Sunday, September 18, 2016

for all your paper shredding Ivy Rose!!

 she will work for treats!! i went to Spencer Glacier today for a day trip. i walked the dogs at the bog before i left, nearly 2 miles  i think.  not enough for Ivy, when Lena came to check on her she'd shredded some stuff.  i'd made a pile of stuff to file or shred anyway so the world doesn't end.
 ultimately, anything a dog destroys was your fault for leaving it where they could reach it or for leaving them unattended with stuff they could get to.
 my friend walked them again for another nearly 2 miles and when i got home, they were still nuts.  like i'd left them for a month.  all those internet trolls that claim it's a mistake to get sibling puppies because they will never bond with you are uninformed.
 scenery out our less than 30 minute train ride from Portage to Spencer.  it would have been a pain bringing the dogs.  did see one dog out there and it looked to be having a great time. they have to be crated in the luggage area..that part is a bother though.
 weather was really pretty sweet as we started out.  by the time the train returned it was starting to sprinkle a bit.  also the white sox were pretty thick out there.  those bugs give me huge welts when they are able to bite me.
 it was a group from work that were headed out there. most of them were staying overnight and then using pack rafts to head out the next day.  sadly, the gal who planned this trek was unable to attend due to a toddler with a fever.
 one other girl from work came out with her toddler for the day like i did.  so we chilled together on the trek back.
 walked a good 7.5 miles today.  was hoping to make the walk all the way back to the front of the glacier and back in time to catch the train, probably could have made it, but it would have been booking both ways. the big bigs of glacier ice floating in the lake in front of the glacier was further from the glacier. i walked around to a point with great views, then decided to just relax, take pictures and not be in a mad rush. the trail is easy though.
 i think tossing a bike on the train would be a great way to get out there faster.
 have noticed some pain on the bottom of my right foot. tonight i noticed that it's swollen up by the middle toes.  ice and elevate i guess...see if that helps.
 tomorrow is Ivy's first day back at class, want to be able to put her through her paces.
 trains are always fun...they look pretty in pictures too
 this bridge is a walking bridge.  brand new from the looks of it...the trail it leads to is not yet complete
 i had rented the bench cabin for late May, but the snow was still too deep and the train actually wasn't running yet so i ended up cancelling it.  happy i made it out here finally though.
 didn't get Kennicott checked off the list but at least i got this one.
 don't think i'll rent the cabin though.  got a look at it and it is way, way up there.  3 miles up on switchbacks.  yikes!!  you are supposed to haul in your gas to heat it as well.  that 3 miles is after nearly 3 miles from train to the cut off trail. once you are up there, pretty views, but i'm not sure what else you would do.  doubt you'd want to climb up and down the mountain to play by the glacier over and over. there are some great tent sites closer to the glacier.
 as i started to meander back i ran into a couple that had spent a few nights i think out there with their dog.  they actually had the cabin rented, but then found out it was double booked. they had brought a tent so they were happy they ended up tenting instead of using the cabin.  down side was the bugs though.
 the fall colors with the ice was really beautiful
 they have kayak and raft excursions out there which both look pretty fun.  of course the train stops running after tomorrow i guess.  summer is winding down, tourists are headed home.

 couldn't find Blossom the other night as i was getting ready for bed. started to get a bit worried, checked the gate....all was fine, she'd just decided to sleep in the puppies crate. it used to be hers anyway i guess and the puppies don't stay in them.
 our bark box arrived today.  after hearing good things i opted to sign up for it for a bit anyway...2 pups...seemed like a good idea. that helped with the crazy pups this evening.  new toys!1
 the geese are starting to gather up and the swans are cruising back to Potters Marsh.
 it started raining pretty good by the time i headed  home.
 since i was right there at the conservation center i pulled in to check on the animals there.  they have a new black bear cub. apparently, this cub has a lot of personality and won them over.  rather than look for a different home for him..they've decided he should stay with them
 he likes to climb these trees in his enclosure and gives a pretty good show.  so cute. snapped several pics....we shall see.
 otherwise i buzzed through, excited to get home to save te pups.
 a grand day of train riding and glacier viewing.

 soon ice will be everywhere!!
 new york explosion, stabbing in minnesota...i do enjoy a day away from news.

 hopefully, my foot feels better by morning
 also hope my work mates have decent weather, a safe night and a safe and fun return trip.

 liked this one with the little berg in front. there are big bergs at this glacier.  makes for fun photo's. not a lot of tourists left but i could tell they were really happy with this excursion

 there are the rafters.  helps you see the size of the bergs.
 and the massive glacier behind them

 it's hell getting older and having silly aches and pains.  grr.

 guess i should head to bed, continue to ice and elevate.

thankful for:  A.  fall, always a treat  B.  seeing new sights  C.  general good health..i bitch about the aches and pains, but life could always be much worse for me.  i see it all the time.

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