Tuesday, September 20, 2016

dang white sox....and i don't mean the baseball team!!

 the bug...my eye is all swollen .i think the thing got me close to my tear duct.  that whole side of my cheek is swollen as well.  very uncomfortable.  took benadryl so i won't be able to stay awake too late tonight.
 today i meandered to Seward and back with the dogs.  it was a beautiful day out there.  i'm short on steps but the dogs had a great time at the beach.  won't get far in looking at pics from today.  i was at the beach when the bug got me.  there were quite a few out there.
 really love these with the fall colors and the blue ice.  so pretty out there.

 i stopped a lot on the way out, less on the way back.
 dogs all did great.  it is extra hassle having 3 dogs to cart around, but when they are all playing on the beach, in the waves.  it seems much easier.

 Seward seemed like a ghost town.  i cruised through several campgrounds as i haven't been to all of them.  there are some nice ones.  no amenities now and each seemed to just have one or two leftover campers.  there were quite a few campers out still in Seward.
 Tusker got some pretty good swims in today.  Ivy is still anxious about the water/swimming and the waves, though she seemed to really dig standing in the small breakers there at Lowell Point.

 seemed like the train was getting ready to load up for Spencer when i went by...not sure where it was going to though.

 hope this eye doesn't get worse and that the swelling goes down by morning.  dang white sox. i always get huge welts with those buggers.  never right around my eye before.  very uncomfortable and awkward feeling
 these are from the area i stopped at when i walked around a bit.

 hopefully some pretty reflections from todays drive.
 the colors were beautiful as all fall colors seem to be.  happy i live some place that has seasons.  grew up in CA and they really just don't have much for seasons.
 Alaska goes through seasons crazy fast.  i tend to follow fall since i love it so much and it's generally super short where ever it is.

 that is as close as i got that day..next time should toss bikes in and ride to the end of the trail. much faster.

 some goats were down pretty low today as i drove past...so i stopped and got some pics of them hopefully some cool ones.  no rams.  just a female and it's young one.

 love the reds coming through on the higher elevations.

 a few paddle boarders out there.  saw the tail end of the bore tide today.  then saw the paddle boarders looking like they were exchanging tales after their rides.  the wave looked to be a pretty decent size wave.
 4 guys have been arrested it sounds like and face federal charges for killing the 25 walrus at Cape Lisbourne last fall.  hoping for the max.  they did kill 25 walrus and only took the ivory. jerks!!
 below on the left you can see the Spencer bench cabin.  it's way up on top.
 of course, 4 moose were found shot and killed but no meat taken as well over off of the Richardson Highway....more jerks.  hope they get caught and prosecuted as well.
 pretty happy i didn't have to haul gear all the way up there.  happy i've now seen it. not for the weak...i'm starting to think i may be one of the weak.  haha.

 guess i should give it up and let this medication take me to lala land.  i'm sleepy and my face is not feeling less swollen.
 good night. more on today's adventure another day.
thankful for:  A.  seasons  B.  beach time with the puppies so fun  C.  long beautiful drives

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