Thursday, September 8, 2016

rainbows and butterflies...okay, just rainbows and flies

 just back late last night from overnight run of the Denali Highway. it was a bit wet at times but the sun came out at the right moments overall.  the drive back home was marked with some amazing rainbows through broad pass and just some beautiful scenery overall at that end.  after Talkeetna cut off the rain came and boy did it come.  it turned dark, like it was after midnight.
 different parts of the drive find different rates of fall coloring.  at times i wondered if i was too late or too early.  i got some nice fall colors and we got an overnight road trip under our belt.  hopefully we can do more of these next summer.
 it became a bit of a battle over who got to sleep in the front.  Tusker is a bit of a front seat hog...kind of demanding and a bit of a baby when he doesn't get his way...haha.  he rode up front most of the first day, but the second day, Blossom was determined to take the front seat.  after some butt scootching manuevers by both pups Blossom finally decided the back wasn't so bad after all.  Ivy tended to just fit in where she could.  this time above she'd been pushed off the seat and had fallen onto the floor of the passengers seat.  as we had just done a walk, she fell in to a deep sleep for a bit in this position . not sure how it was at all comfortable.
 we saw this cute 10 week old puppy with his mama.  the little guy spent a few days up there with the husband while the wife came up later with the mama.  they figured it would be good for little Gunner to have some separation from his mom...he was temporarily renamed, "lucifer" as a result. haha.  so cute.
 feeding time on the road, always fun.  we worked it out.  a few changes needed adapted to no Rio Catalina and 2 pups instead.
 the pups are in here with me.  i bought a few light up toys that they are digging (i'm bringing digging it back from the 60's!!  )  i've been tossing it down the stairs and they are not sleeping.  success.  hopefully soon i will head out for a walk.  wanted to sleep in...besides driving causes increased knottage and headaches.
 i'd debated heading to  Fairbanks last night, but figured by the time i would have arrived it would have been so late and today i would have just had a long drive back.  the pups and i were good.
 above are from our morning walk in the campground.  we drove past Sourdough Creek campground as i don't think i can manage staying there again after having the grizzly bear wake me up that one time.  we stayed instead at Paxson Lake campground.  the plus side of that was that i had cell phone odd comfort when you are out camping alone.
 random moose in Anchorage above.
 thankfully, the rain slowed down a wee bit as i set up camp.  it rained steady all night. i'd brought the blow up mattress which i think was pretty nice.  i should have added a bit more air...or maybe it leaked a bit through the night.  Tusker snuggled up to me all night and i spent a few hours worried Blossom and Ivy were chilled but they both seemed super tired and crashed.  probably would have slept more soundly if i had just left them alone.  the pups barked a bit at place, new noises, but once they were out, they were out.  no bear visits that i was aware of through the night.
 in the morning there was more light...the ceiling was higher and there was hope of perhaps a few breaks in the rain.
 still, the tent was soaked when i put it away.  also one of the tent poles is busted and in need of repair. that also factored's still in the car with other stuff. i'll have to pull it out when it gets more sunny and dry it out to put away for the season.  need to see if i can get that pole repaired as well.
 got a late start the other day...nothing new about that.  then i hit the dog park to wear out the pups before we headed out.
 the sun came out yesterday at the right time a few times and we did some lovely walks.  that allowed the pups some much needed wrestle time.

 MacClaren Summit is always a favorite.  the pups enjoyed it as well.
 it's an ATV route, but none out there while we were there...some hunters did leave behind caribou bits which the dogs found, but i was able to grab them away before it got really disgusting!!
 there was a ton of blueberries up here...tasted good when i could get them.  the pups were watching and anytime i started to pick berries they came and snatched them from me.  they love berries, be it blueberries or raspberries!!
 some nice color out there

 Ivy enjoys the views.
 i have 3 pretty great pups...i'm pretty lucky in that i've had some amazing dogs in my life.

 these pups are fitting right in.  so cute too that Blossom joins them in the wrestling for a few minutes some times.  she is one fabulous dog!!  i feel quite blessed!!

 the pups ran and wrestled and then chilled briefly before starting up again .
 would still like to try and get a few more drives in.
 no wild animal sightings really.  lots of hunters but perhaps the bad weather had them chilling in their RV's and tents.
 saw a few big tents with a port for a wood stove..nice and toasty!!  those hunters don't always appear to be roughing it too much.
 was a wee bit chilly sleeping out but it was raining and not snowing so other than the dampness not too bad.  it won't be long before snow falls.
 love these reds
 a moment where they all stopped

 and they are off!!
 Ivy kept sniffing like there was something out there. i thought perhaps it was a live caribou for a bit..then i saw the dead bits...
 her nose does work well though.  Tusker seems most chill in the long as he gets the front seat by me...Ivy will rest, but pops up to check the scene fairly regular.  she has fear of missing out syndrome.
 loved this one of her...the contrast of light and dark.
 not many flowers out there now....
 but did see several of these.
 mushrooms were decaying out there as well.
 love to watch the dogs run through the brush. wish i could catch all the leaping
 worked out great having a dog of every color it seems.

 my sweet Blossom!!  they don't come much better than this girl.  i better get off the computer and get these dogs walked.
grateful for:   A safe travels B.  rainbows C.  my traveling are never alone when you have dogs.

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