Tuesday, January 12, 2016

week two and i'm still on track!!

 these are from a few walks.  above is U-Lake and todays Monday walk below.  sunshine and ice prevail.  mutterings of snow, one can dream.  :-)
 good day at gym today.  went yesterday as well so i am on track.  minimal 3x/week at gym and 2 swims/week.  feels great to have that muscle soreness that comes from working out. had found a great app that has loads of examples of some of my old favorite weigh training exercises.  wish i could figure out a way on it to pull the best to the top or load them into a self created work out. it may be that this doesn't exist.
 i have lifted weights off and on over the years.  my best years being in CA i suppose.  i rode bike everywhere then and lifted weights 2 hours 3x/week.  don't think i've repeated that level of fitness since, but i have come close on several occasions. weights are always a good way to tone i find.  love rowing and elliptical as well.  so i'll work up to a full routine.
 plan to reward myself after 6 weeks with some new gym wear.  it was funny to me looking around.  men get to wear baggy stuff and the women, no matter size, seem to all wear tight, form fitting apparel.
 still getting my routine back.  i like music and this is way easier now than it was decades ago.  figured i'd use my iphone...with the last upgrade it seems all the music i had loaded from my cd's over the years would no longer play...unless i paid an annual fee of $25 to put all my music in the cloud...now it plays again.  it's quite a bit of music.  i do have little ipods that i could also use for music.  think i'll load my little one in the gym bag.  gotta charge it up first.
 yesterday i had forgotten to take my ear buds...tried the headphones that the Alaska Club had on machines, but my head has always been freakishly small so those never stay on my head.  yesterday i just did rowing and elliptical, today i added weights and 20 laps in pool to todays workout.
 loved the light this day out at U-Lake.  Christmas will last months in the woods in Alaska, which is nice.
 sunset one of these last few days.
 these are from todays Monday walk.  just Blossom, Speedy and I.
 this couple hiked out with their skates...Speedy and i were jealous...we'd talked about how perfect that would be last week.  actually happy to see some folks going for it.
 we chilled there while they laced up and kept the pup, Ivy,  below satisfied by using my chuck it to get her running.  she stole Blossoms ball a few times, but she had her own ball as well.  below is a bit blurry but it showed the dog was happy, which i liked.
 we headed out stumphenge way and thought these big cracks were  cool.
 Blossom on the cracks!
 ice is looking pretty dang thick out there.
 one perk to working in hospitals and especially in AK hospitals is all the stories you have access too.  meeting folks who are over 100 or near 100...they just have some amazing stories to tell if you can find the time to chat with them.  i always feel like any patient who is in that age bracket deserves all of the attention we can give them.
 so great when they are amazingly clear headed and still able to have their independence.  not all are blessed with that.  my friend is going through that with her folks.  my folks both were blessed to have been able to keep their memories intact.  it makes taking care of your elderly folks that much more stressful and difficult i imagine when they are forgetful and confused.
 have had several friends who have had to deal with this with their parents.  i recall one friend talking about how distressing it was to have her mom get agitated and refuse any grooming attempts when she had always been so fussy about this her entire life.  having a parent have times where they have to be reminded that you are their daughter would also be distressing.
 these are at a beach...of course, i can't recall which one.  north of Santa Barbara on the way to Atascadero.
 of course, my mom's brain remained intact but she sat around watching Fox news all the day...haha.
 there was this group of gulls on this beach
 upon closer look i noticed that some of these gulls were pretty cool and unique looking.

 bright bills with a little Groucho Marx hair do
 went a bit crazy taking pictures of them  gulls..but look how cool they are!  i'd never seen any like this before.  there was a lady there on the beach who was also enjoying them and she'd never seen them there either.
 strange news..a guy, who sounds like he has some serious mental health issues drove from North Dakota to DC with a truck loaded with guns.  his plan...to kidnap the Obama's two dogs.  the guy apparently made claims upon being taken into custody of being Jesus Christ and of being the son of JFK and Marilyn Monroe.  no idea what his plan was if he got the dogs. thankfully, the first dogs remain safe.
 the idiot in Philidelphia who shot up that poor cop seems like he was making claims that this was connected to the terrorists group.  mental health people often blend religion into their rants and ravings and take actions related to this.  that police officer was amazingly brave and was even able to fight back.  thankfully, the nutjob gunman was apparently a terrible shot.  there have been a few incidences with police but we must always remember that most of the police in this nation are good guys who totally deserve our support.

 sunshine and cool birds. anyone know what kind of birds these are?
 i mean, i know a type of gulls, but what sort?
 a girl and her mom were murdered the other day...the students at her high school and at a few others in town all dressed in blue the other day to show their support and as a tribute.
 this little beach was one of many nice stops along my drive north in CA.  i have always loved that drive so it was fun to be able to repeat it a bit.
 these days keep getting away from me.  still stuff to do, may have to head to bed soon though.

 big bunches of seaweed, always cool, unless you are in the water and get wrapped up in it....then it's kind of creepy.

 always love to pop those balls.  haha.
 these are big.
 look at that sunshine!!
 we were cloudy here.  i actually can get rather happy for a cloudy day after many days of sunshine.  too much sunshine can be a bit dull to me.  i love a good rainstorm ( in the summer) and a good snow storm in the winter.

 passing the birds on my way back to the car again.
 it was time to hit the road.
 some cute sandpipers as well out there.

 very relaxing...
 time for me to settle in for the night.  more to do tomorrow....you know, the to do list stuff that i didn't get to today. haha.
grateful for: A.  getting healthy and having the opportunity to do so  B.  cute pets to share my life with.  they make me smile  C.  a general positive outlook on life...it's a choice.  we all can make it!!

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