Saturday, September 17, 2016

A New Discovery!!

 laser light...have always used it for the cat sorts, but the pups, especially Tusker, flipped for it.  haha.
 43 year sentence for Dr Merchant, whom i used to work with in the ER here from time to time.  sexual assault of minors and then attempting to hire a hit on the victims to prevent prosecution. not the best plan.  you just never know who is around you really.  what they are capable of.  scary.
 bought my train ticket for a day trip out to Spencer Glacier. just a few hours out there before heading back but seems so much easier than trying to make the trek to camp out with dogs or find care for the dogs.
 walked in the a sprinkle today that turned to blue skies.  started out with my iphone as my camera but eventually brought the big camera out.
 still some mushrooms cropping up.  always fun to spot them . i also got a bit obsessed with this super blue rotting wood...many thanks to the tiny mushrooms that created it.  so cool.
 the dogs are pretty happily worn out.
 talks of a serial killer out there.  someone just texted me some blip.  of course, there are no sources of this and it may be total bull.  we've had a lot of murders it seems in Anchorage this year, more than usual.  they have arrested 2 folks they think are related to the murder that  took place up campbell airstrip road..where i was looking to be drug related.
 fear is a bad way to live though.  you do need to always be aware of your surroundings and those that are out there, but ultimately, there is not that much you can do besides just sit at home in fear.  i've always felt if you do that, then the bad guys win.  they then are in control.  more folks on trails is always good...people should be out there exercising.  winter comes and the temperatures drop and even the bad folks aren't going to sit out there in the freezing cold waiting for their next victim.
 if you sit around waiting for bad stuff then you are already a victim.
 when it is my time to leave this earth there won't really be anything i can do about it.
 as a female in this world you must be aware...i learned this fairly young.  growing up in the big city probably made it more clear.  you just learn those things, being aware of all around you, holding your car keys a certain way so that they can be used as a weapon.
 even still you will have to contend with advances and threats with some regularity.
 as one female...what have i had to deal with...i'm sure much i've actually forgotten.  a few really stick out though.
 i was out jogging and a guy pulled over to " ask directions"  he had his dick out and was jerking off.  i've been front flashed so many times i've lost count.  as a nurse add in all the lewd comments and attempts at groping.  recently as i placed an iv the patient complimented me on my breasts.  it's not a compliment.
 a friend and i were accousted in a park bathroom after a tennis game.  thankfully, i was jokingly telling her i'd stand guard and was actually doing just that and waving my tennis racket around over my head when the young males entered the bathroom.  this was enough to startle them and allow our escape.
 i was in another park and there was a vw bug parked in the park, really on the trail, not where it should be.  i suspect he knew i was on a loop and would be coming back towards him.  he was spooked off by others on the trail.  he was looking for a victim.
 i was house sitting and woke in the middle of the night being groped.  there was a date rape.  these are just a few that come to mind immediately. i've had it pretty mild compared to some, but sadly, i think my experiences are fairly common in female circles.
 it does help me to understand how black males and gays must feel as well.  you are just treated differently at times.  there are risks that are only noted by those who are in your same category.  i can't fully understand anyone else's experience but i can understand that they have these issues. i think in general things have improved greatly, but it's still there.
 for me, trust is an issue.  you want to trust, but it's a hard won thing with me.  harder when people who are supposed to defend you don't really seem to feel the need.
 i think of all those poor girls who are beaten and treated like they are responsible for their sickens me.  honor killings i think they call it.  sick.  i have it good by comparison.
 it's not an easy world out there for so many women.  i have it pretty good.  i recall seeing a news blip talking with these 5-7 year olds...they were speaking of being gang raped.  at that age they should have no idea what sex is let alone what a rape is.  how will they trust?
 the new ones are busy next door.  i'm a little jealous, they are ripping up the kitchen.  :-)  it's so on my list.  always a bit anxious with new neighbors, hoping they are nice folks..they look to be.  hope they like dogs.
 playing in puddles

 the rest are from the drive between Cantwell and Talkeetna spur road.  the skies were so beautiful.

 i really must get to bed earlier tonight.  last night it was late and then i slept in.  i think i needed the sleep though.  want to get a few things done before i leave the dogs.  a little bog walk would be great just so they are a bit settled before i take off.
 the light blasted through the dark clouds and it looked amazing on these trees below.

 later it got crazy dark and the rain really came down.

 i stopped a few times to get some pictures around broad pass.

 Sunday is Ivy's class.  next monday Tusker starts up.
 despite the bad people that lurk on this earth, it is a good and beautiful place.  there is far more positive than negative though the bad can feel like it's pushing in on us all.  it's easy to lose hope.

 rainbows fill you with hope though.  nature brings peace.
 walking brings hope and peace to my soul.  the dogs bring trust and kindness and acceptance.  they take you as you are, adore you.  you will never feel so adored until you have a dog i think.
 the colors in the rainbows are just so vibrant some times.

 love the fall colors along the mountain.
 hope the weather is decent for the little train trek tomorrow.  would be cool to get some nice photos.  i enjoy trains and really haven't taken advantage of the train excursions up here.

 i'll have to rectify that.

 i better get to bed so i can wake at a reasonable time.  good night
thankful for:  A.  feeling safe.  B. dogs  C.  rain, clouds and rainbows.

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