesn't include the swim at all.
 so somewhere in between i guess.  these apps and gadgets are good motivators though so that is mostly what you have them for.  gives you and indication and inspiration to move.
 i don't wear much bling so kind of odd to have this bracelet on all the time.
 some sort of seal out in Pismo.  not enough zoom to really get a good look.  seemed like there were a lot of them out there.
 took Blossom to the Dog park.  groceries, laundry...
 so beautiful down there at Pismo.  i could live there....if i could afford decent house with a view.  :-)
 this part of California is really beautiful, the coast of CA is beautiful. i used to love driving those coastal routes.  lots of stuff i missed out doing in the lower 48 but i did this coast drive so many times.
 always new stuff to explore though.
 these are now in Pinnacles.
 great weather.
 3 nights of work down, ER-adult ICU-ER. we were booking all night in the ER the first night.  the last night was not bad at all.  got busy again in the morning.  you just never know there.
 had a patient fall...lots of paperwork and you just feel bad.  such an awful sound...the sound of a skull meeting the hard hospital floors.  every nurse who has worked in a hospital will have fall stories. they try every way to prevent it.  they have these silly charting things to assess fall truth we are all fall risks.  i almost take a headed a few times each shift i work for sure and do fall on the trails from time to will take you down.
 you do what you can but it's still gonna happen from time to time. probably more in the ER where you have a higher number of  alcohol related patients.
 my sister and brother in law.  we all had a lovely time.  no drama there, just laughter and lots of chatting.
 great scenery like this can't hurt, right?
 the rock formations out there are pretty cool.
 figure since i'm sitting here i will charge the fit bit. looked like it was halfway. don't need to get credit for steps because i'm typing.  it sort of tracks your sleeping.  i suppose if you just left it by the bed, it was think you had a lovely peaceful sleep.  seems to note if you are moving about or waking up..not sure how this all is possible.
 one patient came in last night with one diagnosis and i kept pointing out the heart rhythm being funky...she was later admitted to get a pacemaker.  often things seem like one thing and turn out totally different.  you have to be watchful. one of the techs who just finished nursing school was pretty excited and telling me she'd caught the rhythm...i let her have the save.  :-) fun to see her so excited!  good she got the ekg tech back and made her time the ekg to catch the issues.
 here we are atempting to hold up these big rocks.
 guess we had a decent sized quake this evening.  i was maybe in the pool or jacuzzi at the pool.  not sure.  i think it was close to a 5
 apologies if i offend of upset others with my words.  words do have power and one should be cautious with them.  they are just words though in the end.  free expression and opinion.  often this is a place to clear my head.  life gets complicated and brain can ruminate and ramble and make itself crazy.
 it all makes life interesting. place would be pretty dull without it all.  good night.
Grateful for:  A.  my siblings.  we are all different and unique and don't always agree, but i do love them and appreciate having them all in my life... B.  health, being able to have the option to work out and improve myself.  C.  a warm and comfy bed.  guilt may prevent sleep...sorry PICU.  i'm beat

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