Monday, January 25, 2016

earthquake sickness

we have had over 80 quakes over the past 24 hours in our region. i only felt the one really though.  it was quite large so that is not surprising.  seems like the most recent quakes i've been in i've felt my head feeling funky during the quake.  i had a concussion a few years back...could it be related?  all day today i'm fine laying down, but anytime i get up, it's like a wee bit of motion sickness.  my head feels full and i get a bit woozy, dizzy and a bit nauseated.  reminds me of how my head felt for months after the concussion.  strange.  does anyone else have these symptoms?
the earthquake center posted something about it..something they have been noting.  i thought perhaps it was the lettuce i had eaten, but after reading that i'm wondering if my symptoms all day are post quake symptoms.  off to lay down and rest.  hopefully, these symptoms pass quickly.

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